Friday, September 30, 2011

Selubrious Saturday and Paper Flowers

 Arh,Staurday,others are getting excited its the Grand Final but Im just happy its the weekend and the start of a three day break for me,the cause primarliy because it was my day off yesty but I worked for the only reason that it was last day of term and things happen and things get sprung on me,I dont particularly like being a mushie.The other reason I wont include on here,if interested(lol) send me an email,it might be interesting or it might not but it certainly is an issue for me!

On my way back yesty I had ten minutes to spare,more photos! Im particularly attached to yellows and oranges at moment,if it clears up to a nice clear weekend I m hoping to take a bush walk,a lot of late flowers are not always obvious,I may find a wee treasure

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

I took these this afternoon,the mexican standoff ,well not really the King Billy Butcher bird mere presence is enough for the junior bird to bow his head,Bossy Boots attacked a female this morning and trounsed her quite rudely in front of the assembled birdies and all the others immediately bowed their heads and fluffed up in obedience,funny what you can learn if you sit and watch.. quite the

I tried the 300 ml lense this afternoon,very happy with it,Im picking up a Macro later this month,Im particualry fond of close ups!

 Gum flowers high up

Now the light was very strong,thought the camera auto setting should have corrected itself here,its the second pot of pellys,dark magenta!! Gorgeous!I ll leave it small,it might blind....
In spinning news
I have a lovely parcel coming soon with some batts,black yellow and white,looks yummy,will show them when they arrive. The Enchanted Batts havent landed yet hope they do for the holidays,Ive finished the magic ball from Mandie,its plied and waiting a bath,Im sort of thinking entralac scarf..
Knitting news,Ive finished DH socks,now I have three pairs to sew up....
Pics when they happen..
I have some grass warblers in my back yard,thats how high the lawns getting... ahem must do something this weekend,no wait I have at least 3 paintings to do....Boys???? Can you....
Oh Knitty how Ive missed you!On the wish list!
and this isnt including all the others from the last issues....

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    Sanity Sunday

    Well off we went to the festival,(65ksaway)it was a lovley day,the crowds were huge,drove around the block three times with a gradually unsettled Dh who suggested he drive to get a park spot,Im a cautious driver but finally MY patience paid off
    Off we walked the few minutes to get in the gate,I immediatley starting taking shots of all the stuff around me including Pimp My Burger Van all respendant in the matching Red Hilux twin Cab and Food van,massive hamburger,next time Ill order a Baby Burger,hopefully it ll be smaller than what I had!(and cheaper than $15)
    I was a little disappointed that alot of the stalls had crafty baby, small child things like clothes head bands etc and others were jewellry  and dust gatherers.I though being Sring there d be more in that theme,like garden demos or plants stalls, though the local Landcare from Karkurka pk had their table of plants from the nursery,not much but a long way from nothing.FOOD stalls everywhere.Hannans Park is awesome,huge green lawns and heaps of shady spots that on a normal Sunday you could go there with a picnic basket and a book while the kids played on the equally huge fenced off playground(almost wished I had young kids again) Plus there a little kiosk there for basic tea coffee etc
    While all this was being surveyed I took photo after photo and just at the end when we were considering wed had enough I noticed one little thing,the camera was saying NO CARD on its screen which of course in my enthusiasm I didnt see,I was floored,no one has blogged about this event and I thought Id do so,well it ll have to wait til next year now....
    Anyhow it was a good day out,went to Bunnings after and arrived home at 2pm ..only lightly sunburned!
    We did do a bit aof shopping,two 1 kilo buckets of honey,Pattersons Curse or Salvation Jane and a one from the jarrah tree,lovely bee keepers,will be sure to go see them next time!
    Ok Im off to get house ready for a busy week,last week before are excited and so am I,no lunches at 5.30 in the morning,I can wake up at 6,have a nice cup of tea and waddle off to work(unless something hits the wall)

    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Sassy Saturday

    Im getting in the right mood to get into this uni work,the diay Im carrying everywhere to use all opportunities to put something in it,have to get a new printer though,we just seem to have so much trouble with them,I print out pics for that diary for research etc and its vital the images are clear.

    This week Im going to do the three paintings that cover the inside /outside topic,A3 paper makes a difference,easier to move around with...
    Got into my water colours today..very abstract and it was on purpose sort of,I let it evolve and the direction it took Im happy with,the second is an experimental one in technique and learning to wait for each stage to dry properly before adding

    The technique here is a wash followed by balck pen to highlight,Im pleased with this one and I think Ill frame it and send home to Mum for her Bday
    Went out and about with new Camera again and tried the close up,very happy with it.. I can see possibilites for a large painting here
    Im off to the Kalgoorlie Spring carnival tomorrow at Hammond Pk, supposed to be a big eevent,havent been before even though we been here in Kam for 11 years, Im enjoying life more and more despite the nasties going on in this wee place.I aim to take a pile of pics especilay as the agrdens there are great,dying to catch a bee in action,LOL Ill take my spindle too as a spot of other creativity

    Friday, September 23, 2011 Off Friday

    Oh dear I was little slow this week,missed out on Wordless Wednesday,never mind,it was truely that way,I flew to Perth on Monday arriving at 9.10 and spent the day wandering around Midland Spotlight and then Midland Gate Shopping centre,at 3 that arvo I caught a taxi to Subie for the appointment for my hands MRI which returned positvely,it wont fall off,only strained with fluid build up.Docs reckons it ll take about 12 weeks to sort itself out as long as I dont bugger it up again.
    I stayed over night at the Perth Ambasidor, old but not too bad,to bad the staff werent as nice,the food in restaurant I expected better too,though looking at the other dinners ,maybe I too fussy? I did order a steak and salad as the rest of the menu looked nothing flash,surly they couldnt reck a steak,WELL DONE plz... it arrives still kicking,waited 30 minutes for it to be "chucked " back on the stove(yes I did say that to floor manager,oops,still in the bush) and then another 20 at least for its heralded return,$31 ? no wasnt too bad but not for that price!
    Anyhow,next morning the reception tried to tell me I owed $ 380 odd for my stay,WHAT??????? it was prebooked and payed AND I payed my Dinner the night before.WTF?? anyway sorted after they went througha huge fistfull of recieht from restaurant..
    Spent the rest of the day back at Midland Gate(flight home at 5.30pm..) as I knew where I was AND Spotlight wa there,AND I found Jackson Art Supplies earlier,woohoo let me loose,$110 later I had some new wtaer colours and a pad plus new brushes and a very special one out of badger? hair,I posted my loot from Spottie and art Shop back as the weight was killing me(back pack) and I wasnt sure if theyd let me on with the brushes.
    As my bestest friend couldnt make the day cause of work I was feeling abit bored,oh what the hell,there the camera shop loomed,fell off my budget sooo hard but Im EXCITED!!! A Rebel has moved home with me and Im having a ball learning how to use it!  Im hoping to make the Spring FEstival on Sunday in Kalgoorlie where Im hoping to play a bit more!!
    Heres some of the first pics

    The last was Bens first photo using Rebel,LOL shows its simple to use!!
    On the spinning/knitting front I nearly finished the first half of the Magic ball and am about 25 rows short of finishing DH socks........
    Oh this is with my little bay camera,I rather like ths effect of this page in my diay,part of assignment posted on Sunday9not enough experimental entries Ive been told already)
    I still like to go look at them..

    Friday, September 16, 2011

    Simply Saturday

    And its a gorgeous day and Im seeing the end of my assignemnt looming,loads of fun if only I had the time to play furtehr and not cram it in,I had yesty off as I marked the oval last Sunday and did two projects,absolutley love this one,an experiment in colour...
    The sun was so bright so will try for a better pic today but this one I love ,it burns with vibrant orange though theres no reason to say this its obvious.Im planning in my head the main work I hoping to start this year...

    My oldest baby is home for a little while,hes FIFO from SA at this stage but not happy with his pay so maybe reconsidering.
    For my part I should the medical outlook on my own injury by Wednesday I hope,MRI on the way...
    No kbnitting pics yet maybe next time ,spinning,I waiting for a double issue of Enchanted from a lovely lady in the States who kindly offered to let me buy her stash of SCF Club so I can finishe the project I have in mind,I may start it today as a rest thingy to get my thoughts going to finish assisgnment..
    Anyhow my Big baby caught me working yesty!


    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Exams IN!!

    OMG yoohoo and all that stuff,I passed the exam,got a Credit JUST beneath Distiction level but Im thrilled,21 years since I sat an Uni level exam,and I did it!! Thats two Humanities Unit done and I dont think I have to do anymore so its all Art from here!

    Just a random shot from Before Kids time!!! Oats Galore!! with Shearing Shed for added garnish!

    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    Sunday and feeling Lazy

    Dh and I went down this morning and marked up the footy oval for next Fridays Sports Carnival,its turned out a lovely warm spring day with little breeze but I did enjoy the one we had as pushing the line marker around with 25 litres of paint was not an easy thing but I managed to do a large ammount of it with DH coming in and finishing the last three rounds,so I think I walked 1200m? plus the little bits,poor DH now has a sore hip form the extra exercise and he has to run his shop tonight,I feel guilty ..
    Been playing with camera setting again,found the panarama setting above,have to do more with it..

    Im going to try doing a few new things seeing Im enjoying the regular chatting ,Wordless Wednesday sounds cool,lets see how I go....

    Friday, September 09, 2011

    Bugger me,its different

    When Lynne from Yarnivorous said she wasnt sure about her new blog interface I thought she had changed something but boy it is different!!!
    Anythow for a person who doesnt like change this intrigues me....
    I had to put my Pellies up top,arent they gorgeous????,boy Im glad I kept them,cant wait for the magenta ones to start flowering

    Ok,Ive finished a pair of work socks today,boy Im on a roll,thats two pair in less than a month with one pair done in 7 days,already picked up and started a new one for Dh in bright blue Patonyle...

    Unfortunately the very cold weather is about to turn to Spring so I wont be as productive but I suppose I will love the warmth anyway and Ive always been able to keep knitting!It has been uncomfortably cold though,I sort of expected snowy drzzle!
    I pledged support for the above Pozzible project but I think the transaction failed due to my account(stash acc) didnt quite have enough,me being stupid thinking it finished tonight not last night so I had time to get to bank,I wanted to have a kilo of top but hopefully Ill be able to repledge tomorrow....
    more flowers mainly cause I found some new settings on my cmaera I didnt know I had...
    Geraldton Wax or  Chamelaucium uncinatum I had quite good success growing these so if I get my act into gear Ill have a great front yard well as soon as we finish the drive after winning lotto!

     Chinese lanten or Little Dragon I think its called in some nurseries and Eremophila or Emu bush

    Wee little lantens dangling from the branch,I recommend these shrubs,they are very easy to grow and can fill a large area


    And my old fav,Grevillea "Robyn Gordon",just look at the size of that bloom...

    Wednesday, September 07, 2011


    Only 3 weeks of school left I think,please dont correct me its exciting to think this for the time being.Im marking up the oval for the Carnival shortly ,the dreaded chore of the year that previous gardeners seemed luckily to got away with not me though,must have gullable up there someplace
    Oh the bestest news of course is that I passed the first Humanities Unit,must have read the score sheet wrong but its there and lost and sad little " P" but its a big fat "P" all the same,so happy I got that one down,just waiting for that dreaded Exam result....

    AND blocked though ends havent been sewn in yet(cant find needle box)

    My Pellies are just starting to flower,need a prune but I want to take cuttings so have been leaving it til I have the time to do so,they were meant to be a bday gift for someone who turned not to be the person I thought they were,lucky me they now reside at my front door,the other one is a bit slow but is the dark magenta type,beautiful

    Love this Pic

    Saturday, September 03, 2011

    Added Pics

    Ive have added pics to last post! But put an extra one of scarf here as I love the colours!
    Theres my new canvases behind ready for me to start doing some new works..

    Friday, September 02, 2011

    Still Knitting

    I finished the scarf on Thursday while waiting for Ben,if its clear tomorrow Ill wash and block for pics on Sunday,I dodnt use the whole ball as I thought the scarf 1. was long enough and 2.there might a need for a bit extra for the gloves Im going to make to match it

    I broke and bought 6 balls today,4 Patonyle 8 ply in vivid blue and 3 balls of Cleckheaton Tartan in the blue green colour,I really should have got the red but somehow the greens were shining in the blues ,destined for a pair of socks for me as being 8ply they ll go fast..Chezs is selling so I do hope the new owner will continue,she has some lovely new yarns in at the moment,good basic ones so I may pop in and grab some more of the Patonyle in the other colours before she does sell,Im really keen to get some Pumpkin,didnt see any but hope she may have it hidden there some place.
    Pics when its light enough

    It rained quite heavily today in Kal and I didnt think to take photos,it,zee camera, came along as there are heaps of gorgeous natives flowering on the way in and thought it would be sunny enough coming home to capture them,I did call into harvey Norman and found they could be very competative  price wise for a Canon 1100D,They offered to match internet prices as longas they were shops fronts and with freight it may be worth it.Really need to save hard,tax time may offer a treat!
    Add to wish still is a AKL,have quote and as soon as I can I ll deposit money and it will be here very quickly..
    It rained last time I wore the shoes I had on today,I really love these,bought them at Harbour Town in Perth while waiting for Hubby at the Son of God Hospital,therapy on his hand. Little slip on black ones with flower cut outs and white stitching.$40,retailed for double that in Kal but I noticed that Target are selling some very much similiar in last catalogue
    This weekend Im starting the prep work for next unit,I dont hold much hope of doing well in that exam as I only scraped in with last assignment and Id thought it had a good chance of at least a credit,trying not to think about it,losing Dad has affected me more than I thought,Ive lost focus.
    Anyhow Im back to the fun painting stuff,boight masonite at bunnings today with paint for sealing and bond seal at art shop.I also indulged in some more paint brushes etc at the cheap art supplies  through newsagent.Im hoping to play with some water colors this weekend,no Hockey so have both days to prep and play
    Darling River Pea,one day Ill see these again and Ill have that good camera!