Saturday, May 11, 2019

Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey did ya all miss me?? well Im still here ,alive and kicking, life is better and Ive taken the long road to discover a new me, ,,,
Im in a much better space, home is good nearly empty nest that makes the heart ache,as all mums know babies are so much of our lives but happy to say they are pretty much well grounded and in good jobs making their own way
Work, well work ,what can I say previous situation I cannot get a decent explanation why that happened everyone is passing buck but Im glad I stuck to guns and didnt sue certain people as advised by worker Comp, things have gone where I didnt dream of, I did what a fellow staffy said, DO NOT QUIT and Walk Away,  I didnt... as it turned out the job didnt go too well for the other one and she quit and went off into the wide blue sky where its dark and smelly, however I have a new work mate and so much nicer, we can talk for hours and share the work,we look each others backs and work is to say the least a great place to be..
 This summer I grew cotton without telling anyone until they "worked", the students and staff were amazed and most had never seen cotton growing let alone felt what bolles had.
We had the best flower display ever, redesigned gardens and now we two gardeners are left to work as we proved ourselves
 Im spinning knitting, taught myself to crochet and managed a few moree than basic patterns, even taught two ladies at work to get going, funny and beautiful to watch others follow me down the path of fibre fascinations
Made a baby set as a surprise and its exquisite,the tiny sock and Umbilical cord hat to match Attended a recent Canon Workshop in Kal and my photography has also got a boost, Im aiming for Lord Howe in the next year or so
Heres few pics to follow on with life to now
Kalgoorlie Canon Collective, my interest is Macro

 Tasmania November18

 Toms Birthday trip,I actually caught fish

 One of my latest works
 Garden has grown,last spring

 Spinning fluff

 Uni work

 And lastly Australian Natives my life

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Spring 16 is here

Touching base
Busy with everything,my brain is fried Im sure and so days I just cant breathe, my shoulders are as good as they re going to get,I can work for now but have to change things a little to cope, I have my ;last uni proposal due this friday,
I took photos of some bush land today to add to this research section of proposal,the wildflowers are supposed to be a boom this year but I think we must have missed out on the good rains at the right place,a couple of pics

in two months I finish uni,I was supposed to move to Perth for the final one next year but it turns out I cant claim Austudy,Im devastated,I do not want to stay in a job Im not wanted or appreciated,this was a chance to get out and get qualifications, where do I turn now...

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

wow another post

actually Im procrastinating, I need to start 6 drawings for next sub yep six...
heres a few of my latest works, oils and mixed media, dont have any decent drawings yet Im happy with so really have to get cracking,these are not finished yet either

Spinning and knitting I have managed so far over last three months

Ok back to study,4 submission to go

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

July 16

Just another year slipping by, i gave up writing it has been too hard not jusst to find the time but to write anything worth writing about and physically unable to with enjoyment, is anyone nterested ? I suspect not
coming up to 8 month physio with three to go with a new physio,
work is just as crap, nasty people even with records abound, dobbing and nit picking,
no idea what my job is anymore
have 4 more assisgnments to go
expect to take LSL leave in October, 6 weeks off but no holidays im afraid
hope to make a mum trip in above
i miss my boys dreadfully and even more so when hubby siad they dont like coming out here anymore because of me
I can knit again slowly and in short bits of time
art work is same, how the hell Ive manged to get this far in uni beats me
I dont mean to be a sad sister, but no close friends in town work study work study no life makes a boring persn with no point to life seeming to loom.
The loom is sitting idle with a gorgeous black Wolmiese shawl in it, only a few inches to do but when I had a play three months ago it took that long to get over it, Have a nice couple nice 4ply skeins sitting there ready to do next project, maybe after jext assignment ill try a little bit
knitting a beanie st by st for ine sn who complained henever hot a hat just for him,well he did but apparently it wasnt what he wanted, i sure hope this one will be ok, ribbing is aweful , plain knitting doesnt seem to hurt as much
work I ng on this one too, frogged Duck l'orange
so soft bunny merino from the lovely Charly, currently very carefully spinning gold carot top in soft pink and chaqrcoal , yes a littel spinning, as long at i dont go too fast or hunch I can do that. 
I never realised how much my artist self needed this stuff, without it the poor mind goes south, I did start to thk what a waste of time, knitting things etc even when I m playing in the journal,the sheer joy of color and design seemed a waste of effort, now I can do little thngs again I feel better. Just need to find purpose in life 
sorry for typoes couldbt bother3d gong back over it
thes lil birdies re currently in QUeensland in the compact prints exhibit i hope they are liked, hand colored etchings

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A bit more fun

Currently waiting for my spinach pie to cook so thought Id put something in here, Im not going to pressure myself in writing only when i feel like it
I got shock and surprised a HS for first assignment for the year, lets hope I can keep it up,a few otehr students have been invited back for the Honour course,doubt I wold do it but itd be lovely to be good enough to have that arrive in the mail
Anyhow here is something Ive been working on
Spinifix grass AKA porcipine, paper, first attempt, the next lot will be betetr now I know how to do it,I made my own deckel to strain the matter, made from two canvass at Bunnings $7 odd , Id like to make a bigger one this one is around A5 to4 but will also need a bigger container for the pulp

All set to use in current project
Today I left sitting at computer as it eventually buggers my shoulder and dragged the Gelli plate out again

So much fun.... I had a pack of cards so played with printing them as almost one offs, I like this one as is but I might add more media to the others ,the sheets are also journal material...
and as these little pansies just keep going
perfect spot right next t the bird bath the bloody birds wont use,only a willy wagtail dared to dip his toes the otehr day,pransing around the edge,the bees and visiting cricket did enjoy a sip

Saturday, January 09, 2016


This is framed via the tablet to see how it looks,Im happy with it,its a style Im trying to work at moment,the fourth in a blue series,I hope to have ten for a small exhibit to help local art centre later in year,with that will be my final works for the Bach in Art I will complete in November.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

more paints and printing

This arrived yesterday I bought a ball earlier last year and started another elm tree shawl,the lovely lady kept this lot til I decided if i could use,Im ashamed I took so long to get it, theres enough for a reasonably sized shawl i think and the beauty of this pattern you can pick the size. 

 The sunflower painting is moving along but not really happy with it, I put mica flakes into the paint for the vase,interesting effect but not as noticeable as I hoped
 My messy table lol,with the latest roses and grevilleas

 The lovely very easy to grow pigface, I bought these for the school, and a piece fell of so I stuck in the pot without giving it much thought and its taken off,if i could get it to flower as profusley as other people got it to Id be much happier,more branches have been struck and since moved to the garden Im slowly reclaiming from Hubbys mess
And my latest testing for current project,a rough collograph using spinefix and gum leaves, the plate is semi sealed and the little branch is painted in gouache then carefully place before laying wet paper over it, next step is to make spinefix paper and use as backing