Monday, February 25, 2008


This is a very brief post to say Im so excited

  • The bestest parcel arrived from Mandie!
  • Im in the lastest ISE6 round
  • I was voted in for a new role at work
  • Im booking a couple of extra days off soon to get away from some S....ty stuff,
  • And its a beautiful day!!!

Piccies soon....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

14th Feb 2008

Happy 18th Birthday!!!!! Valentine Boy!!!!

Its hard to believe I had this one 18 years ago! The years go too fast!!!!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The End Of The Holidays!

Well its the start of a new school year for us here anyway,start times differ all over Australia.. We mowed,raked and fiddled around,very sore from welding the edger, but the grounds looked fantastic on Friday arvo! Then we had some squally storms arrive late Saturday,so I reckon we ll be met with huge pieces of bark everywhere and leaves over the lawns,oh well at least it look nice at thetime we were working on it!! And the little bit of rain will boost the lawns again! The landscaper who got the retic repair job this time told me about a granular Seasol that he reckons will fix up some lawn that unfortuately is the presentation area(in front of office) and hasnt responded to the NPK Blue I put out a couple of weeks ago and has been rained on too(yes the rounds are extensive,it is possible that one end of the school will get a wee bit more rain!) had a look in Bunnings yesty but only Boost(a form of Seasol and something else to open the ground break down clay and improve water absorbtion) was anything like what I expected,no granular Seasol! This will be my research this week and hopefully Ill be able to find out if he ws pulling my leg to get some more work,he is however very popular with the department as he been given quite a bit of work in all the local schools....I maintain its always wise to check info before relying on it!!!!
The new school budget will be open again this week and Ill be able to go shopping without the kids(not Bunnings again MUM!!!!) as itll be in my school hours and I need to pick up the new Blades for the Rideon!!!
But I have an hour or so up my sleeve and Im leaving school a wee bit earlier on Monday to meet a friend at the yet to be tried New Coffee Shop, Itll be coffee only for two reasons (on my behalf though,)kids new school bags cost me a small fortune and pays not in till end of week AND also Im determined to loose at least a kilo before the end of summer,Im carrying a small spare tyre and I dread the new uniforms (curtisy of the Union Agreement) being a bit tight and having shall we say wedgee effects(I aint tucking in my shirt either). Dk green in colour and just plain work wear,Hard yakka or King Gee I cant remember, with the school logo embriodered! I told the boss last week they had better turn up soon as the only comfy pair I had were about to go "skeeetch".
Also a small change this year, will be me putting a small dampner on a certain Person who has carried the Kath n Kim joke a bit far, remember Kims preferance to a g-string,well we dont appreciate inquiries into what our underwear is for the day,I know who started that bit and they'll be dealt with quietly too.I am a very nice person so there wont be any hair flying, just a little word or request....for those who dont know what the joke is,we gardeners are Cath and Kym,different spelling but obviously sound the same,its nice funny little thing to have a laugh about and surprisingly it took some people 12 months to work it out.....there are some similarities for those with a bit of imagination...
Anyway on with some knitty news,
  • Ive started another Central Park Hoodie in Rowan Aranspun in a claret colour,flying through it considering Im only knitting it while waiting to tea to cook....
  • The very first 08 Socks That Rock Club Issue has arrived,gorgeous colour and pattern,I shall enjoy knitting this one(when I can free a set of needles)....
  • Mandies last of the First Fibre Club issue has arrived as well, by far I think my fav colour way,Im interested how the wool spins up too as I have an eye on "adopting"some from her stash ...didnt jion the next Club,short of pennies and an impending trip to Perth and so on..regretting it already,maybe next time?
  • and the most wonderful gifts from Jejune who had a little comp earlier last month,simply fantastic art work and its on my list for those special Knitty gift ideas....
  • Havent got any UFOs finished but nearly done with two sorry three pairs of socks,one scarf and one bolero (chant,must finish it in time for Perth...)

Ill edit and add some piccies later but for now I have to rush off and prune my back yard jungle and get house in order for the start of another hectic week,Id like to say theres abit of spinning going to happen .There Im being positive....

PS Im taking camera to school tomorrow to show some improvements too,stay tuned.....