Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hot and Humid

The last two nights we ve had thunderstorms which surprisingly have fallen over the town!!Beautiful and cool at moment but in the morning by 8am I expect it to be sticky!
Im not on here for long,I must do at least two hours reading/study but I have managed to get past the patterning part of River Avon and hope, when next I allow a treat of an hour of knitting, I may get to the arm holes and then itll be quick!!I have a few things I want to start and all is lined up on Ravelry, Ill be back with piccies(but Ive said that before!!!)
Meanwhile Ill be trying to read this massive Art History Book and also trying to formulate the outline of my first Essay as Undergraduate,anyone else in this position make your self known!!!!Id love to "talk" to other Online Learners!!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

First Day at School for 2010

First Day,all the little(and Big) tikes are back,oh those poor lawns,....anyhooo,my boys seemed to have settled ok,their teachers are good to them,LOL lets hope the boys are kind in return!!It was a busy but a nice day as well,only one phone call....
Bs teachers loves him,Ss is very lucky to have a kindly person this year,P well is P,my boot is right up there this year,their last chance for get the big marks,year 10 and year12,possibly 2 for Uni...
I so wish like most people,that I could  win lotto so I can go back to school full time and help the boys on their way but as reality intended, we have to do it on our own so I shouldnt whinge!
I finished another small project this last Friday,a lovely roll brim hat out of a single ball of Noro Silk Garden,it was a pattern developed for a knitting class and I didnt believe that I could get a whole hat out of one ball,it seemed a bit small at first but reknitting it an extra large(no I dont have a large head,just wanted it to cover my ears)) and blocking showed I could have knitted the large size ,Hubby loves it especially if I curl my hair up,right out of the flower power days,LOL Ill try to get a fashion/action  photo one day,its supposed to be 41 tomorrow,Yucky No chance of a mohair beanie on me..
Im waiting on ISE8 for swap allocation,Ive been through my stash to see what I have and depending on the Swappees wants and likes I should have something lovely to whip up!!
I hope to pick up my new desk this week and set up the computer ready for...cant call it D Day,maybe U Day..Im freaking but maybe when I have it all laid out the fossil memories will re emerge, Ive had abit of a recon into the info,think Ive picked my first essay Question,must order text book,Grants "Art Through the Ages" Edition 13,it seems to remind me of a similar book I had in Year 11 and 12!
Ok Im off to order zee required book and then wash/cook tea and what ever other jobs come myway...sneaking off to hide with my needles and glass of ZZZZibibo!!