Saturday, June 30, 2012

A cold morning

Its Sunday,no kidding, its quiet  sooo soo quiet,no ones awake yet,its dead still outside and absolutely freezing,even the rabbits refused to venture outside,I think its frosted,in fact looking outside the window to my right I can still see ice on the windscreen of my Tarago,as it waits for parts,its going to greener useful pastures so maybe I ll have more room on that side.
I finished spinning up the Scorched Gotland last night and have a stiff back but it was for mediation purposes as we nearly had a house fire(only little ) that opened up the minds of the two youngest to how careful one must be,somehow a coal or a piece of lit bark must have flipped out of the fire door and landed under the vacum cleaner,its virtually brand new and it really took off,by the time No 4 alerted me it was well alight and putrid acrid smells were emulating enough for Son 5 to clear off outside due his asthma,he couldnt breathe easily for a wee while. I simply grabbed the thing and run outside and threw an old towel over it to extinguish the flames,there went my virtually new Petlover Cleaner,just when I could least aford a new one,bugger and damnations,at least it wasnt any worse and also a good lesson for youngers boys..
Feeling lost and lonely today for some reason,Im swaying between cutting losses and moving away from this nasty rumour mongering town or becoming a recluse and ecentric person. Still battling with Sons school,this time there was a school ball that we werent told about ($50 a head I was told,too late) as my son has to be managed it would have been nice to have been informed so we could talk to him and discuss the possibilty of him at least attending for a short time,hes socially isolated enough as it is. Going to a bigger HS next year when hes basically illiterate means he dosent have much chance of getting in with a good bunch of school minded students and most likely will have to contend with those who dont want to be there .When one of his brothers attended there was  stabbing but he didnt know anything about it due to his classes being in the higher levels.
What do you do with a boy who is intelligent but has a learning disabilty but is surprisingly cluey about computors and has the most indepth insight to human behavior but  cannot not learn in a normal class structured way. Starting year 8 most of the staff including the Teachers assistant regarded him as lazy and talked quite openly around him to that affect including the TA. Now when its nearly too late they have revisited their mistake but spend more time covering their butts than doing something about it. Thank God theres an old teacher coming back shortly,he understood him and hopefully may help even in a small way
Hes declares school is a waste of time that hes not learning anything,hes bullyied (indeed he sits with the same crowd each day but they do disappear deliberatly some days leaving him to wander around at break time) and as hes been the fogotten student with very little duty of care in safety as well as learning  shown towards him. Im at my wits end given the run around with unsupportive uneducated staff,unreliable admin and a total disregard for the well being of him as  student.Oh and on top of that despite havin several meetings recently with outgoing and ingoing Principals we were even  denied the chance of attending a parent meeting with the District Director who visited recently. So any ideas???
On a brighter note for I have to look for them this morning,I bought a VD yesterday with the intention of using it for a mixed medium art book,it will be my outlet in the form of anything goes,I need it,no one to talk to,with my weird circly mind I dont blame them so I can bury myself in this art Journal and find solice that I am not mad,just individual. Being invited to participate an a small art exhibit again so this will help form some ideas,a bright spot in the future to look forward too! Plus I have to remember to join the Golden Mile Art association (I think thats it title) so I can gain some experience there too,having the little car also helps as I can actually get there ,lol
heres a nice pic of  Lake Lefroy to finish, ps it was freezing cold and windy at the time.........

Friday, June 29, 2012

A little bit excited

This has come home to live with me!!!!!!
My very first new car bought soley by me! I have to get used to being close to the ground after driving a Cruiser for a while and really I dont feel as safe but it means Son 5 can have tutoring after school and hockey trips dont have to be budgeted,also DH wont object to the extra drives I need to make from time to time even its just for sanity,hehe also if sons miss bus its not a biggy to run them in,,,,,,,,,also speaking quietly a quick trip to see special friend is now possible,shhhhh
I am  a little alarmed at the hot smell emulating from it tonight after a trip to the other side of town and back with DH driving but no alarms etc so think its just running in still (if not then the dealer will be hearing from me...)
PS this pic is proably the cleanest it will be be being brand new and everything
lastly I think I made the Wollemeise update tonight too,I did promise myself savesavesave for the AKL but it was sooo pretty!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cold Cold Cold

It was my turn to stay home as Docs has me on 4 hours a day for three days for two weeks,I find out Friday where I go from here..
Meanwhile I have got through this
Pink Elephant from SCF
Very happy with this,its only two thirds of the braid so when I wash it there will be bloom and hopefully a more DK weight to knit,its very light and airy propbaly cause I used the Wee Peggy (70's era) and try as I might cannot not get it to spin and draw in at a rate wher I have a stronger single so when Im chain plying it is quite tender,hoping this wont lead to too much felting,thinking either this pattern or this or this as Im calulating I will have at leaast 800 to 100 metres
oh these are current spindles ....
These last two are the lastest,well I was saving for a Golding but hoping a AKL will move here soon!
And all from Spinningwoodie on Ravelry (except the nice one with the back fleece I refer to as my production top from Angeline in Perth)
The big one is beef wood and the new ones are sassafras and other woods I cant recall!,Gorgeous spindles but I havent tried them out properly yet,too many things and not enough time! They are very pretty though!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finally its Winter

The last few days has been bone searing cold,at last Im up to taking two hot water bottles to bed as that end of the house was like a rabbit chiller.............
Back at work on short hours/days and I suspect the insurance peoples are sitting there watching and even eavesdropping on my phone like they have with DH.Cant wait for holidays,the most peace I will have had for months..just me and the birdies!
Spinning ive been treddling along and have finished the third braid on the set for the knit I have in mind,taking a break and just started on Pink Elephant,I much prefer Charleys batts/braids to the fine merino,still fast but the stickyness is annoying,three braids should produce close to 600 metres...

Just a few added to the handspun list,the blue Ixchel Fibres Cashmere Bing will be the Banksia cowl from Toodyays Retreat this year,especially designed by or lovely talented AnneIm rather keen on the KAL shes talikng about too but trying to get other projects out of the road first!
The second is the last skein in production so far off my Bunny,cared with about 75% merino,it gorgeosuly soft and I hope to get a bit more done next summer for a hat or vest,he has the most superb fleece at moment but I cant obviously shear him now,that would be insane! However he grows it every year and every year I get to clip him,the last two years are stashed,if I could find the bag Id have abit more done! I keep threatening to find a German Angora...
The last is the first of a few EGMTKs Aurora,got another 150 or more fibre yet to be spun on the Angel spindle!
Anyhoo,speeding along on the first sock of that rainbow Katia Darling yarn I bought last month,a bit splitty and it feels very strong woll or downsy,hoping it wont be slippery to wear inside a boot etc,I found with this yarn I had to knit 75 rows befoe the short row heel could be started,seems a good fit now,up to above the ankle and am increasing to 72 sts,two sts every ten rows,not sure how Ill cast off yet.
And another treasure Ill have to start soon too,hoping theyd have the wool version but no its cotton wrapped wire but it ll be interesting ! Love the colour and as I seem to wear a lot of balck now it should be great!
The garden hast grown...
Peas,flowering like theres no tomorrow
peas podz
Silverbeetie,love those deep crinkle leaves,Fordhook Giant!!
and cabbages....hearts are ahappening
Thats all..........

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday too Far Away

How many know this movie? well, I think its applicable as I go back to work tomorrow on very light duties for a few hours and a few days,I am seriously worried about my the arm,it still sore to touch which is expected but every now and then it also fels disjointed and tingly as though the blood flow is affected. Dipite this it is better in the numb fingers etc and the fingers themselves are so loose and springy.The lovely Doc suggested I may need something similar to right hand ...yikes,lets not think about this now
Did some more spinning this last week,very hard and not as much fun but Im delighted with the result,also round off the black Aurora into a skein, havent taken pics yet but if I think of it tomorrow ill get them tomorrow,fingers crossed its a nice day!
Just a pic or two for interest sake
Fluffa likes to rest his head on my foot or leg and often goes to sleep as I ruffle his fur

Just look at that fleece,found an old bobbin with some of his cashmere/merino and plied it off,oh so soft anf yummy,cant wait for the warm weather so I can trim him again for another skein or two,thought a rib warmer might be interesting in this resulting yarn,again pics to follow.As soon as I finish this Cashmere Bling from Charley Im tossing up between the blue BFL from Mosely Park(Christmas parcel) or the Corriedale Pink Elephant from Southern Cross Fibres,been behaving and havent added to spinning stash from David for soo long,missed his update this week which is probablya good thing though Charley may have hit the nail on the head with a spot of my current fav colour this week,Ill give it a few days before I ask, need at least three.
Lastly,this weekends Sunday was spent watching No 1 on the track,being coached by a former MX racer helps.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The last year has been ,well not good,all our dreams are slowly slipping away not out of reach,not entirely but certainly not right there as before, some days I just pretnd its all cool that it will fall into place,that we will soldier on,or even divert for a while.
Going back to work I think soon I hope with the Docs permission that the nerve moving house has worked and most definitley the hand is so much freerer now,the elbow where the ulner nerve has been so rudely interupted still gives me trouble,typing this post gives starp pings and reminds me to take care,the buried stitch in the wrist wound/scare is itchy well the whole darn thing begs for a good old scratch...
I almost envie those who work from home or have children too young to leave but know that what ever the day throws or aims at me at least Im earning an income.
Ok enough of that
look at my yarnz
One more skein to add once I navjo the bobbin,waiting for that parcel from Charley with the brilliant reds and black that I hpe I can meld into pattern,theres only roughly 370 to 400 metres in the coloured lot above including the fourth,I thought id start the top cardie with this lot and gradually bring in the red in ever increasing lines finishing with it at the bottom,might even have enough for longer sleeves!!
We went wood cutting yesty,I took the opportunity to take some pics,some are good some or not so but I enjoyed it...theres spiders at the very bottom but Ill put space in there for anyone not keen on them  ")


and below was this gorgeous creature,do not look if spiders arent your thing

Look at the rain drops on her!! Golden Orb Spider,there were heaps of them,i kept walking into the webs and lots of smaller ones I presume were the daddy ones keeping a safe distance from Mother dearest!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Here I am

That was a brief time away,it was a combinaton of time away and being busy....
June long weekend,I went to Toodyay for our Annual Retreat and boy it was fanstastic,the place,the people and the whole relaxation theme of the time there.I planing on taking DH for a weekend later in the year,I love the area around Toodyay and I think its because of its association with time away and forgetting troubles that once a year trip.
I left Kalgoorlie at about 9.45 after dropping my son at school(he had a large project) with a cappacino in hand I set off to Coolgardie,it wasnt a bad trip,got stuck behind a few slow trucks and caravans though the most memorable bit was a truckie pulling out into the oncoming traffic forcing the caravans to vere to the wrong side of road to avoid him,it was shear luck that the vehicles comig the other way werent too close,I was forced to apply brakes quite sharply and I got stuck behind him for a while..
After a 3/4 hour stop at Southern Cross to meet up with friend,Helen I managed to get to Toodyay just before dusk,call in on Pamela,bestie friend for brief chat before making it to the Avon Valey Homestead just the other side of Toodyay itself.
I didnt take that many pics tough I went for a wander in PJS mind you, early on the sunday,I was very careful not to shut door behind me even though the owners did say they didnt lock the main door..I did well for the early walkers came back and couldnt get in!!
This is where I parked, disliking down hill spots like this I turned the wheel so it would bump into the retaining wall with only a small travel and left in gear as well as hand brake of course,having a weak left hand at moment I wasnt taking chances....
Looking across the open country as the sun climbs the hills behind me

I loved the warm glow,surprisingly it wasnt a very cold weekend,cool but not freezing,enough to appreciate the vests and jumpers I took without being too far either way

beautiful gardens!!

In among these were blue wrens and other pretty birds but I didnt get to use the other lense being so busy trying to get as much spinning, knitting and conversation in as possible..
Classes for those who were needing more techniques etc,I did stay for a while but it was alittle cilly and I wanted to get a few pics!! This was cast on methods,I lost count after a while but theres certainly more than I ever  knew about
This year there was a destash table where I was lucky to adopt my first ball of Wollemeist,not sure if the spellings right there,lol
Sock weight but not sure whether it 150 grams or 100,yes I cuddled and stashed til I can fiddle..
The below is the marvelous yarns and fibres from our lovely indie dyers,Charley from Ixchel Fibre farm and Mandie from EGMTKs
And  we also got a first look at the wonderful MS Gussets Cormo of which a skein of some yummy green came home
From Miss Charlie
And from Mizz Mandie
This yarn combo will be a shawl,a striped shawl,the purple blue will be the edging,I did buy it for socks but when they were side by side this pattern sprung to mind! And heres a selection of gorgeousart yarns made by one of our very clever group, she given me ideas to persue different types of fibre treatments!

This years was the best so far maybe cause I was more relaxed and planned it better,next time I will also only sit up every second night not every single one...also instead of taking a million of UFOs,Ill take two I know could be finished and buy some yarn or fibre the first night and complete something over the weekend,but whatever I do its something I really look forward to.For others theres a lot of groups in Perth to catch up but here theres nothing and looking at that and talking to a few people theres a chance we could start a monthly get together in Kalgoorlie.Awefully funny while having a coffee with DH last week,I had the Darling sock in my bad and did a few rows as I like to keep my hands busy and over further a couple of older lady were commently quietly about what I was doing and that you dont see that anymore,rather amusing,maybe I should take my spindle next time!