Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Oh Heavens,Oh My,what shall I do with such a wish list of patterns,this edition is wonderful,I have my eye on at least half of them......................KNITTY is up!!!! The lacy socks look like the right ones for my last spindles production,the Silk Garden Cardie is divine! Oh the choice!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feeling pretty good

Yep,Im nearly finished this weeks Uni assignment,lets see if I can get a week ahead this weekend so I can post the thing in the mail and not have to take Laptop with me and battle with that in week 9 when Im supposed to be travelling home
I finished the second half of the BFL in blue/mushroom that I started on the weekend,balled up first plied half but havent washed it yet,it looks awesome,I think Ill be knitting with 2.75 needles but will swatch first
Darn photos not up loading! Will try again! Nope blogger being a bad blogger tonight!
Back again for 3rd try,LOL
There 148.8m in one ball and 132.8m(sportweight) in the other hopefully enough for a pair of sock maybe aheaps of lace otherwise Ill dye a bit more up  ...And my rescued Bunny Taffy,fat bunny
Yes that is her bottom seen under my hand and the jumper is a Jo Sharp sweater I finished at Toodyay,5 years sitting there half sewn up.it growing abit as I wear it but its gorgeously warm and I think a bit of a hot wash will tighten it up a bit,BTW its Merino Fur or Fur nMerino,I think a Naturally Yarn,love possum,awesome stuff

Monday, June 20, 2011




Im reposting this to help a couple of people who have contacted me even though I didnt see their comments in this as somehow my editing of Blogger isnt up to scratch when fixing comment thingy,I be back to edit this to fix the problem I think people are having

Tea Cosy

Simple Cosy for a 3 to 4 cup Pot
Yarn: 1 ball Patons Jet
remnants of three colours(Cleckheaton Silk used here )
Needles: 5mm
RS-right side
WR-wrong side
YO- yarn over
SS-slip stitch
PSSO-pass slipped st over
Rib-K1 P1
Cast on 84 sts,work in basic 1x1 rib for 4 rows
Work Rib pattern 40 sts,cast off 4 sts,continue knitting on these 40 sts for 20 rows.
Break yarn and rejoin to other 40 sts and knit for 20 rows as for first half,knit across the first 40sts so there is a toal of 80 sts on needle keeping in rib pattern.
Knit in Rib pattern for 8 rows,then knit two together across row ,40 sts, Purl 2 together across row,20 st,knit 2 together again so ther are 10 sts left.Break yarn leaving enough yarn to draw up remaining sts.
Here you will start with 84sts at bottom,knit 44,turn,cast off 4 sts and continue knitting on that 40 sts to the top for 20 rows,break yarn return to other 40 sts and knit them for 20 rows,this will have the two lots at the same level,knit across all sts(80sts) and continue onto decrease.
I apologise for not making this clearer as I didnt realise it wasnt understandable!

Using wool needle, pass through these last sts and secure.

Decorate with knitted or croqueted flowers,pom poms,or a knitted cord(cast on a number of sts knit a row,cast off) that can be tied into a bow.Another sugestion,gather last sts with a ribbons of contrast colour and tie in bows.

Green leaf pattern:
Cast on three sts,
RS R1 Turn,K 1,YO,K1,YO,K1
WS R2 Purl all sts
RS R3 K 2,YO,K 1
WR R4 Purl
RS R5 K 2,SS,K1 PSSO,YO,K1,YO,K2 tg,K2 (7 sts)
Repeat last 2 rows 4 times,should have 6 lace"holes"
RS Knit 1,SS,K 2 tg,PSSO,K1.K 3 tg (5 sts)
WS P 1,P 2 tg,P 2tg,P1
RS K1,SS,K2 tg,PSSO,K1 (3 sts)
WS P 3 tg.
Using wool needle secure end of yarn by sewing into back of sts, Press and attach to cosy.
Flowers used are from Simply Knitting ,Issue No 16,June, 2006,not sure about year,but if you cant find it,any embellishment of knitted flower shapes woill be good

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Still cold

Freaking hell, its getting cold,havent had time to get wood so unless my older boy and myself go out Im buying a load this week,at least Im putting my lovely warm jumpers to good use,the possum jumpers are super awesome,I should make  pair of mittens and socks with the last of it..
Ive been playing with my spindle this week again..I actually plyed the last lot,some South African Fine from Knittery Things in wonderful yellow through to brown and bright blue,just love it,only got around 346metres out of it and really wanted to do the Kvothe pattern,might try it and mod it somehow

I love the way the colour lined up on he skein holder! Now Im spinning BFL handdyed in delf blue through to mushroom,its drafting like a dream and hopefully enough for a pair of socks.I dyed it at least 3 years ago and its been sitting there all this time,I nearly destashed it but now the spindling has caught me Im taking it everywhere.I have another lot in rose pink and mushroom that Ill do after.I think Ill ply the blu with blue so the socka have blue toes fading into mushy legs.The pink I think Ill ply opposite s the barber pole thingy happens with the ends swaped.Im currently shoppinf for a couple

more spindles and one day Ill have a Golding....
Knitting wise Im done with the ribbing on one vest,6 inches on second,and shawl is getting bigger too!
Ill leave with another pic of the fluffy inhabitants
Dont look at the carpet lol it was Friday night and I work all week....

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bitterly cold

It is freezing here at moment,straight off the artic it feels, but no snow of course,I struggled through work today,offsiders been reallocated elsewhere for a few days so worked around different parts not that theres much to do as we done everything earlier and it had rained.
Got bad news on one assignment last night and no I aint repeating it,I didnt like it at all,may do an internet based one early next year if I can to make up for this one.Theres a mix up in the other one,the tutor awarded me Very Good on all parts and marked it at 35/50 which Im sure is 75% but she put it through on main sheet as a mere 35%,emailed her to confirm and hoping she just messed up as I dont want to do it again either,want to do something different, I got 60% for 1st assignment and 77 for second not sure ehwere it leaves me.
Anyhow I had a huge ball at Toodyay for the retreat and will add pics down below,the weather ws cold enough to show off new knits and enjoy knitting new ones,I finished one 5 year old UFO and nearly second one but started 4 others ,LOL I also added 4 more skeins to cashbah stash and a skein of  Trail sock which I cant wait to attack,must finish at least two UFOs and do some seriuous study first

Me and my BF,we talked each others heads off!

Inside the main market/ work room...the mittenes were the Retreats pattern for this year
Spindling workshop, market night,we all hang out for this part!

One project I started,this was spun on a spindle,the top an old club from EGMTKs,fine merino in Old Jeans
and this is the Mosley Park yarn I spun from a Christmas Club I think about 2009,lovely squishy stuff and Ill have enough for mittens as well!
Theres two more(I think) but I havent taken pics yet
Must go, its bloody cold and I have to do something about dinner