Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just a quickie and Im back with photos

I'm nearly done with essay,after a panic last night where I couldn't find where a certain quote cam e from I found another and it s looking better,don't know how Ill go mark wise but I thinks a better essay than first,Ill rewrite a bit of it through today but I want it ready to go tomorrow morning so I can enjoy the last day of holidays with boys and clean up the vege garden etc
Anyhow Im nearly done with green vest,Ill aim on getting front band of Featherweight done next,spin up another top from Charley,Wenslydale in purples and pinks,hoping for enough for a waistcoat vest thingy And then get ready for final essay sub
And this I want to mark to use up some fat quarters I have around..after I put son 2 s quilt together,went to sew the blocks up this break but I have a pile of pinwheels yet to assemble,stupid me also didn't cut/sew them properly so now I dont have their colours matched but I sorted the according to tonals so it ll be still ok,wont really know til I get it together and if it isnt then I have an excuse to do another.
No pics today too cold yesterday with gale force winds and felt at least 5 " but Weather bureau put it at 8 " in Kal,we re usually colder out here but I forgot to put gauge out to test
Oh and I ve finished the Camel Bunny Silk,its setting as Im going to leave it a single for a shawl,don't want anotehr hat yet and if Id plied it there wouldn't have been much
Pica later today,the sun appearing a little bit.
I went for a walk with Tilly this morning,it was still cold and the wind brisk but she was rearing to go,we think old age is catching her up and she spends a lot of time hiding in the linen press..cause no body ever shuts the bloody door,anyhow she seems out of odds until you call walkies,we spell it now as she knows what going on and gets excited
 Ptilotus is very close to flowering,marvelous plants,the crown can withstand really dry times and a bit of rain and off they go!
 A spot of yellow,Im hoping there ll be some yellow paper daisies this year,saw a few promising plants
 This field will soon be all pinks!the famous WA paper daisies

 Unusual gums around here
 And this one I dont know what it is but it was white through deep cerise,so pretty

 Of course the Cassia or Punty Bush as I grew up knowing it as
 Thick moss over rock in what was still quite wet from last rain
 More yellow!
 And hiding in here was a flock of Zebra finches,Tilly wouldnt stay still and they made sure the foliage was between me and them so no clear shot!!

 The bush we walked out of

And lastly the few pinks starting to show,the biggest thrill was the Blue Wren and his wives that flitted past,so vivid blue he dazzled,so excited to see them cause I thought they were more down towards Esperance!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It was that time

Yes it was my Birthday yesty,I spent it chasing tradies around work locking and unlocking disarming and arming,finally by 2.45 they left,sit down and think,where did that day go..
in the mail was a delightful birthday swap(Raverly)  from Niss!!and Im floored with the beautiful lace weight,well thought out,I just hope I can do the same for my Pal
Thinking two patterns
This one cause it ll use it nearly all up
Or this one but need to see how i can get this pattern
And of course this look good too
Want to see one more i found?? Im thinking the handspun I have stashed  This stuff Not sure how much there is though maybe Ill combine a mix of stray skeins
 This is my Study place this weekend,hubby keeps asking how Im going,I keep saying yer good just need another 500 words....I think Ive spend $500 odd hard earned dollars on this unit,I couldnt access half the books I needed for the TEN in- text-citations and they havent sent my library card so I couldnt order them in through Curtin in Kalgoorlie ,living 64 ks away meant I coudnt just duck down after work and do any reading,at least Ill have a lovely library later and of course the next Essay unit will use them too
 All this weeks hand made socks washing,so soft and fluffy,Ive finally got game enough to wash the machine washables in with the dedicates in wool wash,they came out and survived..The others of course were hand wash only..
 I think I showed this before but cause it was sunny and because i could here it is again,Ixchel Fibres BFL Bunny and Silk,not sure what pattern yet,I'll count the yardage again later
 Bunny Camel is progressing

A beautiful fello work mate found me at work yesty and gave me another gift which was a total surprise,a lovely candle holder that features birds and their nests,i left on my desk at work but will take a pic this week.This lady might be leaving in the next year or two so I have time to gift here socks yet,I gave her the Misti Alpaca Thick and Thin cowl earlier this year.Anyhow must get back to writing!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wow Cold weather

It was the coldest for this winter this last Monday,it was -3 when i got to work and I was a bit late so it was probably closer to -4,all the hibiscus have been burnt,one quiet badly s it ll need a haircut when the weather warms a bit,even the Grevillea s look sad.Here at home the Plumbagoes burnt but not so bad i wont have a show in early spring(hope we don't get any more frost that bad) and the shoots on the two berry vines,the raspberry and logan berry look a bit worse for wear,I haven't grown them before and this will be their second summer coming up.Maybe I should have put straw around them,I didn't cut them back so they have shoot buds right up those stems. Interesting to see how they go.
I planted Spring onions and last years golden shallots,might get some silver beet going in the shade house,maybe next trip to town I ll see if the nursery has some Broccoli. that's the limit for my winter vegies,with the water bill over a $1000 last time everything has to be worth putting in

Spinning up some camel silk from Charly,its hard going but it lovely all the same,might do the Banksia Cowl, want to get it doen to move onto another,rtrying to get through the mounting stash...

Pic of the day.. hmm is it safe to coming inside or will the Human shut the door

Saturday, July 06, 2013

In Retrospect

I would never have gone through with the Ulna Nerve operation and carpel tunnel thingy had I been able to see into the future,I am now left with worse re-occurring pain and scaring to which I dont think theres a cure,Im not happy with how I was looked after my employers and left to fend for myself,its sucks big time when I turn my hand at what could be conceived a normal movement to be frozen in sheer agony and holding my breath until the pain drifts away. something that is happening more and more and with greater ferocity.
So for those you who are considering this operation(6 weeks off work and three months of light duties) think carefully and weigh up the risks,I was under the opinion it was a normal procedure and only on the day did the surgeon inform me that it was a quite a serious one.I decided to go ahead due to doctors advice and the fact not doing anything may have lead to something happening later anyway,I didnt think at the time that it would result in my now constant discomfort. Oh any being on workers compensation is the worse thing ever,I was questioned my Risk Cover about where i lived despite the fact I informed them there was another person with my name in the department,she lived near the city, I was in the bush and good 8 hours drive away,i was made to feel like a criminal and the Return to work people? ..bloody useless.
My position is a manual too BTW and I need my hands and arms to work.
The best thing is that I know better now and have come through all those years of nastiness and bullying to be a stronger person,I thank my lovely GP for all hes done for me and being there when I needed him
Enough said............
and I still miss this place too

Friday, July 05, 2013

The Holidays

Well for the kids anyway.boy it was hard to get out of bed this morning,it was freezing,not the gee its cold but that bone soaking cold you cant was eleven degrees at 3pm when I got home,so after two coffees and vaccuming then getting fire going then hot shower and THEN possum wool jumper Im starting to thaw out..I love my possum jumper,Merino N Fur,no longer available so what I have, I treasure.Think stash still has enough for a vest and maybe a hat or two
Im nearly done with back of Patonyle vest,modelling size on the pink one I did last year out of this yarn which is also no longer available I think.The pattern was a Jo Sharp one for the Ultra yarn which I subb ed with The Sugar Loaf.Anyway Im using it as a size measurer being a good shape for me.

Anyway one UFO off the needles..Berry Shawl  from this lovely raspberry Casbah, one skein project,love it to bits!

And the usual visitor for the day ..well everyday,Bossy Birdy,King of the Butcher birds in the school  and my feathery companion as I work the grounds