Friday, July 05, 2013

The Holidays

Well for the kids anyway.boy it was hard to get out of bed this morning,it was freezing,not the gee its cold but that bone soaking cold you cant was eleven degrees at 3pm when I got home,so after two coffees and vaccuming then getting fire going then hot shower and THEN possum wool jumper Im starting to thaw out..I love my possum jumper,Merino N Fur,no longer available so what I have, I treasure.Think stash still has enough for a vest and maybe a hat or two
Im nearly done with back of Patonyle vest,modelling size on the pink one I did last year out of this yarn which is also no longer available I think.The pattern was a Jo Sharp one for the Ultra yarn which I subb ed with The Sugar Loaf.Anyway Im using it as a size measurer being a good shape for me.

Anyway one UFO off the needles..Berry Shawl  from this lovely raspberry Casbah, one skein project,love it to bits!

And the usual visitor for the day ..well everyday,Bossy Birdy,King of the Butcher birds in the school  and my feathery companion as I work the grounds

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