Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas

How did you Big Day go,??? mine was pretty good,a different one this year breaking with our family tradition, we went to town and spent day with boys and their girlfriends at Hews house, it was different and at times i felt a little lost but as usual they spoilt me and they in turn were ecstatic with the art I gave them and special treat i found at the last minute,wallaby merino socks ,lol and wally skin stubby holders,watching the fur wafting the breeze was hilarious,I was waiting for it to hop. I have two gift vouchers to use,one for the book shop and other for the art shop,of course I had suggested a Bunnings one too but they were naughty and all got together to get me(and dad) a huge swag I will prob never be able to carry. dad already has one so i joked Ill set up a portable art studio in this one
The stunned silence from a few when they unwrapped the brolga painting was in awe not what i was worried about lol, they all got individual pieces so Im now planning next years works

 We spent a short time as prospective inlaws in the afternoon, before returning home,I was so tired,its been a long horribly hard year,some days i dont know how ive got through the day,
i made two trifels this year plus Izzy made hers . but Boxing day its all gone ,only the remnant of my ham is left,I enjoyed so much the pavlova and goodies,strict diet from now Dcotors worried about my sugar etc and Im showing other worrying old age things....gross mammagram coming up,i wonder if i go AWOL

My first uni assignment is ready to go,just a few final touches like a bit of extra investigation drawings,the tutor wants the PP laid out different to the guide so will check that tonight and adjust the titles fav bits

Who would have thought no gaps would be so fun to use to build the surface,i see a long relationship there

Love using pastels to give the surface an extra bling...
On the crafty front i can knit fr a short time again,hold the garden hose and even hang clothes,as long as I dont over do it I can cope well, work at end of January...
For one last time heres that wonderful birdy painting inspired by an image I found as i havent seen these birds for years,im estactic at the way i got the birds to float and the luminous colours that seem to glow, took about 6 hours i supposed with majority in two. 
Im really the short one now in Family
only one gorgeous girlfriend is with me...I love my boys they keep me on this earth and I dont know what i will do if they all move away but to combat that I have plans for 2017 I wont reveil just yet in case it doesnt happen but it will be a life changer for me at least, prompted by a specialist I had to see in Perth, he given me the tools to survive ,I hope i can make it happen.

Finally I need to come up with three to four works for a local exhibition 20cm by 20cm,hmm what to do... that will keep me focused for a while...

Monday, December 21, 2015


Yes Im still here,improving I have to say i can plait my hair now, cook biccies and generally most light things,at least two hours of execises everyday, but Im getting there
Saw Surgeon and he was happy for me to return to light duites mainly office stuff but it was vetoed so Im home til 28th January
First sub of the fourth unit left to finished shortly. then its Chrissy time,Gifts for this year I sure hope they like them

 I wish I could make it home to be with my Mum who will prob be alone again this year, I just hope she doesn't cook a dinner this time for no one to turn up, I sent her a big gift that I roused and told her not to open til the day to make it a better day for her

so many flowers to come

We ve been so lucky with fairly mild weather that we ve opened up the window and let t in lounge and kitchen so the air flows,only a few days we ve had aircon on. so wonderful not only fresh air but also the pocket
I can knit again too well ten rows on a sock nearly every night, uni is taking prececent of course and Ive been a bit slack after three months of no study, three and half units to go,cant believe it but also its going to be tough, even when i go back to work uni will be my main concern, got that big carrot dangling. My hope reinforced by an interveiw in perth.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Catch up....

Pretty  excited excited with this, first flower on the new rain lillies, ive got these different sized pots that look wonderful in this small area, ive tucked lobelias around them randomly that can be protected and access to moisture beneath thise pots and allows me to grow a few things that need extra care. Nearby dwarf sunflowers, fingers crossed they will flower as well, the teddy bears or themarons didnt survive the slugs and snails, If I can ,next year Ill plant earlier,.

 Yes Ive posted before but I love this spot and of course the yellow addition is worth showing

And finallly slowly slowly these are coming together, happier now with them even the Willy Wagtail has grown , the yellow wattle shimmers though not obvious here. Ill be framing them next week. Im already planning two more...
Intended for gifts with things not healthy this year Ive chosen to do gifting in a special way ,I hope the recipients enjoy as much as Ive enjoyed creating
Shoulder is gradually improving with  two steps forward and one step back, trying to stay away from the heavy meds too to keep a clear head, the last few months have been stressul and down right devestating  and sheer pretrifying . Having to go to the city for a operation and look after myself scary but one step and at a  time,I made it, but its with a hollow feeling that I think having my other half with me would have been reassuring yet not to be. The map we had worked and reworked for our lives is disingrating , our whole life has been one uphill battle but we thought the light was within reach 6 years ago but somehow we must have drawn that short straw again, my health is something I determined not to let fail as well so theres a chance to even that road up again. Everyday i try to find something to hang onto ,to find some sort of joy whether it watching and listening to  the baby singing honey eater who is behaving himself and not chasing his parents away from the saftey of the big bottle brush,they trounce him if he does, a new flower or a brief interlude with a pencil or brush. Im not used to being idle ,and theres only so much TV  one can watch, the excitement tonight the Starwars Trilogy, Ill say the only good thing is Ive lost weight. I am well aware of those in much worse situation to this and I wish the world would be a nicer and healthier place to live, that friends stick together, that we can find solace in company of beautiful souls of who are far and few between.
 Another photo to end my waffling self pitying post, the last load of wool sent off by Dad, I was fortunate that a local back home saw them and sent them to me

Friday, October 23, 2015

A bit of fun

Not a good one and im not finished but heres what i did before,posed near my beloved trees where the baby bird is residing
 The willy on a fence
Had trim this one back to get it cracking, fert as well, havnt got much to be happy about at moment but these sweet things bring a smile to any sad person
 And the last of the fiery bottlebrush.... just gorgeous

The flowers are so thick

Friday, October 16, 2015

Just a little something

I went to Deeva Muirs workshop ,my effort.... Quandongs , this Im not sure is finished but has a home already,WinsorNewton watercolors,some were part of their Australian bush edition released last year?
Deeva had a wonderful display of her work and the Sturt Peas were fabulous,Im going to see if I can get a pic of more of her work if Im allowed to have camera, I think she was born in Thailand? speaks sevaral languages,and started life as an artist in calligraphy,doing her fellow students home work writing the koran and other muslin books,different in each country from what i could gelan,she was lovely to talk too but I felt was a little shy, she ispart of a very successful aborigine art group at Leonora  I did this workshop as I was bored and although couldnt use my arm much I participated as well I could, I did tell her I had some experience with watercolors but she seemed amused at end of class as she leaned over and asked quietly have you worked in this medium before? well yes... I did the class as I needed so much to be among people who were like me,it was a breath of fresh air, conversation was brilliant,met a couple beautiful people including Faye who in her 70s was slowing down in her ceramics and looking at some thing else in the art field, I loved her work,not finshed but beautiful depite her protests,now I want to see her work 
And another new flower from my messy garden, was sold to me as a butterfly hippie but alas it isnt,beautiful anyway

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Still toodling along

so frustrating being one armed let alone being right dominant lol when right is in sling, another week at the most so forgive my  typings,lol
 so miss my arts and craft
 hubby is barely able to keep up with basic work here, he did sweep andf pick up this morning , a blessing, Im not OCD, well dont think i am but i hate mess ,when im tired i can ignore it but when i have no choice ,oh dear it irks me, cant hang wshing, flat to wash is after all this time boring ,though i do look forward to the Block, but i can carefully water my seedlings, will have color this Christmas which will be good as most of boys are going fishing at this stage so it will be a lonely day,  i live for my sons , will have to make sure i keep busy. If we were closer to family back home we could do a day trip....
 despite Dr telling me after surgery pain is horrible, i had virtually none,covered very well by morphine and a truely nasty block given prior surgery knock out, worked a treat if i can frget curling toes and chewed left arm, sleeping in a sling and a hareem of pillows helps..
keeping up with my exercises and am noticing a return of arm,one week from surgery almost no pain in stationary position with a tugging sensation at end of current range that becomes painfull if pushed, the odd ache i get im coverig with paracetamol codeine, targin and surgon prescribed double dose of celexib, not sure about that one as GP woulnt lift my dose before, saying one a day is full dose, see surgeon this week so he can tell me if im on target, early appointment means i will have some to myself and the aweful stress im under at moment should help. Found a wonderful litttle coffee shop ill make sure to visit, i love Perth and after this i cant see me being able to get down for a while. If i get my student card i can go down from here for $80 return on train, Toodyay may be a go next year for a retreat too, i may go anyway if i can share room
anyway on my bush trip today
the shire was working on the local dam, apparently the last flood damaged the back of overflow, dont think it did  much but it remains to be seen if they finish the area as recreational are, looks ugly at moment