Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas

How did you Big Day go,??? mine was pretty good,a different one this year breaking with our family tradition, we went to town and spent day with boys and their girlfriends at Hews house, it was different and at times i felt a little lost but as usual they spoilt me and they in turn were ecstatic with the art I gave them and special treat i found at the last minute,wallaby merino socks ,lol and wally skin stubby holders,watching the fur wafting the breeze was hilarious,I was waiting for it to hop. I have two gift vouchers to use,one for the book shop and other for the art shop,of course I had suggested a Bunnings one too but they were naughty and all got together to get me(and dad) a huge swag I will prob never be able to carry. dad already has one so i joked Ill set up a portable art studio in this one
The stunned silence from a few when they unwrapped the brolga painting was in awe not what i was worried about lol, they all got individual pieces so Im now planning next years works

 We spent a short time as prospective inlaws in the afternoon, before returning home,I was so tired,its been a long horribly hard year,some days i dont know how ive got through the day,
i made two trifels this year plus Izzy made hers . but Boxing day its all gone ,only the remnant of my ham is left,I enjoyed so much the pavlova and goodies,strict diet from now Dcotors worried about my sugar etc and Im showing other worrying old age things....gross mammagram coming up,i wonder if i go AWOL

My first uni assignment is ready to go,just a few final touches like a bit of extra investigation drawings,the tutor wants the PP laid out different to the guide so will check that tonight and adjust the titles fav bits

Who would have thought no gaps would be so fun to use to build the surface,i see a long relationship there

Love using pastels to give the surface an extra bling...
On the crafty front i can knit fr a short time again,hold the garden hose and even hang clothes,as long as I dont over do it I can cope well, work at end of January...
For one last time heres that wonderful birdy painting inspired by an image I found as i havent seen these birds for years,im estactic at the way i got the birds to float and the luminous colours that seem to glow, took about 6 hours i supposed with majority in two. 
Im really the short one now in Family
only one gorgeous girlfriend is with me...I love my boys they keep me on this earth and I dont know what i will do if they all move away but to combat that I have plans for 2017 I wont reveil just yet in case it doesnt happen but it will be a life changer for me at least, prompted by a specialist I had to see in Perth, he given me the tools to survive ,I hope i can make it happen.

Finally I need to come up with three to four works for a local exhibition 20cm by 20cm,hmm what to do... that will keep me focused for a while...

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  1. Happy New Year and it was a bit of a tough year, wasn't it?? I am glad you had a marvellous Christmas and you all look well and happy in the photos. Your bird painting is wonderful, I am in awe of your talent!! Stay well and arty.