Monday, December 21, 2015


Yes Im still here,improving I have to say i can plait my hair now, cook biccies and generally most light things,at least two hours of execises everyday, but Im getting there
Saw Surgeon and he was happy for me to return to light duites mainly office stuff but it was vetoed so Im home til 28th January
First sub of the fourth unit left to finished shortly. then its Chrissy time,Gifts for this year I sure hope they like them

 I wish I could make it home to be with my Mum who will prob be alone again this year, I just hope she doesn't cook a dinner this time for no one to turn up, I sent her a big gift that I roused and told her not to open til the day to make it a better day for her

so many flowers to come

We ve been so lucky with fairly mild weather that we ve opened up the window and let t in lounge and kitchen so the air flows,only a few days we ve had aircon on. so wonderful not only fresh air but also the pocket
I can knit again too well ten rows on a sock nearly every night, uni is taking prececent of course and Ive been a bit slack after three months of no study, three and half units to go,cant believe it but also its going to be tough, even when i go back to work uni will be my main concern, got that big carrot dangling. My hope reinforced by an interveiw in perth.

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  1. Oh, so close the the end at Uni. Love the birds on the words!! It has been too hot to knit here, but I am glad you can do some rows at least!!