Saturday, June 06, 2015

Another Long Week End

Well for me anyway,my usual RDO back to back with the WA Foundation Day
Trying to get motivated to start next Assignment,feeling down for the usual stuff,Im learning to walk away but boy it hurts when you re excluded and shunned,well i hope the their dunny burns down and the chooks stop laying...
I have to change my situation its become beyond acceptance,scared to go to work scare not to be there,what sort of life is that.I find myself looking at my gorgeous projects art and bits and wondering is there any point any more.. I feel for those who lost their jobs tough a few are simply leaving for greener pastures,in a couple years i think thats the only option I have left, I urn 50 shortly,so happy Im actually alive to get to that milestone however as 17 years ago it didnt look that good
My idea for the last drawing sub is going to be a bit morbid I think ,wondering if I should look for something more lighthearted
However my handspun update

And you can see why this is my fav at the moment

I picked up 8 bags of soil compost today at Bunnings,at just under $4 a bag I can a few  bags here and there and build up my garden beds to plant out the rather big increase of post pants I seem to have accumulated through Bunnings and taking cuttings,after an olive next but that will be from Nursery as they are straight talish ones not floppy branched out ones at the fore mentioned shop
cant wait til Spring though Ill need to plan how to keep them all happy as Hubby wont be doing much to care for them when i go visit Mum