Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday nearly gone

Well Im half prepared for the exam so after sitting in Kal for two hours watching Paddy play his last game of hockey I back here with a couple of pics,didnt take camera to hockey in knitting bag at home but I do have a couple of pics to share
By the way Paddys team lost by a fraction,it was a close one and had us supporters on tender hooks as the closk round down,alas it wasnt to be but boy its been a great season and even with the injuries he collected including blocking the ball last week with his head(he must have a hard one) and a few deliberate hits to the knees cruel bastards (opps I swore) hes enjoyed himself and so have I,it was a chance to sit and knit(or study) listen to the radio at the antics of Jaqui O and her cohort while trainig was on! I shall miss it
Anyhow I wrote the pattern down for my new scarf,not a unique one and its an old one but I found the one I found was too wide so I modified it.This is just over two days worth,3 hours? over half way

Chevron scarf
Cast on 33st
Purl one row if your cast one has a definite front/ back look like mine
 ROW 1...K2tog,K 3, YO, K1,Yo,K3,S1,K1, PSSO
Row 2..Purl
Continue till desired length is reached ending on wrong side and cast off loosely wash and block to bring out the pattern
My wool is 200m of Churro(Navajo sheep) Bunny handspun from Charleys Tops at Ixchel Fibre Farm, I used 4.5 mm needles and the wools roughly a sport which gave me a scarf with a width of 15 cm unblocked but should be nearer to 20cm wneh Im done with it
Im loving this particular pattern as it shows off the variation in the wool and perfect whn Ive spun top too thick and not enough for socks though I did discover I had another ball Id spun ages ago and forgot so i would have had enough for socks anyway but I love this scarf so much Im going to make a pair of gloves out of the remainder.
Oh and I like my new Harmony Needles,Pink ones !!Im very enthuse at changing them around as I need different lengths on my cords
This another UFO i found that I finished last Christmas well in the first term,the other half I dragged out this morning,again my own pattern based on the 72 st sock with a gussett heel (eye of partridge for cushioning)
The colours are better in this photo! Yarn is a sock yarn from Spotlight which I cant remeber now but was a cheap style on,I paid $14 for this one  EDITED to ADD Moda vera  Ive since seen this on Rav destashed for as little at $5,I only bought it as I wanted something knitty from Dubbo,everything was shut for holidays so couldnt get to my fave little shop in Tamworth st..
Well Sunday is slipping away very fast ,ack to books for refreshing,semiotics gender,history,feminism and so on!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Im trying to study for an exam on Monday,which is to held at the most stupidest time of 2pm,the siesta time,so I think there will be a fair bit of coffee consumed before hand,I think I will be answering three question in short essay form,lets see how I go.
On the other front its cooled off again but the sun has a sting in it so I reckon in about a week we ll see a more summery effect happening,30s this week according to fello grocery shoppers this morning,great,just as I go back to work,oh well the lawns are stuffed s there wont be too much work.Im suppoed to have an MRI on hand but I cant see that happening either..
Spinning Im half done with the Enchanted top,gorgeous stuff,hoping other person is back from hollies soon so she can sell me the other two tops
I finished my socks but havent taken pics yet
Im nearly to shoulder on pink sweater and Ive got about a third done on a chevron scarf in hand spun Chrro bunny top.
The native flowers should be out soon,I may go for a wander later for fresh air and se if I can take some photos,Im hoping to invest in my new camera later this year,Im tossing up between a Cannon 600D or the newer 1100D,I rather fancy the limited edition red version there.
Ok Im back to study,have to queeze in as much print onto two A4s as I can (permitted to take this into exam,a bit hard ato cram three months worth onto two sheets I can assure you!)
Something of interest,Taffy likes to sleep in her toilet,it must be warmer at night!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Its a lovely warm day,I went and bought two nice light shirts yesty while Pat was at Hocky,one s just an average one from target something other than black which Ive taken to wearing,mind you I was curious what people tjought with the huge decorative "C" written across the front,it stands for Cavelry of One a group set up to help people acheive something like the old fella on his last years ride around Australia one last time,funds were raised through sales of tees etc,I got two,one is the "C" one and the other little "C" making up the shape of Aussie,come to think of it I must check to see if Tassie made it on there.Anyhow I got a grey tee shirt and  a chechered cowboy style shirt in cotton which I have another very simiar but it will dress up nicely or down if necessary. I had a good look around for plain nice tees but they ll all flowery or off the shoulder types,yuck!
Ok heres the pics Ive been promising,sitting on card for a while but uploaded yesty!
Anyway Knitting and Spinning

And projects

BFL socks on
52 st recipie
and short row heel,
handspun and
dyed well dyed with the sprinkle method
 then spun on Roberta,gorgeous stuff cant wait to try them,the first sock took me about 3 days fanstically quick! And  perfect fit too! I used  the stretchy cast off .

Harvest Moon
On 4mm needles
Small size though may twinge it to do med for arm and body
Cleckheaton Silk garden,have 12 balls but may need another one or two
beautiful to knit and pattern so far is easy except I got markers A and B on the wrong sides so had to contact peoples for affirmation to continue

Im about to realise my wish list well get into it so its hopefully done by Chrissy!
Priority 1   Dining Chairs
P 2 Cannon Camera
And next year more furniture ZI really need need a new bed and cupboards
Its really warm here today ,even the bunies have come inside to rest,the tiles are cooler than the ground outside apparently!

Friday, August 19, 2011

An Invalid

Oh well I think I ve done it this time,Had a wee accident last Thursday,dint worry too much at first but come Friday (last Week) I thought hmm its getting a bit sore of I toots off to Docs who straight up says, Ive ruptured or partially torn  this tendon in my hand,"You must go Work compenastion" hes says,No I says Im sure its going to be fine,I just wanted to find our how bad and what do I do to fix it, He muttered and cursed a bit too well in his way,gave me Brufen and said see you next  Friday...well its next Friday and after being talked at and talked by DH and Docs I went Compo ANYHOO,the tendon  ( Extensor digitorum tendons )is now inflamed and the fluid building up in the sheath surrounding this charming little tendon is leaking out and working its way into my other "sheaths" and into my wrist,hence more sore and now stiff as well,bugger...I serverely do NOT like Compo

The above picture is from the link above that just for niceties referances I mean
On the up side the Doc says I can work just no weight lifting with that hand.
Enough of that,SPRING is nearlly here,I want my new camera NOW,there natives flowering everywhere and the weather although pure icy early morn,the later day are just gorgeous.I finsihed some optum last week and I skeined and washed it tonight,was goign to ply it but Im dreaming of a lovely Estonian lace scarf,Im starting as soon as I am able!
I ve also  finished one sock and started the second,wow how did that happen,its some handspun and dyed BFL thats been sitting my stash for at least 2 years,I did start it on my trip east but on 2.25mm needles it was really hard to knit and it hurt my hands so I froggeg it and started again on 2.75mm, a lot softer.When I dyed it I wet the wool and sprinkled the blue dye(Sky) over the skein and then cooked in microwave,its muted with the shadowy blue of different hues scattered through. Pics later as I have never cpatured it yet!
I hope when I get back into the roll of things I ll be able to finsih this last sock,finish spinning the last of the Churro and start it as socks too! Oh and spin up the Enchanted top and hope the lovely lady who offered the other two remembers so I can adopt them too! I got the new(to me) pattern books for Noro,small projects one and Flowers!!! Will add pics in next post
Paddy has two hocky games this weekend,that means a spot of shopping for me,bunny beans and I needa couiple of new tees for early spring,I seem to have gone totally black last year but Id like a lighter tone /colour this time..
Oh I also invested in two flyers off Ebay for my old wheel,ones a jumbo and Im real happy to have them!
Ill leave with a pic of my biggest boy whos coming home soon before clearing off for a four week stint out bush in SA doing a job for his boss

Ta ta!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

School Work

Very annoying,I cant settle to work and get this essay out,it sitting there just waiting,Ive the intro and rambbled on abit which usually stokes up the juices a bit but some how Im not clicking,I think Im developing cronic fatigue as Im tired all the time as well.
Knitting,I undid the BFL sock I was nearly finished on trip over East,it was far too dense and it was hruting my hands to work on it so off to froggy pond and I restarted it at hockey on 2.75mm,the fabric already is much better now I have to knit to around 48sts and try on and see if size is right as the yarn is quite tightly plied and around a sport.
I ordered a magic ball from Mandie plus some glittery bits to play with in my next carding exercise.I WILL have this essay done tonight and then all I have is revision and notes for Exam in 3 weeks.
Also have a nice ball of lace coming from a lovely destasher on rav,thats destined for scarf time,a simple lacey one which should an instant gratification list
The annual art exhibition is also coming up in a couple of months so next weekend Im going to try to start at least two projects to go in it,an oil of my shearing shed or store room and a couple of graphites of some old rusty things I got pics of,antiguey things IF oly I could stop fiddling and get essay done.....
Oh and cap it off I hurt my left hand onThursday rolling a heavy lump of cement,I only did it while I working nearbay to see if I could shift it with a bag trolley,you know one of those moments where normally nothing will happen but does,the Docs thinks Iv torn tendons for three fingers and Im inclined to agree,Im taking Brufen to see if it will come good thjough hes advising work compensation leave etc and going off to see a hand surgeon,whre I wonder,PERTH??? cant afford not to be at work though Im afraid of doing more damage as well.I cant carry anything heavy with it so washing basket stays put til an unwary son walks past,he he he he
Anyway a couple of pics for fun! Which reminds me,all the flowers are coming otu,must go for a walk and get some new ones,Im buying a new camera very shortly,a Cannon a mix of Bday and Christmas,not sure which model but an entry level type so I can take close ups of plants and small things...
Dunlop Shed

Salt pan drain off near Norseman,colours were gorgeous

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

No time at all

Anyhow I end up staying home and fiddled around here with one cranky DH and a carefully studied igorance on another son
Anyway I sorted some photos last night for my project and I cant find the one I need to go with some comments Ive  written/I was lucky to rescue som eold family ones that dear Mother didnt think important and boy didnt I look to make sure she didnt get rid of any others
Thats my dad on the far left,the lot of them were the cheeky crowd of the area,the bloke on the 2nd from right recently passed on and I feel for his family as Id known him all my life. Taken at Fordsbridge near Bourke,Dad had a record for some time from there to Bourke in his FJ,still very angry I couldnt get that ute and do it up for him....pale blue and entire with needing little work I would loved to drive it in his memory.
Here I am with my little brother,not hinted is the fact I bit him on the hand just after this photo was taken.............
And another of us later of course,with Bo the poddy, I think there was about 12 of them all up,I remember trying a blue ribbon around the poor things neck! Just look at my thick pony tails,they gave me headaches and Mum had them cut off later!.I must be revisiting my childhood as Im growing  them again,no really Im just going through my hippy phase,LOL

And this one,the only visual record of any of my family or friends in any photos Ive seen to date,Im one of very few that inherited the clever hands pasted down through my Nanna.My Aunty and Cousins do the most brilliant hand work,their efforts are perfect(in my eyes) and if one day I have the time and the money to do so I want to try to do the same,stumpwork,weaving even,my nanna had a floor loom and I dont know where it is now but Im getting a AKL after I do my tax as a late Bday gift and that will affirm if I want to go further later.
Im having a sad time remembering little things that didnt mean much back then but also Im taking shelter in those memories as some unpleasant and frightening things are around me now.

Thats my Mother holding me as a fairly new bub,to contrast thats me as a mum with my fourth son..
And I finished the second bump of Enchanted,correidale in black browns and bright fernie green from Southern Cross Fibres,really want to do Davids club again but I have soooo much stash
And handdyed some Finn
Im going to card these into a mix of Black diamond,soysilk on a base of black alpaca and white bfl,they will have a bit of everything I can get my hand on!the blue is quite light when pulled apart so Im thinking a blue white mix so it very delicate,hopefully these will yeild enough to produce at least four batts and be feature yarns
There,thats it for a while I have to do some work on my assignment so I can get some rest to beat this nasty bugg bug!