Sunday, August 14, 2011

School Work

Very annoying,I cant settle to work and get this essay out,it sitting there just waiting,Ive the intro and rambbled on abit which usually stokes up the juices a bit but some how Im not clicking,I think Im developing cronic fatigue as Im tired all the time as well.
Knitting,I undid the BFL sock I was nearly finished on trip over East,it was far too dense and it was hruting my hands to work on it so off to froggy pond and I restarted it at hockey on 2.75mm,the fabric already is much better now I have to knit to around 48sts and try on and see if size is right as the yarn is quite tightly plied and around a sport.
I ordered a magic ball from Mandie plus some glittery bits to play with in my next carding exercise.I WILL have this essay done tonight and then all I have is revision and notes for Exam in 3 weeks.
Also have a nice ball of lace coming from a lovely destasher on rav,thats destined for scarf time,a simple lacey one which should an instant gratification list
The annual art exhibition is also coming up in a couple of months so next weekend Im going to try to start at least two projects to go in it,an oil of my shearing shed or store room and a couple of graphites of some old rusty things I got pics of,antiguey things IF oly I could stop fiddling and get essay done.....
Oh and cap it off I hurt my left hand onThursday rolling a heavy lump of cement,I only did it while I working nearbay to see if I could shift it with a bag trolley,you know one of those moments where normally nothing will happen but does,the Docs thinks Iv torn tendons for three fingers and Im inclined to agree,Im taking Brufen to see if it will come good thjough hes advising work compensation leave etc and going off to see a hand surgeon,whre I wonder,PERTH??? cant afford not to be at work though Im afraid of doing more damage as well.I cant carry anything heavy with it so washing basket stays put til an unwary son walks past,he he he he
Anyway a couple of pics for fun! Which reminds me,all the flowers are coming otu,must go for a walk and get some new ones,Im buying a new camera very shortly,a Cannon a mix of Bday and Christmas,not sure which model but an entry level type so I can take close ups of plants and small things...
Dunlop Shed

Salt pan drain off near Norseman,colours were gorgeous

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