Saturday, August 27, 2011


Im trying to study for an exam on Monday,which is to held at the most stupidest time of 2pm,the siesta time,so I think there will be a fair bit of coffee consumed before hand,I think I will be answering three question in short essay form,lets see how I go.
On the other front its cooled off again but the sun has a sting in it so I reckon in about a week we ll see a more summery effect happening,30s this week according to fello grocery shoppers this morning,great,just as I go back to work,oh well the lawns are stuffed s there wont be too much work.Im suppoed to have an MRI on hand but I cant see that happening either..
Spinning Im half done with the Enchanted top,gorgeous stuff,hoping other person is back from hollies soon so she can sell me the other two tops
I finished my socks but havent taken pics yet
Im nearly to shoulder on pink sweater and Ive got about a third done on a chevron scarf in hand spun Chrro bunny top.
The native flowers should be out soon,I may go for a wander later for fresh air and se if I can take some photos,Im hoping to invest in my new camera later this year,Im tossing up between a Cannon 600D or the newer 1100D,I rather fancy the limited edition red version there.
Ok Im back to study,have to queeze in as much print onto two A4s as I can (permitted to take this into exam,a bit hard ato cram three months worth onto two sheets I can assure you!)
Something of interest,Taffy likes to sleep in her toilet,it must be warmer at night!

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