Monday, January 30, 2012

Helloooo!!!!!!!! Im backkkk

I managed to start and finish a scarf,start another Peace hat and get an inch or two done on those green socks,heaps of pics as well,I wish wed stayed just another day or two,now rather depressed I have to go back to work..with half the rest of population
Our time away..
Left 8.30 Friday,got there by 2pm,in time to go look at this..
And this!
The next morning we enjoyed a wonderful english type brekky on our wee verandah and I slipped off to catch these images

 A parasitic tree..Nuytsia floribunda

This a grogeous bush,Showy Banksia

And these fellas delighted me to no end though the park manager didnt go much on them and their mess....
On a very good note we didnt see any of these and I took abndages just incase as we were a 100 ks from medical help and literally no phone reception,caution won!
On the last afternoon,only stayed a brief time there unfortunatley,I ventured into the calmer water and enjoyed a bit of the water fun,Im not a person for cold water but this time I got half way,lol ,Pat was trying out his snorkle and the other two just mucked around in the shallows,I forgot how strong the sun can be through clear wtaer and got burnt badly,I can only just now walk freely,almost second degree from behind the knees down to the feet,several tubes of burn aide later wish we had it with us(been put on list for next time) to wait til home,4 hour drive next day and Im only just coming good but not sure if i can get my work boots on for work tomorrow,my ankles ballooned up and for a while I was wondering if I had been bitten,surely not anallergic reaction to the sea? sam also got burnt behind the legs and Benjy had a pinkish face,Hubby also had red calves,Pat got off scot free,just!
i really want to go back but spend aweek to truley unwind and forget stuff,a plan is happening.It makes me tthink of Toodyays Retreat even more!
On the last note..the only pic of me,god age is showing with the exhaution I seem to suffer almost all the time,its true,Mums are the unofficial history recorders of familes and theres rarely photos of them,I was excited that Hubby found a sea sponge and into my collection of art resources bag it went,I did find a dead puffer fish too but I dont think the men in the group would have appreciated it coming home with us..
I did mange to do three drawings and watercolour thingys,needs a bit gouche to finish the last touch ups but if they look ok Ill post them next

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Australia Day and snakes..

I was lucky today,theres no need to rush into work and do that liile thing I forgot though I may this arvo just to kill a few ant nests...
Anyhwo its a study day for me must use every spare minute..the older brood has nicked off to the bush,Donkey Rock to be precise,for the usual teenager party,hope none of them want to catch a snake no doube there ll be tigers there...
Western Tiger Snake | Notechis scutatus occidentalis photo
 and I hope they back on time tonight as we er off on a mini road trip too and Paddy is coming with us...
Anyhow Im researching some trnasluent works for my own project and thought I add some spot here,I end up going off on one tangent or another and find some real gems
An interesting writer with a lot of posts Ill trawl through later..
Found art!

I ll look around to see what this is,made of and history etc....
Marcel Duchamp, Genre Allegory, 1943
Wonderful things!!!!!!! Check out the dinosaur!!

And this one
Aleatoric Art

Curious to what it sound like,an unholy racket or a tinkling reminiscent of movements.
Ok Im off to play with paint and stuff

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still alive!

Im here feeling knackered but Im savouring  my last few days of freedom,zombie world starts next week I think tuesday when Son no 3 pulls out of shop and goes back to school,life will be in limbo for a few months but Ive list and looking at it now and then may keep me sane..including a new bit of furniture for my room,a side board,a trip home to see my Mum in April,ohhhh thatll be so good to be myself and not have the males of the family to wait on...
Oh in June the Toodyay Retreat!!!!!!! If I can work both jobs which are in theory are from 5 30am through to 9pm at possibly 5 or 6 days a week? we ll see.

Dont know if I posted this photo but was looking at it today and thought Id share( even if it was again)
For tea tonight I thought I didnt have any onions..then I remembered,Pat had some onions in this place

came these...sweet succulent green juicy spring onions
And for size this next pics shows how big they were,currently in a beef cassarole
One day I will have my own vegie plot where theres no sticky burrs too,the men who run this one dont believe in working the plot...
Anyhow my current WIP...
Lornas laces sock yarn,yummy stuff,my pattern..just a little heart like shape that makes the knitting go faster,boring for some but I cant concentrate on anything and I have at least 20 years supply of socks. And as soon as I can find a couple of not tired days Im itching to get that sock machine out to do something with all that opal wool!
Oh and yesterday we had a huge storm went around up out to Lake Lefroy,it was a red storm,a lot of rain in the middle but all we could see was the pink dust and billowing tops!

We did get a little bit of rain but the ground was dry this morning when I went to work at 5.15.It was a little cooler too, and the whole day wasnt too bad though I found it a hard going mowing the lawns at 11am. I enjoyed a nice cuppa and a piece of upsidedown pineapple cake I cooked yesty for an early smoko.
Edited to add.... check this super blog out,they are gorgeous!!! makes me want to try them too!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday all over

Well I got that assignment done and posted though Ill check again later to see if the dratted gremlins attacked
Im enjoying the Shepard Sock so far,up to heel last night,Ill see how exhausted I am tonight after I shut shop...
God it s hot today,the shops going to be a sauna...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just a little bit

Im done with painting for the moment and started a new sock last night,it was good to feel the woll against my fingers,savouring every moment for if the docs get their way ill be out of commision for a wee while,one more assignment to go.... then a few months off to run family B and my own job if I can..
Really want to fly home to see Mum and all my family,maybe down time will work out with that,I might even take Victoria with me this time..
I have company again under my desk,he gets miffed if I shift stuff as hes nearly blind and cant see anything newly rearranged..
Taffy is in cognito in the potplants..we figured if we adopted a handfull we wont need to mow lawn!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Busy with trying to find enough hours in the day to finish current assignment and keep ahead both physically and mentally...
Perth yesty to see special doctor who delivered not good news but not bad as well,I am however sick of the advice thats coming from different angles so Im sitting a while and see if my own mind can see clear enough the path I must take.The flight down and back was very uncomfortable,made easier of course due to a fellow traveller in a similiar position medical/job wise,my ears have never been so bad,I really though they wold burst and I was conpletely deaf on the left and barely able to hear on the right,maybe thats why some passengers were looking at me weird like upon landing,my voice may have been louder than normal in the animated conversation with said fello traveller..
anyhow heres a couple more efforts...
Work (mine safety hat and rescue belts)
Free time

Theres a fourth in production that finishes this series a which Ive named "choices" that we make for a life that we mold with the decisions right or wrong, work (safe),leisure time (afford),play(consequences?) the last, Im doing something that reflects a common problem,illegal substances that impact on the success of the rementioned. Well if I can get into it,the last back up option is an abstract fun close up of anamber beer bottle..
The house is a mess though I managed to do something with the kitchen,the lawn is a jungle..the only knitting I have done is finishing off a pair of Moda Vera Moir socks in the coffee multi and frog and start rekinitting some Lornas laces in a green aqua colour I bought off Yarnivous's stash ages ago,my own design based on Charlies heart socks,have about three inches done on first socks,these will be my work smoko knitting for a while

Oh and now I have my own little flock of baa baas thanks to bestest Friend!!! The little treasures were beautiful and really made my day after all the upsets lately!! Thanks P,your a wonderful soul!!!PS I enjoyed our morning tea yesty too

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A 30 minute exercise

Busy this afternoon,two down and two to go before I start to graze.. Im happy with this, I have tweeked it a bit...

And "mild " excitement,the wonderful Cormo has a rrived along with the next lace shawl projects!Grown in Tassie, we knitters and fibre lovers donated funds to the lovely Kylie Gussett who through to raise enough to have a bale of Cormo to be processed here in Aussie,the reward for donating was a selection from a list of prizes,I chose a kilo of undyed top though I wish got some yarn instead so I could dye then knit but its so gloriously soft!!!!!!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunday Night...

Just a few things in my life at the moment...............................

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 another year

Small Creature alert at Bottom below Red line
First up number twos 18th bday bash,on the 29th...he nicked off to Esperance next day without even saying cheerio and havent heard from him since,an ear burn time tonight me thinks and he ll be making his own lunch tomorrow when work returns as Im aiming a very early start......... 

Fluffa was not amused by the attention he got,disappeared promptly after............................................

The New year has arrived,without an determining boundary,one day was the same as the next except I wasnt at work,I wish I was, it would have felt better..
The New  Year,what are your expectations? Is there a goal? Have resolutions that most probably be long forgotten by the end of the month? Mine will be to make it through to next Christmas,and still be sane and healthy.Oh and happy as well.
My list which is still a hope rather than an aim
1. Find a job where Im valued as a person and a team member,where I dont have to watch my back
2. Get back into sewing,I miss that satisfaction of the colours and shapes in patchwork/quilting,the nice clothes I used to make,
3. Get into my stash and create something from it,yarn and cloth
4. See more of my Friend who I miss heaps
5. Lose weight and get fitter,I doubt I could run around the block now
5. At the end make a decision about my future
Not in order of course but it gives an idea of what to persue or rather a reminder?
This Christmas has been one of the most stressful ones for some time,last year Id lost my Dad about whom I discovered more after he was gone and will always leave a hole inside me and a missing peice like my brother did,the anniversary of his going in a couple of days when, thank god I wont be here so will be afforded a little time of peace to reflect. My nightmares have returned and I spend time reflecting on them trying to read what they are trying to say.I should write a book I keep telling myself,before age takes the memories away,lol but maybe then the words I write  may be better reading too...

I love boganvilleas,one day Id love to go and stay someplace tropical where I can see all the colours,from apricot to magenta,maybe swim in a warm pool and be myself............theres a overpowering need to be with the girls in my family,to talk womens business and share common interests and most importantly laugh.Maybe that will be at the top of my list..

RED Line...............................................................................................................................................

Had a little friend keep me company last night while painting,very quick but I waitied til he rested and got a couple of good shots,didnt have the Macro one and no time to get it but I like them ,spontaneous...