Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Australia Day and snakes..

I was lucky today,theres no need to rush into work and do that liile thing I forgot though I may this arvo just to kill a few ant nests...
Anyhwo its a study day for me must use every spare minute..the older brood has nicked off to the bush,Donkey Rock to be precise,for the usual teenager party,hope none of them want to catch a snake no doube there ll be tigers there...
Western Tiger Snake | Notechis scutatus occidentalis photo
 and I hope they back on time tonight as we er off on a mini road trip too and Paddy is coming with us...
Anyhow Im researching some trnasluent works for my own project and thought I add some spot here,I end up going off on one tangent or another and find some real gems
An interesting writer with a lot of posts Ill trawl through later..
Found art!

I ll look around to see what this is,made of and history etc....
Marcel Duchamp, Genre Allegory, 1943
Wonderful things!!!!!!! Check out the dinosaur!!

And this one
Aleatoric Art

Curious to what it sound like,an unholy racket or a tinkling reminiscent of movements.
Ok Im off to play with paint and stuff

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