Friday, May 23, 2014


Yes Im still here just been busy and determined to get good marks for this assignment but heres some pics to show in meantime
 Japanese flower shawl is a bit further along than this but loving the process,never thought Id be able to crochet anything like this!
Pigma pen 0.1,ink bottles,the one on the left is actually a beautiful blue

2HB ,same bottles but with a red geranium
back soon!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oh Dear I didnt blog for a wee while

Its all cool Im nearly done with another four day break though havent done as much uni work I expected to but Im enjoying the at home status.
I got two A1s done last weekend..
 And one in willow stick,layers upon layers sprayed  in between with  Workable Fixative which allows areas to be over layered with more medium and build up tone and color. I took over 9 hours to finish the first one to the point I was minutely satified but the second was done basicllay in an hour but spent time adjusting and looking at it.
Im off to art shop again in the near future to get the matching Derwent XL Graphite tin in the blue green colors

As I want to expand on the top one with a bit of color,after I submit it for assessment, these are exercises and not really works of any magnitudes but the luminosity of the pastel one is quite taking,a touch of blue I think will bring that out further. These tins are around $40 and being a little broke at moment Im waiting before I indulge in more
In the spinning sector im busy spinning some Shropshire,have half a bobbin so far but have given it a break due to headaches etc oh study too,Ive finished the blue Coopworth,I have three skeins but not sure if theres enough for sock,there is another skein here someplace i did before but with black alpaca and glitter through it,maybe ill use it for the soles
Knitting,Ill still working on a few projects,the vomit green yellow shawl,Ill be on the down hill run with it shortly,couldnt find the black beads so going with the the opaly blue ones,the optim cowl is sitting there waiting,and ive pulled the Citrin shawl out again,so slow now Im onto second ball of lace weight taken pics as its been dark and stormy,the col hasnt set i yet though Ive needed a jumper in the mornings. The wool jumpers I bought from Woolovers has been best investment,the heavier fishermen knit could have been a small but the lambs wool one is getting softer every day.
Ok I better scoot and do some mark making... and hatching eggs

Thursday, May 01, 2014

First Day

Ive taken today and tomorrow off,with a few things getting a little difficult to bear I needed space to think for next assignment and a bit of time away from creepy was always going to be good,a bit of spinning...
Coopworth Ive had sitting literally gathering dust til I got a bit excited with the prospect of some Shropshire arriving and thinking that this was the same lol I got stuck into it,second skein on the way,therell be three al up I think enough for work socks!!
 This Ive posted before but finished second skein got them both washed a oh how squishy,I think a cowl,cabled or lace  dont know
Tonight Im starting some experimental on black paper with colored pastel charcoal

Should be interesting,I also picked up the rest of those damaged sheets of A1,I had been picking up 2 at a time but the lovely owner offered the rest at a high discount and Hubby said take as hes always got a nose for a deal,Its put me behind for other art shopping as I was hoping to get a Gelli plate but now I have enough paper to last me for yonks and when son pays me back for phone bill that will help cover it,actually itll go straight on credit card lol money keeps goung round and round.