Sunday, January 20, 2013

Knitting pics

Ok it was a bright morning so took the opportunity to gather some photos,thinks Ive posted at least one before but here goes
Shropshire on left, Churro on right

The months spinning effort ,well most of them

Batts from Etsy all done,think Honey cowl

 From last weeks update from IXchel Fibre,destined to be a thank you gift
Embarrassment,my hidey hole, there's the latest acquisitions pus spinning and odds and ends,its also my study area,its amazing I can think while there

Coopworth roving spun with glitter and tufts of black alpaca roving to add interest,this will be a knitted or crocheted bag for my new windows pad if I get one
Other than that Im busy painting bits for assignment
Not finished but I can sit back and look for a few weeks.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cool weather Woohoo!!

It was beautiful yesterday, I spent the last day of "freedom" doing a bit of watering and mowing a few lawns that had grown quite fast,we off for a few days to the coast (loved saying that read about everyone else doing it but we never seem to) so want to have the turfed areas top notch before I go. This week will be rake rake and mow rake,with mowing again on Thursday to pull into line for week after.
Mowing yesty was a big mistake however,great to planning not so good for me,I think on top of a severe allergic reaction i also got something in the outside corner of my right eye,I can feel it,its irritating and burning and so itchy, Im only taking half an allergy tablet but it still made me slink off for a Nanna Nap this arvo and now Im all out of sinc
I have three weekends to get this assignment done and so far Im still playing with transparencies

Identities,in the way of Shadows and Reflections,Ill make this a series of mixed media.
Ive got pics but not of knitting yet

And an arty one for fun
The result of three inches of rain
Ive still to do the squares blocks for Son 2 s quilt but I think Ill have a sewing night this week some time to polish off tops and then following that itll be the squares if I can spare the time from study
have to show some lawn pics,I havent had them so good for a very long time,Im hoping the Principal will appreciate my efforts

It was a dull day so they dont look as bright as they were but Im thrilled.
Oh another Dress pattern has popped up!
Mcalls 5050

And this is one of the variations/modifications that have been made, definitely getting this one...still waiting on two I ordered before. Ive already picked out a couple(or more) of nice silk fabrics from Tessuti... Queen Jaffa and Going Places and Hidden Blooms are my first picks but where could I wear such beautiful prints,this a a jeans and tee area,LOL

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rains gone and heats back

My day today was long,started at 6,blowed as much as I could nearly two tanks of fuel,then mowed enough to fill three over flowing wheely bins,then more quiet garden stuff,my clothes were drenched,the humidity was unreal. I think it was up to around 40 to 42 by feel, the water out of the tap was tepid so no cool shower when I made it home at 5pm.
Spinning.. Im working on second bobbin of sparkly coopworth,the black alpaca adds interest.
Sewing.. Im over half way into sewing the blocks together for son no 2 Quilt,
Pics when I have the energy to set it up.
It looks like Mr Willy Wag Tail is a lonely soul,no sign of Mrs W. and hes very outspoken calling all morning.Il see if I can catch a photo of him tomorrow morning.
A pic of my Birthhome.New owners have removed the old garden but left the gross palms my father insisted planting. The tall one I think is gone too,I remember the stories from older people who remember jumping over it as children.So sad.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh Lovely rain

The rain band has finally arrived here from the cyclone up the coast,this is well worth waiting for though its gone from 46 degrees on Wednesday to cool enough for track pants and sweater,great knitting weather. Im am so tired though,have had to get out at normal work times to go and unlock school for tradies,no one told me this til yesterday afternoon and the fella himself actually siad they were contracted to work ten days straight,WHAT??????? everyone else is off enjoying holidays and Im stuck babysitting..well at least it quiet.

  • On the knitting front Im on the way with body of Featherweight(will try to get a photo
  • Spinning,just finished chain plying some,hmm, thats it Coopworth sliver from Mosley Park,this was part of a Christmas parcel for 2011,in Atlantic Blue I think,a bit hard to spin but again although is quite strong its softish on the hands,Im spinning this 150 gram skein with tuft of black alpaca roving and silver blue glitterati Im very happy with it and am sort of thinking either a Window Tablet bag when I eventually get one or a newsboy cap (Camden Hat by Woolly Wormhead?),either will be good
  • Havent done any ore art work but will be doing a few things tomorrow to add to Portfolio
I have no new pics but will try to rectify very soon,all this rain and it was just too wet to get it out,the creeks through town are running so am hoping it keeps up over night so when unlocking in morning Ill go for a walk!
The new Quilts all cut out,the remaining prints will be 1 1/2 inch strips shortly,really hoping theres enough material other wise Ill have to stash dive and break open the packs I have put away for a country table cloth I want to do,been collecting for years for that one,all greens browns yellows and a few blues that I remember with plaids scattered through,must pull it out and have a look see if theres enough to start cutting.Today is really the last day I have to play as the long weekend wont be available to get a finish up on that portfolio..Im off to weight a ball to see if Ive gotten to half way point,hmm Bunny Mink!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hot so hot!

These last three days have been terrible,I worked out in for as long as I could but in reality I was developing heat exhaustion so spent a little break here and there inside where the cooler air helped,Im nearly up to scratch work wise and later this week have to edge and mow everything again,at least theres lawn to mow now,,
I have a new birdie in the grounds too well there's really two,little honey suckers that twitter and chase each other through the gum tree branches,I cant get a video or even a photo they so quick,the other on is wha appears to be a lonly willy wag tail,he spends all day singing  and flitting here and there,sought of hoping his mate is sitting on a cob web bound nest up there somewhere

from this site  which a delightful account of willys in the garden,i grew up with them and to have one at my work place is wonderful,I have one at home too and to hear the chatter in the trees in my garden now that they have matured so high is simply beautiful
AND today Im sure I heard a budgie,theres been one before who had escape from the cage somewhere,white so he wouldnt have survived,there are green ones around here but thought it was a  bit late in the season
This a lovely site too,I dont believe in birds in cages and see them free is simply wonderful
Ive gotten to the divide point on Featherweight and if I can get a couple rows done tomorrow in the cool I ll set up for sleeves and body
Ive finished that wonderful colourful gold and purple batt,will wash soon and I think the honey cowl will be the pattern
Zilch but will be cutting out son no 2 quilt Friday I think depending on how I feel

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday,8pm and its warm winds blowing

It was a reasonable day today,it was quite warm but bearable inside, unfortunately there's a warmer wind popped up at the usual time,called the Doctor Wind and its caused me consternation enough to close off the kitchen windows, the rabbits however are reveling in it so are outside sitting in a cosy spot enjoying the fresh wind. Taffy being a large lady suffered badly on Thursday to the point I had to check on her constantly under the coffee table where she was laying on the tiles.She wouldn't even venture outside that afternoon when it cooled off.
I ve had some mail
Wollmeise has appeared and oh my its a grab bag I didn't think Id get,Blue Suzanne and a rich blue one ,the name escapes me at the moment
.And the beautiful lace weight arrived from the UK ,a destash from the lovely Lindy

 Spinning news
finished the pink merino silk top
And Im halfway through that yellow purple batt
A totally fun spin,full of texture and locks, glitter and softness,I think Ill make a slouchy hat or a honey cowl!!
One more pic,? Of course!!
And and art item
Might frame this
and of course a bug

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Day 2013

Well its the start of a New Year,tomorrow will see what I will decide for the next few years,though I dont think I have a choice debt wise,buying a car usually means havin gto pay for it and having three sons in HC with in Private theres debt there too. Itll work out,I just need to concentrate on study
Painting No 1
I have a renewed interest in my home and garden though feel terribly sad this year as No2 is talking about leaving home,it means moving rooms around and youngest has his own,but the emptiness leaft by those moving out is indescribable. When no 3 eventually goes in prob two years Ill be finished my heavy study and maybe I be more accustomed to the emptying nest,and also it will mean I will then have a sewing study room too.
The heat of this last week has been unbearable at work and thank heavens Ive been able to access a cooler area,I dread the start of school where Ill be trapped outside,its this reason Ive hoarding my holidays,sick leave etc,when it gets too much I can resort to having a day off,and now I also have to be diplomatic as DH wants me to take leave and use up precious days for his time out.

Migraines has become my second best friend,well I call them that, a constant pain on the left side somewhere behind my eye,have glasses,try ti sit properly but have to use heavy pain relief at least twice a day,limit where I can as they give me tummy issues other wise. I think I need to search for anther good doctor
Yesterday being the NYE night I gave myself the fun thing of spinning that gorgeous orange purpley batt I bought a while ago to spin on Christmas day,Ive got one batt done ,on one bobbin so I hope there's enough to make a slouchy hat
Hmm Im off to find those pills again and  a nice cup of tea...
PS the above are the works I have to date,not sure what direction I will take as Im waiting eagerly for supplies to do mixed media.