Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cool weather Woohoo!!

It was beautiful yesterday, I spent the last day of "freedom" doing a bit of watering and mowing a few lawns that had grown quite fast,we off for a few days to the coast (loved saying that read about everyone else doing it but we never seem to) so want to have the turfed areas top notch before I go. This week will be rake rake and mow rake,with mowing again on Thursday to pull into line for week after.
Mowing yesty was a big mistake however,great to planning not so good for me,I think on top of a severe allergic reaction i also got something in the outside corner of my right eye,I can feel it,its irritating and burning and so itchy, Im only taking half an allergy tablet but it still made me slink off for a Nanna Nap this arvo and now Im all out of sinc
I have three weekends to get this assignment done and so far Im still playing with transparencies

Identities,in the way of Shadows and Reflections,Ill make this a series of mixed media.
Ive got pics but not of knitting yet

And an arty one for fun
The result of three inches of rain
Ive still to do the squares blocks for Son 2 s quilt but I think Ill have a sewing night this week some time to polish off tops and then following that itll be the squares if I can spare the time from study
have to show some lawn pics,I havent had them so good for a very long time,Im hoping the Principal will appreciate my efforts

It was a dull day so they dont look as bright as they were but Im thrilled.
Oh another Dress pattern has popped up!
Mcalls 5050

And this is one of the variations/modifications that have been made, definitely getting this one...still waiting on two I ordered before. Ive already picked out a couple(or more) of nice silk fabrics from Tessuti... Queen Jaffa and Going Places and Hidden Blooms are my first picks but where could I wear such beautiful prints,this a a jeans and tee area,LOL


  1. Your school grounds look wonderful, great work. I hope you are appreciated. Anything to do with eyes freaks me out, and I get itchy and horrid eyes frequently. Good luck with your assignment.
    Oh thanks for the pattern recommendation. I shall seek it out today!! Maybe I could whip one up for the hot days??

  2. thanks for sharing such a blog......

  3. how beautiful combination....

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