Sunday, August 31, 2008

A full Weekend

I ve busy busy busy this last couple of weeks,not blogging or even commenting though I was visiting other blogs, usually around 5am before going to work.

This week will be different as I did my back in and have been confined to a week in the office..eeek....not sure how that will go but will take my sock on the go for tea and lunch break as usual! Nearly finished a pair of dyed Patonyle socks ,my own pattern,sailed through last sock waiting in Doctors not only for my poor back but for Son no4 who was pushed off the playground slide. He broke a tiny chip off that hidden little bone in what they call the Snuff Box and being the child he is,(mildly autistic),hes not very happy with the confines of the cast which has be on a minimum of two weeks! Was happy with the fuss of be Xrayed!
Im a bit concerned at moment with the audacity of the school to keep placing different aides with him each day which means lack of communication between them and the lack of continuity of work laid out for him.Ive been urged to Wrte to District Office but Im really worried it may come back on the rest of us as there are other issues too such as another son not being given challenges to suit his academic ability.A request to have him transferred to another better class has be swept under carpet. grrr..

Anyway the focus of THIS weekend has been the invitation to demonstrate spinning at the Southern Cross Agricultural Show,it was a cold day tooo! I was assigned a nice big area right near the door so everyone who walked through couldn't help but see all my fibrey goodies! One lad tried to buy my Hubby's BFL socks I had as an example of how that fibre came up as a knitted article,when told how much and the time to do him a pair, he soon back peddled! The beauty of doing these sort of demos is not only only do people realise the time and effort to complete a project but what is involved as well! Did however managed to help a number of ladies And enlightened a few Hubbies as well!

What I did was to set out a selection of samples of spinning wool/roving or tops

many of which these sheep growers haven't seen before,in particular the British breeds; BFL Cheviot,Masham etc.There were samples of raw fleece to washed and carded,a spun skein showing the results,knitted articles and so on.A few wanted to know if I was selling any and would I be interested in doing so,sort of unprepared for being asked for my Business card,LOL

I set up the trusty Traddie and got abit done to show anyone interested,plied some Moorit I was currently working on and also the lovely little Victoria got to show off aittle,as I was still working on some of your Corriedale Mandie! Must finish that soon!!!!

I ve been asked to go to another Show in bout 3 weeks but the cost of getting there may be the problem,looking at a couple of hundred to do the trip! Would love to see that country though,greener than here!!

From where I sat I could see all the bins of show wool, a dreamy medium fleece from the winning ewe had me but its going to the Perth royal but the owner said later I could have gotten a bit but it had already been packed by then!

Here's myself and Pat (looking comfortable) in our spot! Next year I ve been advised to bring some salable bits such as socks,gloves spinning and knitting supplies as they would have sold quickly! I think I may take this in hand and put together a box of bits through the year.

Please notice I'm wearing my faithful Central Park Hoodie!!!!Love this cardie,warm and comfy must get another one(don't like the Rowan one want another in red Bendigo! Have to order Mums soon so will probably add some to order for me!

Will be back with some more piccies of current projects ! I'm off to finish Dads Vest and get ready to school and work tomorrow! Dr Whos on tonight looking,forward to some laid back time as Hubby's cooked fish on the BBQ so no need to fuss over Dinner!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Oops indeed,Ive been away a fair bit haven't I? But the good bit about that is that I ve been spinning heaps and knitting even more ,..And like so many others I ve been getting lost in Ravelry! At first when I joined I didnt really visit much and couldnt see the point of trawling and a record of my stash and patterns was just a guilt trip especially when I was adding even more,no, only a portion of my stash is on my stash page! I just havent the time to photo and document them but Im getting there....the same applies to the projects page,theres a lot more lurking in various parts of the house,dont get me started with the fibre stash.....

Anyhoo, on the knitting front!

  • Ive only got a 4 inches to finish the last side of my Dads Jet vest,hopefully will polish that off tonight and just the ribbing to go...

  • While in the LWS,Chezs on friday I added to stash with some chocolate Studio Mohair( to add to the pale pink lot I bought last week...),more Patonyle and some Inca and a ball of darkish blue Jigsaw sock yarn.I find it a bit harsh to knit but boy it goes throught the washing machine just super!

  • That Inca is already growing into a Crochetted scarf for my Mum as an extra when I send Dads vest over so she wont feel left out. I was asked by my Boss at work to show her how to do a scarf out of the same yarn but I wasnt sure ,just gave her the basics and thought Id try one too.Im pleased with it,a bit wonky at the beginning but a couple of flowers should cover that,LOL Im using a 7mm hook ,a purple metalic one,very quick,I did one ball waiting for Hubby I the Truck outside Bunnings.. with two squabbling boys...

  • Ive started, ripped and started a vest thingy from Creative Knittings last issue(yes Iknow all are old patterns etc BUT I dont have them) in green Zoomie,really "Zoomed" through the back last night and by 10.30 looked and realised Id made a size 4 year,hes only about 18mths so I started agian in athe 2yr old size,all guess work as its a surprise!

  • I meant to sew the rest of my Studio Mohair in blue jacket up so I could use when I take Sam into Kal for his Friends For Life course on Wednesday but things got in the way...

  • Carded up another supermarket box of Finn/Romney fleece,Im hoping to spin the last two bobbins for a pair of socks for Dad,hopefully Christmas pressie,very pleased with last two!

  • Got a pile of mags in Kal too,the lastest Spinoff,a knitting mag I havent seen before,or was that a Crocheting one,it had a amurigami Octopus in it,had to have it,the Kids were driving me up the wall and I need some retail therapy,especially when Telstra staff told me I couldnt get my new phone as they were changing over something or other and couldnt do my old sim card in the new phone there and then,grrr,#*#*# Telstra!!!

  • Started a pair of bed socks for the Under 13 coach on the way to town..

Hmmm heaps of projetcs and few not mentioned but I should be able to polish the most important ones by August end...

Back with more piccies later!