Sunday, July 06, 2014

Hello again!!!

Hello Im back,Im doing this post while I write up the criteria for my first sub of this unit
Now you can see I have yet another shawl off the needles,this one is a Morrison Merino  lime lemon lace weight i knit with two strands,it was a single ball given to me at the last Retreat in Toodyay,the lovely lass was probably not aware it had been moth eaten but i pressed on and simply joined the ends (after a visit to the microwave to kill the blighters), i did a smash up in a way of the 3S shawl,its very light so I put a row of blue black beads on the end in an effort for interest and weight,Im thinking wearing with black or white or grey.Also finally finished a pair of Alpaca mittens in a ball of alpaca I got about 4 years ago at the Southern Cross show ,the breeder was from Merridan,off the grid and abit snooty ( I think she thought I was competition as I had the spinning wheel demo job and they placed me in the middle of the blasted showground without shade) but the yarn made up from her herd was fab!!

 And I got the carder out too after washing a kilo of Finn merino

 Lastest drawings,yes they follow a criteria so no not a piece of work

 A morphed lotus seed pod,lol
 a sketch transformed into a morph of two objects a guitar tuner and pearl brooch
Warm and windy here today,after 0' nights it was pleasant change,work again tomorrow, yucky,but a least the bigg jobs done,shifting nearly 20 tonne of garden soil to new garden beds in prep for the 40th anniversary of High School in september. Hopefully back soon