Friday, October 31, 2008


I missed last week,Ive gotten down to posting every weekend so missing the last was not good...
Friday we had a massive storm pass through dumping a heap of rain which promtly run off so not as much soaked in as I hoped though where it did the lawn here at home has surged forward,hmm have to coerce a kiddly wink to do it this weekend..
This storm carried or should I say threw a pile of hail at us too but not enough to damage my car bugger,need that paint job, but alot of others were hit hard. Knocked a big tree down at school and an eave caved in with the wind etc. Son no 2 was caught walking home from the shops while I was shopping,he reckons he learnt quickly not to walk near tin rooves houses as the hail bounced off and hit him.He was drenched and covered in welts by the time he got home!

This last Friday(my day off) was also quite damp with lovely drizzly rain,not sure how much but looking at the water holes, must have been around 30 to 40 points? I spent the day in Kal waiting for my car to have a make over at the window tint place after the twits that did the door up put a tinted (black almost) window,Hubby thought we might as well get the whole car done though a lighter shade.So I spent the day trying to do the little jobs like paying bills and Xmas laybys,I got a bit wet so the hair was frizzed a bit. Dont think the lady behind me in the bank queue was very happy when I shook my head to get rid of the drops like a pooch.....OOps.

Best part I managed to find two tops,in different colours so I can be reasonably dressed for Son No 2s Year 10 Grad.He wants a lime green tux.....The worst was finally getting my car back and getting to the lovely Chezs shop in Burt st on the way home to find I couldnt for the life of me remember waht I wanted..too tired,bast daylight saving.Im on a quilting run at moment, so came out with 5m of white homespun to start that 30s quilt I bought a pile of the appropriate fabric squares for,and 8 balls of Smoothie in this colour Col 2018 (already have the dark red) for another top down cardie from Knitting Pure And Simple that I got from South Seas Knitting. They dont show the pattern I bought ,maybe sold out but theres a few new ones Id like to acquire for stash..
Other shopping included some from the Kal Woolies,out here in Kambalda our meat is now packed in Perth in containers pumped with meat oxygen,yuck and totally unnaturel for me so stocked up in town for at least a fortnight. I have to stick to a menu now to make it last though I can still buy sausages etc here...the fruit and vegies were a lot better in there too so got a few bits there as well.
Im nearly done with the last batt of handdyed polwarth/silk,want to start the lovely corrie I have carded with silk too,a lovely chocccy colour,carding it has blended the colours more evenly so the garment will look better for it. I recieved the lastes fleece from Mosely Park too,gorgeous Finn X,currently washing ti ready to store til I finish the choccy fleece. If I can keep up the pace I will have something to show for it by Winter.I know Im coming down with a bug from the kids which has been going around for at least a month,very slow to pick up but a real bugger to get rid of according the teens of the house!
On my list this week if I can remeber is to order a few things from Bendigo, I got a new pattern and cotton sample card a couple of weeks ago and would love to makethe top on its cover in the dewmelon(I think) colur and from the main stock, some 12ply Classic in tuscan for that cardie/jacket for Mum. hopefully before sale ends...

Oh one more project off the list,a wee baggy to add to the swaps parcel in the 100gram swap on Ravely,two fat quarters

And the finished product,cant find a link for the designer but will edit later when I do! I did it in an hour or so and its on the to do again list as its simple fast and very Giveable!


I must go,my right arm is killing me,RSI, backs good but this arm bit is not, not, not good,it sometimes feels like the muscle is pulling away from the bone in the upper part.Ive had this happen before on my left shin bone as a result of ReeTaeKwondo training and boy its not nice!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hey Hey hey,rollin rollin...

Im listening to Big and Rich so thats where the heading come from...
Now for some piccies...PS please ignore that fudgey bit in the corner,no idea it was that way when I took the photos...
First I finally finished the hand sewing on Mums quilt for her Bday,posted it Friday,a week late but hopefully he ll love it as Dad forgot the big day and was grumpy with her as well!! Wish I could have had a bunch of flower sent too! This a very eeasy peesy slash and sew top!Here's the close of the fabrics I used,theres 12 blocks with 6 different fat quarters(2 of each I think). This would easily make up to a double bed topper depending on the width of the border.I quilted in the ditch and I admit that it could have been abit neater but Im happy with it.Theres no quilting in the border as I wanted it to be a softer cuddly quilt. The one I did for my Nan a couple of years ago was done and it was abit stiff for my liking. It was one of those patterns where you cut 2 1/2" strips, numbered them, then sewed them together following a sequence.Mine was a heart! Gorgeous and dint take a photo,hopefully when Nana leaves us the vultures will let me have it back!
DHusbies lovely celery, and other bits like carrots and so on.With the economic troubles, we hoping to be abit more sustainable in the veggie patch,capsicums are often around the $10 a kilo mark here in Summer.Several Nickel mines have closed or mothballed and others are cutting back on staff and DH is a LV fitter in one so the future could be a bit rocky,I'm glad I'm a Permanent and the last to go if School winds down a bit!
Carrots,a field of....
And the other end where beans and pumpkin,rhubarb and silver beet live.

Now for a couple from our night in...

Now these are abit hmm rude? nearly made it to the 1st prize status but a lady undergoing chemo at present won with a top made up from the pink ribbons representing the Cancer Council but I got noticed especially when my boss practically shoved me up in front of the judges,Im normally a shy person.....oh Im busy texting my friend sitting behind the camera as we couldn't hear ourselves think for the noisy old school bus driven by Husby!!
Heres Husby with his gift for volunteering to run us old chooks in for the event,he had a bit of

fun in the end with a "cat fight"out in the bushes and I dont mean the furry kind and then the opposite later on,me thinks he may have had atouch more fun than us? We all thought that although it was a nice night "in" there was a lot of things that could have been improved,anyhow we will be putting on our own next year out here in Kambalda!
And this is our table,a few were Awol but it was a nice group and we had fun!!

On the spinning front Ive finished plying the pink and black merino but haven't got the rest of it out,must take some evidence piccies this weekend.The next little while is busy taken up making some extras for the Ravelry Swap Im partaking in,nearly finished the main item but have acouple of ideas for the rest,photos when posted!

Have anice bit of fluff coming from two of my fav suppliers and am sweating on Mandies from EGMTKs next Club!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Girls Nite In

Ive just finished my boobs and bra for tonights Girls Night In in Kal.Hubbys our designated driver in the old school bus,a bit of a slogger,the bus,he he but we will get there on this hot windy day!!
Below are my efforts,the boobs are from Knitty too...
There are catagories for the time taken for the decorated bras,I reckon about half an hour for mine but not counting the boobs at about 2 hours.....

I was lucky to find these at KMart yesty when I dropped my poor car off at smash repairs,$10 bucks on the throw out table ,a bit of fring and sparkly ribbon and hot glue gunned gems and Im away!!!! Amazingly enough I tried to get big sizing so I could pop the boobies or tit bits in but these are quite a small fit! Lucky Im a small lady in that department!!!

Have a secret project coming along nicely and will put piccies up later when finished and ready to send so the recipient wont clue in... have a few projects Im dyeing to get started but have to finish the list first..still havent done Mums quilt and its her Bday 2 morrow,ooops...

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I love holidays,I have the school to myself(with other staff for part of holidays.) But peaceful and great to watch the birds really get into bathing under the hoses and generally living it up without any students running around!

This holiday we planned a few things to do on the weekend like movies and shopping as the boys rarely get to Kal as I scoot in on my own a lot. Its easier to do the usual jobs without dragging reluctant kids as well!Sort of debating the Mummy movie or the robot one,Wall-E...

Everything was coming along well with my RDO Friday and that meant we could get to Kal and keep the weekend free for the yard clean up and maybe finish some sewing...


I was run into by a work ute outside Woollies,Ben was showered in glass when the window literally exploded over him,he was still shaking a couple hours all our holiday plans went out the window,Ha Ha. The slide door's wrecked and today(edited Friday ,just added Photos) we have to trip into Kal for quotes as directed by insurance peoples from two Smash Repairers,one of whom we have had bad reportsabout...not much shopping as obviously I cant lock the car..

I ll be without a vehicle for some time while its being repaired and as we don't want to have a spanking new door (curtisy of other driver,he reversed into me)and the rest of the car looking scroungy,we ll have to come up with money to match that as well,damn, blast and all the cursing,we've had some big bills coming in and its NOT the best time to shell out again.
Oh to edit again,around $10000 to paint whole car,its not even worth that....but about $4000 for top where sun damage is noticable..DH reackons a home job for around a couple of grand is looking great,cry boo hoo...
Isnt Duck Tape simply fantastic?
So off to Kal we go with an ever so fashionable green garbage bag for a window!
Oh this also means I have to ride my lovely red pushy to work each day, going to work, fine,coming home? its uphill! Oh well look on the bright side,I wont spend so much as I cant get to the shop and I'll be fit, but boy is my butt sore today,LOL.


Have started some hot pink merino top to ply with some black!
Will try to finish whats on the Victoria..


Finished those BFL socks! So quishy and soft,should have used less sts but Im happy with them! Please ignore one sock slightly different.

Finished dads Vest,will sew in ends this weekend and with the heat wave over there (Bourke) doubt he will wear it this year!

Stash Enhancement
2 balls of Patonyle just a lovely purpley patterned one for a gif
2 balls of Coccoon!!!!in Taupe,the company didnt send any other colours...

Oh and some gorgeous Sock That Rock from the Club..I havent gotten around to knitting any yet,its so nice in the skein though am wondering if its worth joining next year as I thought there would be more than fine merino looking at some of their last years fibre content,had hoped for at one in seacell or at least a silk mix!

This weekend I have to start a very special swap gift,have the pattern picked ,lets hope I can get it done in 3 weeks.....


Want to finish that top and at least cut out second! Rachael has some more gorgeous patterns!

I managed to redo the binding on Mums quilt and have to handsew it over this weekend too!

Gunna be busy!!!!