Friday, October 10, 2008

Girls Nite In

Ive just finished my boobs and bra for tonights Girls Night In in Kal.Hubbys our designated driver in the old school bus,a bit of a slogger,the bus,he he but we will get there on this hot windy day!!
Below are my efforts,the boobs are from Knitty too...
There are catagories for the time taken for the decorated bras,I reckon about half an hour for mine but not counting the boobs at about 2 hours.....

I was lucky to find these at KMart yesty when I dropped my poor car off at smash repairs,$10 bucks on the throw out table ,a bit of fring and sparkly ribbon and hot glue gunned gems and Im away!!!! Amazingly enough I tried to get big sizing so I could pop the boobies or tit bits in but these are quite a small fit! Lucky Im a small lady in that department!!!

Have a secret project coming along nicely and will put piccies up later when finished and ready to send so the recipient wont clue in... have a few projects Im dyeing to get started but have to finish the list first..still havent done Mums quilt and its her Bday 2 morrow,ooops...

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  1. What a floozy you are, showing your boobies online!! ;-) Hope you had fun!