Thursday, March 22, 2007


I just couldn't find time for much this week,though I did manage to get some spinning done.Its fun deciding which wheel I will use today! Theres merino/angora on Louet S10, and now cheviot on the Ashford with the Victoria lying idle in its case half full of merino! I hope to take the boys to the pool this weekend for a swim and will probably take the Vicky with me for a bit of get to know her lesson.Hopefully I won't have too many onlookers,most are used to me sitting in the shade knitting,a wheel might raise a few eyebrows!!!!
Ive been trying to round up some Icelandic roving but haven't heard boo from any of the supplers I found,maybe they aren't interested in seling to an Aussie. Just want to try a bit!!!!
Update,have replies from a couple of people and am to confirm if I can get any wool from them due to strict Quarrantine laws etc, I certainly dont want to import anything that is carrying nasties!
Im up to 5 scarves for the Mothers Day Stall and nearly finished a lone sock and the second of a pair Ive been working on for yonks,they were my portable now and then projects and at least Ill have a couple of new ones when the cold weather starts!
On the parcel side! Ive recieved the last Spin to Knit parcel from Brooke from k1p2ssk.blogger,will make that a link if I manage to get back onto here later! Hubbys on night shift shortly so will get a chance to do a bit more posting then,well thats theplan!!

The latest Simply Knitting,hope the Yarn issue is in the Newsagent in Kal when I take the boys in to see the Mr Bean Movie!

Following is a Debbie Bliss Book that I picked up at the Angus and Robertson Book Shop last week.Its a basic book that is very basic to me but for $20 it has some great edging patterns and a few good general patterns,there I think that justified the purchase,lol!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Here is the requested piccis of my "collection" so far,lovelies!

From the left is the Ashford Double Drive,Ive had this for nearly 20 yrs, its so familiar to use,I can rattle heaps out of her!

The middle is the most recent,a Louet S10,so finely tuned and a pleasure to treddle,I chose to get a single treddle as after initial trial on the Victora I found that at first anyhow I can't concentrate on getting the feet co ordinated let alone learn to spin on a new wheel(or should I say learn it habits) This Louet is however 2nd hand,I see no reason to spend nearly $800 on a new wheel with the extras when on searching, found a very good dealer in Holland who specialises in second renovated ones at 1/4 of the original price! Note this Louet has a skein winder(which is what I went looking for in the first place) and there was a set of hand carders in sale as well,kids have combed their hair so far, I doubt I will use them!

And lastly is the gorgeous little Louet Victoria.Its a gem, its has its own travelling case and in minutes can be set up to spin,just have to get the footies going in the right order!

Thats it,now my secrets out...
Ps Have my eye on a carder in the next few months and next year I hope to add the Hitchhiker to collection!Found another interesting wheel , check out the Celtic Spinning Goddess Wheel, Habetrot!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

To fello Knitters

There is a knitting post beneath greenery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Thumb

Vegie patch!
Hubby has started the Kambalda Seed Savers,those who are living in the water deprived areas have actually sent seeds to him to keep supplies of varieties going until they can continue themselves(until it rains that is)
This zuchini is the last of my spring vegie patch along with some rhubarb that I raised from seed.they are currently battling powdery mildew abd Im not allowed to treat them for fear of damaging the organic seeds hes growing ,I don't worry too much, we've gotten enough zuchinis for a while!
Stay tuned and I will bring an update of the Kambalda Seed Savers plot later.........
PS A fello Blogger who is also a fantastic gardener is sending over some Sugar Loaf seeds as I haven't been able to get any here ,sooo looking forward to growing them.....

Navajo plying

Lots has happened this week,a new wheel has arrived, lots a spinning and the weather is looking very knitterly.....
This sock which I started a while ago is the regia stretch that Yarnivous had knitted a sock with and gifted to the lady they stayed with in Merridan,WA. I loved the colour and manged to find it on Ebay from somewhere in the States.It was only after knitting with it for half a sock that I realised that there is a fine elastic strand running through its centre,very observant of me! Its lovely to knit with but I am wondering how long the elastic will last!
The next is my first attempt at navajo plying,it was learnt in a matter of minutes albeit rough,skeined,dyed and kniting started in half a day.The fibre is from Bendigo mills in amix of merino,alpaca and mohair.This was a seconds batch as it really needs to be carded again as the fibres are all over the place. Its also makes for itchy spinning as I am partially allergic to the fine dust coming off it,no problem once washed ,thank heavons. This bag was 1.4kg for $16 roughly,Hubby came back after I had already made my purchases in the Mill shop holding it high like a fish just caught out of the river,thrilled at his find.It was relegated to the back of cupboard for couple of years but finally i dragge it out and with care its like an ugly duckling.
Im rather fond of the result,its heathery and reminds me of a Jo Sharp yarn though I don't remember which one,LOL As photos show the first lot is destined to be Jo Sharp tea cosy

This is some nobbly silk plyed with BFL that looked at me and said it wanted to be a different colour and so I obliged, its a mulberry sort of varigated result with more purple berry than pale tones and looks gorgeous.Not sure where it will go or what it will be ,all I know is that I couldn't get the camera to record the colour properly.

I tried the glad wrap dye method this time,normally I just dip dye and hope it comes out the way I want!!!!

Ill be back,Son No 1 has a flat tyre and needs a lift!