Saturday, March 10, 2007

Green Thumb

Vegie patch!
Hubby has started the Kambalda Seed Savers,those who are living in the water deprived areas have actually sent seeds to him to keep supplies of varieties going until they can continue themselves(until it rains that is)
This zuchini is the last of my spring vegie patch along with some rhubarb that I raised from seed.they are currently battling powdery mildew abd Im not allowed to treat them for fear of damaging the organic seeds hes growing ,I don't worry too much, we've gotten enough zuchinis for a while!
Stay tuned and I will bring an update of the Kambalda Seed Savers plot later.........
PS A fello Blogger who is also a fantastic gardener is sending over some Sugar Loaf seeds as I haven't been able to get any here ,sooo looking forward to growing them.....


  1. Sometimes even ONE zucchini plant is more than enough! ;-)

  2. Good luck on the mildew.

  3. Zucchini is such a versatile veggie...good luck with yours!
    My GTS is up this morning...have a great Sunday!

  4. Shame, Shame, Shame Sweetpea ..Go stand in the corner unti lthe seeds are sent !!!
    Tomorrow >>I promise ..

  5. OH ...powdery mildew (you would knoow these I guess )...1 part whole milk : 3 parts water sprayed on leaf..can help can a bicarb of soda spray ...(I'd have to drag the archive for it )
    But at this time of year ..mildew is expected ...
    (when you pull out the plant see if you have a whole host of lady bugs there ,feeding on the mildew !!)
    X fingers mine havent succumbed yet ..the black jack is exhausted but the little leb zucchini is still going strong