Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Things

Gee Ive actually managed it, both the boys quilts are done but they wont get them til Chrissy,having a quiet one this year so thought a little personal touch like these would be a nice from Mum to them,its been 5 years coming and the quilts will be a bit young for them but hey they ll look great anyhow.Ill post a pic of them when I can get a one,a bit of stenth happenignas I dont want them to see them in their entirety.
The other one is an eye spy that I graded in a close to colour wash from white to dark,top to bottom.
Ben took this one,lol my new galsses do look better trhan this,theres little mauve butterflys on the hinges with a darker marbling brown purple arms.
Anyhow Vegie garden is going ok,Paddy will have butternuts soon,Id like to think they ll be ready for Chrissy but alas no,however we may score with tomotaes and the corn is starting to come to flower,didnt think they were dwarf ones so we'll see if they do any good as they a bit far a part.

Ad the whole patch...............mostly DH tomoates..just like Triffids,LOL

Taffy was enjoying the cooler evening,its getting windy with the Doctor wind coming up from Esperance,lovely at the moment,

Ive already washed and dried my new projects on the line,will cut the binding and get it ready for the next time I have a day to spare.Another assignment looming in three weeks and its quite indepth for a first sub,a lot of research and at least two pages of a report on Work And Play in the terms of art.
Cant wait to finish my next idle quilt,an Eye Spy style,a queen size topper,the binding was expensive but being my bed its going look smashing,oh the binding is a nice patterned mid green!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Well Im sitting here with no energy,I have a disgusting house,theres washing to hang from yesterday,the ones at home today or yesty didnt think to get it out and now Ill have to wash it again so it wont smell,I really would love a once a week house keeper......I rise at 5.30,Im at work at 6.30.I dont get home til 3 or 3.45 some days,and I come home to house thats not now, just untidy, but getting towards dirty as well,very heart breaking,yep Im sitting here on the net but my eyes are puffy with something,could have been the bunny I scruffed,DO NOT TOUCH FACE...why do I not remember..........
Just look at the colours on this fello!!,I may try to paint him one day

Plumbagos,I love these shrubs partly because My Grandmother grew them or should I say they were growing at Dunlop when she moved onto the place,they must have been over 60 years old then and even when the wild goats got to them they still survived til today,I hope the new owners preserve them.................
Im nearly finish the second sock of a pair of Spotlight brand ,Moda Vera in Laguna,I finding them a quick pair to do and may be putting them into a Chrissy Box,gettinga  bit behind with the gift area!Ill pop pics later as Its DAY off tomorrow woohoo!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday aLL DAY

This much I managed last night and a bit of a touch up this morning,,not happy with it but its done for the assignment!
next up is the first of a set of three paintings

Dont like the flowers,need to find a different way of dealing with them,they re too solid but again for my assignment Im happy..
The next two which Ive started are the nveiw of a tall gum looking up into the canopy,a bit dizzying really when looking at  the photo,this will be my effort for expressionism,the final will be developed off a photo I took close up of the trunk of the same gum,its got a green underhue and the texture is interesting.
Grr have to deal with a tipsy DH,so much a pain in the butt!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday continued

bugger the capslock was on...
anyhow I shall proceed no matter what...........

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Down Hill Thursday

Yesterdays pic came from these fellas..Flower caps!!

And overhead these came for a visit!

Trainee Pilots with Airforce Im presuming,they come here and practise touching landing take off! Very loud and must be hell for the shift workers trying to sleep!
arent these just goreous!!!!!!!!!!!

Wordleass Wednesday

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Alas

Oh dear,its the end of the weekend,its was a reasonabley successful one but I would have liked to have got more of the assignment done,I did a couple paintings,one a major for last weekends exercise,procastrinated all week and only did it this arvo before irono\ing all the  school clothes...
And a little one for the diary,I love this one and its was great fun to play with..
 This from a photo I took of an very interesting eucalypt growing in sandy country while we were out wood cutting,these were the fruits and the whole tree was lime green!
I havebt any pics of knitting but I doing the pocket to the Harvest Sweater and have finished that hat,if I get time Ill post as soon as!
Any jpw O have three major painting assignments to do this week plus three small works,one will be pastel,one a lino print(have to carve it yet) and the third a fabric one.Wish me luck....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Its just one of those days

The end of the week,I should be feeling glad, relived I survived yet another 5 days but strangley Im so P.... off  I cant concentrate on my study so thought Id get right away and write something instead..
Hop bush,woody Weed in a lot of arid areas where it takes over and has to be chained ploughed or biological last time I looked ( a long time ago)
Some of these have the most gorgeous colour,calyxs instead of flowers,the seed head in other words'

One of the towers around the place,this is the road to Kalgoorlie,and this one is the break through of the fault,see the purple colour?

This nice big tree was one I was considering as part of my project this week but looking back over the programme it might not be what I need but Ill squeeze it in someplace, a work in graphite is one idea with a second subverted into something abstract like using oil pastels

I havent finished the hat yet,just need to find a pair of DD needles..happy with it so far,Over half way through Harvest and last pair of soxs!
Mandies Aurora top is divine,Im spindling it happily but carefully,its tending to fall  apart but the glowing sparkles just keep coming,hopefully therell be enough for a lace scarf or shawlette.
Theres a pretty bundle coming soon from Charley,blue and yellow Twinkle bunny,yep naughty but I just had to have it,I have an idea for it already!!
The orange Halloween is still being petted,I want to know what it wants to be before I go and spin it

These flowers fascinate me,Ive collected a few photos now as they re all in bloom and with these Ill be able to paint them at leisure without having to wait for the next season

Love the colours!The shapes! Imagine this one an A1 !

Saturday, November 05, 2011


Ive procastinated too much today,the last few weeks Ive managed to do a pile each day and found myself trying to beat the clock,the garden was attacked and will be again later this coming week,I need to get the last weeks stuff out to the tip as Im about to get more crud out of the yard,the cruisers box is nearly stuffed and I havent my licencse for the Dyna,Hubbys busy so Ill just have to hope the old girl can get to the tip and back before she complains and jacks up,she needs a major heart transplant,I love her to bits and hope Hubby doesnt have to sell her...
Above "Peace" rose
Theres four roses left in the garden out the front,the shasta daisies over grew them last year but Ive cut things back the daisies and moving over further and I hope to get a Rose called "Fathers Love" to fill the gap.

Look what I found today!! We ve had a fair bit of rain and all manner of things are coming out of hiding..warning a "small" spidder is featured,gorgeous wee thing

Ive been practising my macro lense,a bit fiddly but so far worth it,will step up to a better one in the future..
And the grevillea close up,never ceae to amaze me...see the bee,I was trying to get him but like the birds they clear off as soon as I point the camera.............

And a large weavil beetle,he was trying to hide in the little pots where theres three frangipani cuttings hopefully taking root.Everything is leaping out of the ground,the lawns just taking off,the bunnies are delighted of course...

On the knitting front I need to go dig/find the box with the Country Silk so I can continue the
Cardigan so I strated that hat and this my progress so far

I started on the outside as it was thicker and I wanted the band to be firm in fit and not lacy lacy! The stash   will be enhanced a wee bit soon but have ideas for the new lot so they er relatively guilt free,LOL
Targets books will be perused tomorrow,I want to make some stuff for this week so hopefully between mowing lawns and cleaning up yard AND painting Ill get some in the oven..
Hmm off to get some work done Ta Ra@@@@