Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Things

Gee Ive actually managed it, both the boys quilts are done but they wont get them til Chrissy,having a quiet one this year so thought a little personal touch like these would be a nice from Mum to them,its been 5 years coming and the quilts will be a bit young for them but hey they ll look great anyhow.Ill post a pic of them when I can get a one,a bit of stenth happenignas I dont want them to see them in their entirety.
The other one is an eye spy that I graded in a close to colour wash from white to dark,top to bottom.
Ben took this one,lol my new galsses do look better trhan this,theres little mauve butterflys on the hinges with a darker marbling brown purple arms.
Anyhow Vegie garden is going ok,Paddy will have butternuts soon,Id like to think they ll be ready for Chrissy but alas no,however we may score with tomotaes and the corn is starting to come to flower,didnt think they were dwarf ones so we'll see if they do any good as they a bit far a part.

Ad the whole patch...............mostly DH tomoates..just like Triffids,LOL

Taffy was enjoying the cooler evening,its getting windy with the Doctor wind coming up from Esperance,lovely at the moment,

Ive already washed and dried my new projects on the line,will cut the binding and get it ready for the next time I have a day to spare.Another assignment looming in three weeks and its quite indepth for a first sub,a lot of research and at least two pages of a report on Work And Play in the terms of art.
Cant wait to finish my next idle quilt,an Eye Spy style,a queen size topper,the binding was expensive but being my bed its going look smashing,oh the binding is a nice patterned mid green!

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