Thursday, November 24, 2011

Well Im sitting here with no energy,I have a disgusting house,theres washing to hang from yesterday,the ones at home today or yesty didnt think to get it out and now Ill have to wash it again so it wont smell,I really would love a once a week house keeper......I rise at 5.30,Im at work at 6.30.I dont get home til 3 or 3.45 some days,and I come home to house thats not now, just untidy, but getting towards dirty as well,very heart breaking,yep Im sitting here on the net but my eyes are puffy with something,could have been the bunny I scruffed,DO NOT TOUCH FACE...why do I not remember..........
Just look at the colours on this fello!!,I may try to paint him one day

Plumbagos,I love these shrubs partly because My Grandmother grew them or should I say they were growing at Dunlop when she moved onto the place,they must have been over 60 years old then and even when the wild goats got to them they still survived til today,I hope the new owners preserve them.................
Im nearly finish the second sock of a pair of Spotlight brand ,Moda Vera in Laguna,I finding them a quick pair to do and may be putting them into a Chrissy Box,gettinga  bit behind with the gift area!Ill pop pics later as Its DAY off tomorrow woohoo!

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