Friday, November 11, 2011

Its just one of those days

The end of the week,I should be feeling glad, relived I survived yet another 5 days but strangley Im so P.... off  I cant concentrate on my study so thought Id get right away and write something instead..
Hop bush,woody Weed in a lot of arid areas where it takes over and has to be chained ploughed or biological last time I looked ( a long time ago)
Some of these have the most gorgeous colour,calyxs instead of flowers,the seed head in other words'

One of the towers around the place,this is the road to Kalgoorlie,and this one is the break through of the fault,see the purple colour?

This nice big tree was one I was considering as part of my project this week but looking back over the programme it might not be what I need but Ill squeeze it in someplace, a work in graphite is one idea with a second subverted into something abstract like using oil pastels

I havent finished the hat yet,just need to find a pair of DD needles..happy with it so far,Over half way through Harvest and last pair of soxs!
Mandies Aurora top is divine,Im spindling it happily but carefully,its tending to fall  apart but the glowing sparkles just keep coming,hopefully therell be enough for a lace scarf or shawlette.
Theres a pretty bundle coming soon from Charley,blue and yellow Twinkle bunny,yep naughty but I just had to have it,I have an idea for it already!!
The orange Halloween is still being petted,I want to know what it wants to be before I go and spin it

These flowers fascinate me,Ive collected a few photos now as they re all in bloom and with these Ill be able to paint them at leisure without having to wait for the next season

Love the colours!The shapes! Imagine this one an A1 !

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