Saturday, September 22, 2007

Katy My new Friend

ITs HERE!!!!

Mandie sent this over this week and Im thrilled to bits and cant wait to use it!! And that lovely thread in the bag tooo!! Thankyou ,youre a lovely person,made my day!!! I still owe you that sample of Icelandic baa baa and Ill also put in a bit of that lovely black fleece Im working on too!
I first thought to ply it(the yellow thread) with that lovely bobbin that I finished off but I will pursue socks I think,anyway I have plenty of fluff still and have am nearly finished another lot of Mandies roving so methinks perhap it will marry very well with it!!!!Hmm Ill wait and see,maybe theres a spot for me in the ringside this Sundie?

I present Katy such a precise lady.... with two worn out bobbins!

And look what I found hiding in my messy garden this morning!!!Been waiting twelve months for these to show and theres more colours to come!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Roll on Weekend

What an exhausting week,we had to make sure all the gardens were pristine as far as the roos would let us,for the Art Exhibition and then set up and mark the field for the Annual Athletics as well.All was going well more than usual as we had some lovely people volunteered to mark up the track while we did the field!

The S#%t hit the fan when we found out that the V....... surveyers had flown out that morning, but the boss and his main man were going to do it after school the night before the event,panic stations as it actually takes quite a few hours to do this job.Come 3pm I went down with our trusty line marker with a lent battery from a local buiness and we are on the way,thankfully even with the blockages and breakdown all was completed by 7pm under lights and the sports went ahead like a dream,phew!!!!!

I am so stuffed,I had 2 late days and some how sleep is evading me too and havent been able to spin,though I started another pair of Opal Snake socks for a Xmas gift but havent been near my spinning Wheel/s,maybe thats whats wrong..withdrawal?

I did however recieve a box of goodies from lovely Mandie! Ill post a picture later but it had the Precision Lazy Kate and a few parts and dye of course. Ill put it together tommorrow in between packing Hew up for Country week in Perth. Mandie put an extra goodie in too so Im hoping to spin a bit more to try this out....wonder what she has in store for us this Sundie!!!!

Oh before I forget,the Art Exhibiton was also a success and this year I put in my Quilts that Id made over time and a lot of people made some lovely comments!!! I must take some photos hopefully tommorrow,before they re all taken down!!!
Ps Sharon!! that flower in a pot under the spun bobbin is indeed my own plant and Im very pleased its flowered so well as it was an expensive plant to buy!!!!

Ill leave you with another lovely flower piccie!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Argh 'tis a Lovely Day

Edited to add at bottom of post
A gorgous day,I finished a bobbin of Mandies Lotus Blossum,very happy I am.Ill be spinning a bit of white up and dying that to match so I can knit a pair of socks with this,it reminds me of Opal Petticoat!

I havent really got much knitting done this week but plugged along on the patonyle wool socks and finished them.

Im also at the heel of 2nd Baudelaire sock,love that pattern but a my Nightime project it only gets a little while as my eyes go crosseyed with tiredness!

On the work front I was awarded my position as Senior Gardener, hip hip horray!!!!! No doubt a couple may be miffed for reasons of their own,but Im very pleased as were quite few staff(must be the cakes I bring in on Smoko days) and they gave me this!!!I love getting flowers(or any gift as we all do) but this was totally unexpected which made it so nice! Im lucky to work with a lovely bunch of persons!!!

Ill finish with a nice veiw from my pride and glory at work,an Ornamental Cherry!!!!!The best its ever been!

Monday, September 10, 2007


I was just surfing,just some innocent surfing to unwind from work before H gets home from his jaunt and demands attention(Husbands can be worse than babies....) and I came across THIS..I want to knit it ,real bad and you know!!! I would wear it to bits (next winter of course) ,honest!!! The Grandad Top.
But I cant justify the price tag for a book that I d only use for one pattern....humph.....

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A much a frogging we will go!

Sharon this is for you!!!! Would love to see a few more of Mandies tops spun and finished from everyone who has been in that weekly Sunday night crush!

This poor scarf has been to that pond 3 times so far but I reckon its safe this time round!!!

Shangri La in the personalised Old Shale Pattern,I did this in 50sts if I remember rightly to get the right width and hopefully have enough to finish it a decent length, as its probably destined to be a Xmas gift. I love the way the colours are comimg through in variations just like waves, as the pattern suggested.....

Friday, September 07, 2007

Something interesting

While looking for customer support for the Victoria I came acros this on Youtube Ive had a go at spindling but Im afraid Ill stick with the wheels,I get more done.LOL maybe Im not as dextous as I should ? but this lady had me interested as Ive never seen a supported Spindle such as hers!


I thought I better post as I probably wont have time this weekend with the others arriving home tonight sometime,I would like to get the house into some sort of order after another long week.

The greatest news ever is that I have been awarded the position as Senior Gardener,note I changed it from head gardener after the partner of a senior staffy made a somewhat suggestive comment to my husband who was furious and declared #&@ must be a fruit loop,LOL. Anyway I pleased as its permanent and providing I dont stuff up in th next 3 months everything will be hunky dory!!! Now I will have to coach my assistant in applying for that position now....

The not so great "news" is that ive picked up the virus that has floored quite a few in town but with me its all head aches(sinus,not hardly a sniffle thank heavens) and fatigue,didnt take time off but did go home an hour early for a couple of days...

Ive finished spinning one lot of Mandies Tops that I bought, Shangri-la which I ve started to knit into a wide scarf using the Old Shale Pattern, Im gambling on having enough yarn to get a decent length but as Im using singles and fairly fine I may get away with it. Hope I dont have to Frog it mainly because I dont trust singles to be very strong though Ive already undone a bit of it with little damage!!

Also in the bad news bit spinning wise, the Victoria wheel lost a bit off the base of the conrod so its now bandaged up with a bit of electrical tape to support it, I have my suspicions on how it happened and believe its a design fault. I emailed Louet North America but havent had a reponse yet. It needs a new conrod which I wanted to have as a spare anyway because of the way its connected to the wheel. Im also going to contact the lovely lady I bought it from to see if she may have a quicker response from the company,surely theres some support since it cost a mint to start with.I may have to start looking at Lendrum as a portable wheel(hope Hubby doesnt read this!)

The line points to the bit that broke off,the top half of the conrod the the flexible bit is screwd into.I hope I dont get into trouble for showing this picture of the Vicky ......

And now for some extra info on that lovely shrub that I posted about recently!

Chorizema cordata, Australian Flame pea, Im going to put a few more of these into the gardens and one day when mine is more mature Ill add some there too.... the link is of Images on Google as I found it hard to find any information on how to grow these plants that was condensed enough for linking but at least these show the variation of these gorgeous plants. I usually give them a trim back about a third after flowering to maintain a shape.The best part about these plants ,The roos havent eaten them,yet.....

Monday, September 03, 2007

Nice and Quiet

Its amazing how quiet it can be when a couple of people are out of the house! With B and P up at Kalbarri I'm only cooking for five! And theres room to move as well,less washing,I can come home from work to little mess! I miss them of course ,the quietness is a little unnerving! Wonder how Ill cope when they fly the coop! Talked to them yesderday and all P could talk about was a big blown up dead cow on th edge of the river where they boated. I asked him if he'd seen any crocs yet....silence followed by"I dont think so" and heard B say "they saw us though!".....LOL
I came home an hour and a bit early today,the virus is fast catching up and I'm a little tight feeling in the chest... hot and cold too and sluggish but at least I stayed and got a few bits done at school.Didn't infect anyone as Im out in the grounds (offsider reckons shes coming down with it too...)

The big Resume went over the counter yesterday but I'm a bit iffy about the main essential one though people who Ive asked opinions of think its great,(thanks Mandie!! Boosted confidence !) The Head Cleaner reckons Ill get the job,ha ha ha,she said shell eat her words if I didnt,LOL. I'm hoping for a phone call in the next few days,at the worst Ill be offered another 6 months to polish up the paper work,Don't want to write another one for a while.....

On the fun side!!!! A bag of Silky Green Lambswool Sock yarn arrived!!! I'm thinking Embossed Leaves socks!
Nearly finished second pair of the lovely Baudelaire sockies,love that pattern but its taken a while to get the first one done as I was waylaid with other urgent projects. This pattern is addictive and being my night time project as its so easy to memorise!!If I remember correctly this wool is a Regia Stripes? feels soft to touch on the ball and feet but I thought it was a bit harsh to knit ,though Id knit with this wool again if the colour was right,LOL, LOOOVE the colours! Keeps me motivated to get to the next change!!
Checked out Mandies dyed efforts at last,my computer refused to up load piccies but they were all gone anyway..just as well, I want to get some chocy coloured yarn on Friday, (DAY OFF,YIPPEE), at the LWS , 'need' to make a vest..was trying to save my wool allowance to get some Silkgarden from a great ebay "wish " store to make a knitty pattern that I could have used a lot during Hockey season! I have to stop ogling Mandies gorgeous stuff and stay off other sites.
On the wish list also, are the jumpers for my parents .Dads easy with classic V jumper in Spinifix? but Mum,I cant pick a colour in the yarn I want( she has a bad habit of dying her hair in horrendous reds,she wont read this so I can be honest,LOL) or the pattern that will call out to me and wont get boring..... wool from Bendy of course
OK! off to hang the washing again,still feel yuck but teas easy tonight...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fathers Day

Fathers Day and I forgot to send over a gift and card for my Dad and DH is off to Kalbarri with Son no 3 for a school camp,Hubby opened his mouth a couple of months a go and the teacher nabbed him,LOL

Should have taken a photo of them getting on bus but 5.15 in the morning when it was very cose to frost? I was busy snuggling into my possum jumper and wrapped up with angora fluffiness around the neck to think of that!!!

Anyway After I finish my resume today I going to cook some lovely bickies like those cooked yesterday for the School Camp, spin a bit(my reward for getting that paper stuff done) and hopefully have a spiining Pal come over,this arvo for chat! This week with two of the bigger peoples out of the house Ill make some headway into finishing some projects including Gift socks, the beanie in The West Coast Eagles colours for a staffy who cut everthing off for Bluey Day on Friday night, he was very shy about it but the beanie made out of gorgeous blue heirloom wool and a little yellow Country for the stripe will make his day tommorrow And finish another bobbin of that black fleece!!!

See how I go....