Sunday, September 16, 2007

Argh 'tis a Lovely Day

Edited to add at bottom of post
A gorgous day,I finished a bobbin of Mandies Lotus Blossum,very happy I am.Ill be spinning a bit of white up and dying that to match so I can knit a pair of socks with this,it reminds me of Opal Petticoat!

I havent really got much knitting done this week but plugged along on the patonyle wool socks and finished them.

Im also at the heel of 2nd Baudelaire sock,love that pattern but a my Nightime project it only gets a little while as my eyes go crosseyed with tiredness!

On the work front I was awarded my position as Senior Gardener, hip hip horray!!!!! No doubt a couple may be miffed for reasons of their own,but Im very pleased as were quite few staff(must be the cakes I bring in on Smoko days) and they gave me this!!!I love getting flowers(or any gift as we all do) but this was totally unexpected which made it so nice! Im lucky to work with a lovely bunch of persons!!!

Ill finish with a nice veiw from my pride and glory at work,an Ornamental Cherry!!!!!The best its ever been!


  1. Congrats on your promotion! This is a beautiful tree...what is it???

  2. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I LOVE how you've spun Lotus Blossom - it'll make gorgeous socks!
    Congrats again on the job luvvy :-)

  3. This photo is even prettier of the Lotus Blossom than the one on the gallery page- I LOVE it. I can only imagine how cool and fun it was to see those colours being created like that...too cool.
    How nice they gave you a bouquet of flowers! Pretty, Pretty!
    Are those Clivias at your home then?

    I would like to know the tree name as well- perhaps a flowering almond of some sort??
    Deep pink flowers like that are amazing- and they are so abundant!

    Had fun last night- wish we'd had a chance to chat more- please blog about Perth-ok??
    I am curious to learn more....wrote to you in the comments box on the other blog ( Mandie's I believe- but not sure you saw it- so thought I would mention it again, here.

    Spring is here for sure!

  4. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on your promotion, you deserve it.
    I know what you mean about "plugging along". That's what I'm doing with my knitting at the moment.
    I am still waiting for you to send me your address too. Do you live far from Perth? I hope to be in Perth next month visiting my daughter.

  6. Thanks everyone, its releiving to know Ive got it!!!
    Susan Ive sent you an email tonight with details,let me know if you recieve it as I sent one earlier,maybe the eamil I have is incorrect!!

  7. congratulations on the senior position, and what a lovely gift of flowers from your work mates.