Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Im sitting here lost,I didnt get everything done,still I didn't ring the florist to have flowers delivered to my Mums for my Grandmother,sort afraid to spend too though I could have got my Mum to buy a bunch while shopping but shes not the sort to do that,I havent posted the remaining Christmas mail,but Ill get there,I have determined however that I will make a box full of little things cards decorations and the like so next Christmas I WILL BE READY,well not really a New Years Resolution but about all I can muster right now.
Ive immersed myself in art as in last post and have nearly completed the green and purple one, Im letting it sit again before I go further.
have another idea developing which on Ill start this week as yay!!! Essay is done and dusted,will run past plagiarizer once more but Writecheck only picked up a few grammar mistakes and one sentence that was not reading well,Im getting better after three of uni,lol one more essay to do then it onto the practicals
Im trying to do a series of works that are inspired by nature,this Im thinking "Merging Reality", its growing on me.
Anyway the next one will be a sunset style and maybe if I can get out to source some photos a late evening over the local dam,dont feel like an early one to saltlake lol,one more week before work,its only just dawned me,that little flash of excitement,so many things I can do this week but also I hope to the gentle karma Gods that that certain peoples  holiday was as buggered as mine.
On the list

  1. start new painting
  2. finish white alpaca on bobbin and play/wash
  3. warp loom
  4. get more cuttings going geraniums mostly 
  5. quick trip to town for pots and mix for hydragreas and more seed repot the two YES TWO did you hear Grass boys that I got going by seed,so freaking happy and stoked
  6. get Hewys quilt out one night and try getting it done if not mostly done and if I nee more Ill have to see about ordering more fabric to match
  7. lastly try keeping house tidy
My hydrangeas the boys bought me,a great gift economical and I was over the moon

These are close up shots as Im going to try a impasto painting today....better pics when potted

Sunday, December 21, 2014

on leave

A quick note, im currently on leave as advised by my local Doctor, he was very caring and as i didnt go much on him before im a lot happier for that fact, my health is more important at moment so he given me two weeks. I hope I dont have to go down this track again....
Today I felt better and below are the two pieces I worked on , the first is done, the second is waitng for inspiration to tell  the way and what to do next.
Dusk on the Water inspired by the wonderful waters on the estuary at Munglinup.
 Merging Reality, strated with limited chosen pallet then let the brush take over, not doen yet, Im thinking black lines in strategic placement a bit like Paul Klee.
 These are gelli prints I played with yesterday with stencils, I worked more on them but the ideas there, at the bottom is my littel fishfinger with new friends, theres only four left though they like the dark and had gone in behind the filter so it was sad to only see 4 from ten left. I shifted the filter to the lit corner and put black paper on the corner they seem to like. We had blamed poor Fishfinger thinking he had eaten them. .

If the reorganised tank furnishing work Ill get some more, think a thermonmetre might handy too as these tetra s like 20 to 22 degrees so winter might an issue. I can sit and watch them for hours, very good for the nerves.
Im into a new Multinomah shawl for my Aunty, cant knit for too long as shoulders are better not that good, ten minutes of knitting and thats it.The cortisone has worked about 85% but is good if I dont over do it.  The other one is bad, the torn tendons are nasty if I do too much,15 mins on the whipper snipper and I paidfor it for two days of burning and pain. I ve been so tired and trying to work on assignment that I haventbeen back to doctors. Hopefully  he will suggest physio first but I wont be surprised if stitching it up will also be suggested.
til next time...

Monday, December 08, 2014

I here back at last

I should be reading while its quiet but have been wrapping gifts and planning the Christmas ahead, I have to write a 1700 words essay in two weeks as its due on my second sons 21st yikes,so need it sort of done by Christmas,Nature and its influence on Islamic Art,it seems the easier of selection of topics,what have I got myself into....
Been busy as usaul with art works,my lastest efforts,the first Id done ags ago and was going to destroy it in a drawing unit,layers attempt,anyhow something struck a cord so I kept it,a staffy at school,one of my fav support persons,commented if i was going to trash it could he have it,so off to Kmart and found a black frame,it look better in real life I can assure you,Im hoping he will be happy with it,have to glue it to a firm 300 gram card,wasted some darn good water colour paper but after pressing it sits nicely,he wont know I signed it a couple days ago so it actually upside down,lol
 And this one was an experiment,I did another not as well cover but I looove the effect,found a gorgeous frame for it too very like above,off to a mate too. I did heaps of prints for swaps this year,the plate lasted long enough for 25 prints,sending one to my Mum and to an Aunty. Theres a couple good mates leaving school so am giving them one each in these awesome frames,very antiguey. based a on a picture I took at Munglinup,"Banksia muziessi"
Rolling this sucker was tricky,I made it a print of four,I want one for me and another as gift but I doubt Ill get to it now since the ESSAY will consume my days from now,one more after this one and Im free I tell IM FREEEEEE.
See here I am,I spent four days alone..the boys went fishing,one came home with third degree burns,doubt hell go again,yes I found the timer again on camera,try as I might that ladder is like a blasted homing pigeon
 My beautiful gardenia is still flowering....Ive asked the boys to get me a partiucaly beautiful hydrangea from the local Nursery,things are a bit tight this year and Id love the plant as my gift this year,$18 is a great price,Ill put it in a pot down in my corner so I can keep the blue,if I plant it revert to pink,Ive dropped a hint for a work bench from Mitre 10,its $99 to put my press on,the older boys are doing better than me,at least a hint theyll spend money wisely,I wonder if that  a bit presumptuous. did a deal with Hubby I bought him a special fishing rod for $70 the work bench is near enough.Then i can get a blanket around $48,for press and try etching,did a hand burnished one last week,I can see the potential....I did grass trees,hoping to follow that idea for finals next year

 Oh and just to add an experiment i did,will follow this one up later as an addition to art journal..did a red black version like above too.
Had my first cortisone injection yesty,praying it works,retching a shoulder muscle this morning hasn't help determine its success,work tomorrow but i wont be doign heavy lifting for as long as I can,seconf should is bursitus plus a torn tendon,sounds bad? try working with it.I cant hold the hose very long so will have to buy a nozzle thingy out of my pocket,dang it...