Sunday, September 21, 2014

Warm Saturday

Rain predicted on Monday,just when I have to plant 40 pots of petunias,well at least Ill have time then to rake the grounds in time for the primary school 40th celebrations next Sunday, Ill be at home finishing off my essay though I hope to get it done tomorrow and then polish during week,
On study front I currently have 689 words out of a possible 1700 words done,I should get to a thousand tonight,have a conclusion roughed up so in theory around 500 to find tomorrow,im not really confident Im on right track but when i read back it sounds ok, Plato? well need I say more,beauty in the eye of the its far more complex
Spinning: plying last of that lace,this bits the hard part,its breaking easily and theres no more room on bobbin so plying as far as my hand can reach then manually winding,about 15 metres to go? I had to get satin ribbon yesterday for presentation of baby blanket so i get pics before I post,handing to deputy on Monday si while there ii got two more balls of royal.This page,the one with lime green init,it will be mittens for someone at Christmas, looks divine in the ball thinking this pattern

or this one

both are ten ply but I thought I could modify them,these a gorgeous orangey color there too so might get them next time,I do have another pattern that mostly ribbed,being a multi colored yarn,it needs to be a simple pattern
Also Dashing too.which looking at it would be the better pattern,seeing I love cables too

any how here we go some pretty pictures and some of the work Iv been doing

 theres a pergola going in in front of this garden bed right where Im standing it ll will hae grevillieas and ground covers to one side so a creek look runs past the left.
 very first Madagascar periwinkle
 Azaleas,so bright
 and this tree never fails to bring a smile,they are quite bg and the tree had such a load of flower and seed pods I think it will lose limbs soon

I have a feeling this week is going to be a bit rough,Labour Relations are due soon.will be interesting to say the least but on the up side Im picking up a massive pot of hippieastrums from my fav Nursery,apparently it was an abandoned pot at the back the lovely girl brought it ut and gave it some royal care and bingo,flowers galore and bit like this but a few more bulb,excited pocket hurt a bit but it made me happy,next treat is a few water colors from Eckersly ,the new desert colours.

Sonatini Hippeastrum Ballentino

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Feeling up there!!!

Im over the worst of that flu,it was a nasty one,Im still tired and need a good nights sleep but soon Ill be back at it,I found for a few days I can get up at 5.15 and spin some before getting son no 5 out and his lunch made,Im sometimes well mostly not late for work but I can work back to cover that,in that time I get some me time for the brain to recover,
currently working on an essay involving Platos principles pertaining to Beauty,Ive chosen Dobells controversial work of "Sir Joshua Smith",1943.oil on cavas.

William Dobell,“Sir Joshua Smith”,1943,(Australian,1899-1970) oil on canvas,122x81,Art Gallery NSW, reproduced from Art Gallery of NSW,  (accessed 14/09/2014)

When I first saw this I thought .wow what an undecidably ugly unattractive painting but it has grown on me and I can look at it now and enjoy the process. Anyhow I have to discuss its beauty according to Plato,Im enjoying this but boy its difficult to understand Plato as he or rather the scholars who are discussing his ideas, talk in riddles,just when I think I have a clear understanding,I get lost,because it is a 3rd year essay I have to get it right...
anyhow nearly done with baby blanket,on the fifth bobbin of Finn,the other fleece is sitting there looking at me and I hve feeling its going to wonderful o spin as I washed a staple when it had arrived and I spun it into the current finn/corrie lot last night and wow its wonderful really soft and not as downsy as this current fleece.
so Im not much ahead in projects but Im enjoying not pushing,I have started a pair of socks in some merino from I think loyal? or cleckheaton,in variegated Blues,Birthday for Mother if not done then Christmas gift for someone,havent balled up the yarn from Mandie of EGMTKS either,a shawl and socks there too,I think Mandies shutting her shop,so sad but her new ventures look great and exciting.
Anyway I missed the best show of the wild flowers,too sick to go out but a few pics of the better side of my yard,Hubbys got stuff everywhere,one day ill have my beautiful flower garden back,oh and Bunny decided the new azalea I put in is yummy,its trying to flower too,so better get some chicken wire up
 the only vegies I have at moment,have cut old garden back will soak and finish this week to plant zucchinis,spring onions and lazy housewife beans,only useful vegies this time,water cost too much

 The pig face I knocked a cutting off from the BP servo,lol with permission of course
 Big Red soon to be chopped back and heaps of cutting potted,Big Pinks just taking off,the orange one and a bouble white too,when Hubby gets all teh shop gear off front verandah Ill have at least six flowering geraniums, heaps of flowers coming and going,
" Thunderstorm" eromophilia

 yellow eromophilia

 Western red bottle brush on its way to a magnificent display
 beautiful display of Geraldton wax or tea tree,secong is dying back on the left.
 the blank spot Im waiting to add a burgandy tea tree when I can find one,poor sick kangeroo paw there too.

The promise of color,needed the big clutter is trim back this year,a bit of careful work there,loads of thorns involved...
Oh did I say I missed out on Ixchel Fibres Ronadlsay Fibre this week,no time but would have like two of the blue orangey ones

Friday, September 05, 2014

Well Im behind...

Yes,this dreadful disease the boys brought home has been the pits,fatigue and simply "summer cold" type that went on for 5 weeks til the major sinus stuff took over,its taken to my chest, I have crusty eyes at night and they even start running at times during the day,no voice,the boys think thats funny,seriously I haven't been this ill since my baby was 1 months old and even then it lead to a horrid turn at mastitis,the doctor told me it was highly likely the infection was blood born and end up in the milk ducts,terrifying as previously I thought breast cancer was coming my way. Anyhow I vee been on non penicillin ,Riximyacin I think its called,but it took a good three days to kick in,I still went to work,I still run my sons to and from mine bus 4.20am 65ks to Kal then back go to work then back into Kal 65Ks to pick him up,he hit a roo in other car also my little Rio was it,and no way was anyone else driving it,yes mad and now just simply exhausted,btu on the up side I can read now,still a hacking clumpy cough but eyes are better,hes got dream car,a black Holden Colorado,he s going to be broke for a while but Im happy as hes not going to the defence force now.
Last night I read the first one and a half chapters of text book before a major (to me) asthma attack scared me and ended study session,Doctors roused and even when i came back with son for his turn of more pills he sternly roused again,MUST TAKE PREVENTER, yes I hear you,wasnt real keen o this bloke,one of those foreign types you know,difficult to understand,but Im slowing warming to him,his mate I avoid ,both Egyptian I think,I do hope this one in particular ends up a valuable as the last Indian Doctors we had,they were almost part of the family.
I haven't obviously done too much more in knitting etc though a little bit of spinning has seen that rainbow top almost there,an hour and itll be done I feel,the baby blanket is waiting for that extra ball to do the last of the lace edge,not much more on sons first sock but am very happy with the result sooo far.
I have two balls of White Gum wool arrived,in a lovely dark red and a stormy blue,destined to hats for Hubby and myself,hes insisting on wearing the ratty possum one,so glad summers appearing,gives me more time to get these projects done. White Gum is beautifully soft and I love the story behind her wool production.
Ive dug out a couple other project I hope to finish too,handspun,ones a shawl Ive designed myself in denim blues,the other is the leftover from a merino top won as part of a Christmas package,the sock I did are my bed socks now,so soft and warm

the next project is mitten with beads,finally found those in another bag so that project is sitting here waiting. I still have to ball up that green sock wool too,one will be a travelling woman shawl now one socks and the third i dont know,Christmas is getting closer,so I should get moving, I did spy some interesting baby wool in local shop which came home also socks for end of year.gee the list gets longer....