Thursday, March 30, 2006

Out of Dye Wool!

Here I am again with a 'normal' post to show off my lastest dying efforts!

remember this.....

well here is a finished sock,I couldn't be happier! It is lovely to knit and each row was exciting to see the pattern come out!
These are bound for a lovely person at school who has gone on holiday to Vietnam and doesn't know about them,so I have to wait for her return to present them!

And here is a close up of the colours that are pretty well in a stripe pattern of about 2 1/2 rows.The next one I hope to try to imitate this colour but have broader stripes.

This another similiar one but the colours are more defined and richer.I had to cook this for nearly 20 mins to get it to soak up the last of the dye(water to be clear)but it looks good.

This is the skein rolled up to show the colour more!The last photo is of the yellow/blue/white combination ,that looks fantastic.I would like to try the Gaywool dyes next to get the colours that I cannot mix with food dyes that I have found to spit up a bit at the edges (bits of blue coming out of the purple etc).
See how I separated the white wool with an oven bag (I finally found a use for the ones I bought at Xmas),and used small containers sitting in a large one to prevent spillage in the microwave,and
easier to handle when hot!

The blue is Way Cool and Out There ,can't wait to knit it up.
The best thing thing is ,the sock I have just knitted hasn't used as much wool as I thought ,so I may have enough to do another pair even if I have to combine with a solid colour!
This is way to much fun!
cheers for now!


Well here I am with my WIP post and really I am shocked as I thought I had more ,probably do but DH is on night shift and I can't access my hiding spots!

Here they are!

  • my youngest sons yellow,green and blue socks that are stalled at moment
  • a pink rolled brim hat from homespun wool
  • the first sock in handdyed corredale
  • grey ragg socks
  • pink patonyle fairisle socks that I love!!!!
  • a fluffy scarf ,pink again,the first of a few for the mothers day stall at school,but not the same colour!
  • and a Zivargo throw that is also stalled as I cannot get into the pattern even though I finally understood it after Frogging 4 times......
  • not shown is a maroon Merino and Fur jumper,half way through last sleeve
  • DH dk blue Merino/fur jumper sewing up stage (does that count)
  • dk purple mohair lace tunic ,my design from Bendigo Mills special,worked under $30 for jumper
  • mult coloured blanket for no.3 son
  • blue/grey socks for my Dad
  • lovely rust coloured Country 8ply socks also for my Dad!

Well how does hold up with everyone else's WIP's

I think I have probably the same or more projects yet to be put into" Progress"............

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I have managed to gain control of computor to make a post.
Sunday is my day to do these posts as giving myself a deadline helps to plan the weekend and somehow I cannot sleep in Sundays anyway.
I was woken several times last night with the local boys partying on, after their Footy match(think it was their first or second game of season,held here in Kambalda as it would have been a lot quieter if they had played in Kal!). Having a group of highly enebriated up to twenties aged peoples racing around the street doesn't help for a good nights sleep,so I will be having a catnap later!Might watch the ABC Gardening show at midday and drift off for a while!

On the knitting front I have only to close off and make the pompom for the Kogo beanie! Just enough to do this too.
I was in Kal on Friday and forgot to get another lot of wool to make another to send back with this so I will email them to see if they mind waiting a bit longer so I can get the wool in couple of weeks!
I would like to make a different colourway though so it doesn't get boring, maybe navy and pink! does anyone have any ideas as I have boys only ,I don't really have a feel for what girls will wear colourwise, not little ones anway!
This wool was beautiful to knit with and I am really glad that KMart have decided to boost their stock as Cheryl at the LWS doesn't stock Totem though she has Cleckheaton.

I didn't buy the Country Silk book at KMart as I would be tempted to buy from Perth and if the LWS isn't supported (she isn't a bad price wise and anyhow I love to feel before I buy!!!!!), she will close.Everytime there' s a conversation about craft etc I urge everyone in the group to try Cheryl as many don't even know her shop exists ,(the only Wool shop in Kal)!I spend so much of my time reserved for "personal" shopping,re wool and patchwork,I haven't even made it into the bead shop I have been told is across the street from Cheryls(but I did see it as I wizzed past Friday).Stitchmarkers are on my list you see and buying them is not on! as they look fun to make!

I 'm making progress on the pink Patonyle socks but have to check pattern as they have a calf decrease somewhere and haven't been back to book to look but have a nasty feeling it said twenty rows then decrease and I've done more than that, sitting in the Doctors Friday(Dr was very curious about what I was knitting,and there were a few looks from other patients too,LOL)

That visit won't be forgotton for while as he found a lot of pre cancerous sunspots(12 I think) ladies wear your hat even if you look a dag.Mine most likely are from the years I spent chasing sheep and cattle as well as in recent times watching kids at their school sports!My poor nose,and now it looks like it may have a little infection, bugger,I don't like my nose as it is, now it looks or feels even more promiment! Was thinking of taking a day work tomorrow because of the dust but I will see how I go.Normally these burnt off sunspots blister and the last thing I want is nasties getting in there!

The latest of the food dyed wool.This time I've tried to get the stripes that you find in the other sock wools,and the technique is in the length of the skein.
This one was about two and half metres long,though it doesn't look it here,(wound around two chairs across the loungeroom,and had me dizzy by the time I finished)
* which roughly a third was dipped in a mix that was suppose to be dark purple but more like dk mauve,
*a portion roughly the same length was sealed in an oven bag(I eventually found a use for those I bought at Xmas) to try to keep it clear of dye(a little seeped in but on the whole it worked) ,
*then I dipped the other end into the bright pink colour.

The different colours were left in small containers and the white oven bag rested on the edges,the whole lot in a large dish and into the microwave it went .I did the whole thing wearing a sparkling white tee(new too!) and not a splash on me(came close though!!!!!)
The wool was cooked for five minutes and after dribbling some vinegar over the exposed bits to keep them moist,(hot dry wool can catch alight) back in for another five to make sure!
Next time I am going to do a blue green colourway and will be more
prepared and will take a photo record of what I did.
This lot had been soaking in vinegar for five days but I couldn't get to it .The kids always want to help and this time it was too fiddly,so tried to do it before they got home from school.I was held up during the week as Kids wanted to go to pool,bus left oldest son behind in Kal ,so had to travel 68km in to pick him,worked late another time and heaps other things just simply prevented me getting to it.
Think of me as I try to wind this very long skein in to a ball.
Its corredale wool that
came from the Hawthorne Cottage via her Ebay Shop and bought in a huge 500g skein(I bough 500g and recieved another 100g free as a deal) which was fun in itself to wind into 100g balls which I then wound back into a 200m skein to get enough to make a pair of8 ply socks.The lady a HC sells the kits for hiking boot socks using this wool so it should be good.I will try toe up if I can find a good pattern as I don't know much about short row heel,if I chicken out it will be a simple sock pattern instead!

Well I went to Check out this morning so decided to have a go at Wipe out which is where you post a photo of projects OTN at that moment(or close to) so it gives others the urge I suppose to complete their ownUFOs? Anyway 31st March is the day/night,it'll be interesting to see how it goes!

PS wonder if it also means those sleeves that have been sitting there since last winter!

Ta for now

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I have recieved the last of my Ebay loot that I won,must restrain from anymore until end of April, unless its needles or patterns, I will allow for that. A nice pile of Flipside>a ch. blankie, Balmoral alpacca> not sure! jumper/cardie for me, and most appreciated of all, patonyle pink patterned sock wool!! Its gorgeous and I have already started!!!!!

I want to get Cheryl at the LWS in Burt st Kalgourlie to hold an ammount of Country Silk but she doesn't think she'll be getting any more orders for a while as BAD publicity for the street has turned a few customers away!!!! Horrible person/s put in complaints that it was not a good place to shop because of the behaviour of the street people.Be buggered if I can see what they are on about, as I have never had any trouble !

Back to Country Silk,My diet doesn't include a layby that is payed after April! But it will be secret womens business as DH is not to know....... But I can't decide which colour! I really like the ruby pinky one but the green appeals as well! If there was a dark rich blue even purple there would be no problem!I am wondering if I could use another pattern to those using this yarn as I don't really like any of those in the book but I will buy the book anyway.KMart acually have the book but not the yarn! I might get the book there but want to buy the wool from Cheryl as she is fanastic and allows layby etc and I would like to sussort her where possible!

I am moving along with a few projects but because I have a few( quite a few actually) going, a row here and there, doesn't account for much movement toward finishing any but I like a bit of variety! A change of colour and needle size is as good as a holiday!
Here is the thick and thin hat that I haven't gotten back to,its very heavy so not sure if I will be able wear it,maybe a gift?

On the dye front there is a bucket of white wool being soaked in vinegar ready for tommorrow when hopefully I can throw it in the dye pot to create what I hope will be stripey socks.
I unwound a huge 500g skein and balled it into 100g balls which I then reskeined into a very long,about two and half metres skein so that when dyed it should yeild stripes. It will be interesting.This technique I saw on a fibre persons blog last week and have hopefully adjusted it to suit 8 ply.If it doesn't work at least I will have half and half coloured socks!!!

This is picture I have picked for a quilt for no4 son,I hope to do this shortly(not going to promise a time here) I already have the yellow and charm squares just need a nice rich blue and I can start!

I have enforced a YARN Diet as I have put myself in debt for a lot of money for a new HUGE oven/stove,(900mm wide) and a 7 kg washing machine from Retrovision and its laybyed so I have be careful. The kids have been coached not ask for money and stress me out but it hasn't stopped them. The oldest wants to go to Esperance for Bike comp this Saturday, and had he worked at Woollies last weekend he might have had a chance by paying for fuel but alas the poor boy didn't! Now it seems another maybe getting into Hockey so we will see how we get along! At least DH didn't chuck a mickey so I should be fine so long as he doesn't decide to spend up too.I think I did well as retrovision only Layby for 30 days and I got 60 days and I am going to try for a couple of extra weeks just to see if I can.I also got away with a smaller deposit too, yippee,though I think They were desperate for sales......................

Any way I did have a heap of links to add today but I have limited time as boys need picking up from school so it will have to wait for another day, and I really have to weed my flower bed,will take pictures to show my efforts!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Fun Sunday!!!!

I am back again, I have managed to finish a few things,mainly because they are for gifts and also I needed the needles for other projects......
The weather is fantastic here today,it was vvvery hot on friday,my day off which I spent going to Kal for a haircut and on top of other jobs, hunting for a new washing machine and stove!
The stove is on sale for $1895 and is a nice big one that I will be able to turn out lots of cakes and bickies for the growing hord of kids. Now I have work out the money for the big sucker and convince DH that it is worth the money.I think I will let him have his fun and and try to bargain the sales lady down to the 20% mark he insisits they can do.I doubt he will have any luck but he relishes this sort of thing.Hes not used to losing either,LOL.The washing Machine a cool $845 and a 7kg ,he didn't argue about that,how to get both is going to be a stretch, a forced yarn budget!I am going full time gardener in April and I am hoping to meet the monetry demand with that.We always seem to fluke things somehow......

Here is the wool from the Kogo (knit one give one) that I found on the Patons site. I will finish these items , a beanie and a scarf and post them back Vic for the group to give to kids in need.
I was surprised that they sent quality wool as originally they suggested yarn that didn't need too much care.
I haven't knit with Totem for years and am rather looking forward to this project.I did notice that Kmart s range of Totem is rather dull and wouldn.t call these colours above Aussie Green and Gold, must check other yarn shops to see this seasons range! Anyhow Kogo have requested the Aussie colours to coincide with the Commonwealth games so will put in effort to complete quickly!
I dicovered that K mart are stocking a bigger range of yarns not just the dreaded A's either,so will grab a couple of balls each time I am in there and keep knitting these beanies for Kogo and hopefully will be able to do extras.I suppose it warms the heart to give a little like that. I will post photos of efforts and the details of Kogo later.
Here are two UFOs done,well baby socks were a quick diversion but the grey ragg wool one is only and I hope the 2nd will be done in the next couple of days.
I absolutely loved doing these baby socks ,quick,very little wool so great for left overs,and a very useful gift.
I bought some alpacca/ wool off Ebay and am hopeing they will also be good sock yarn,sacriledge but there was only 10 balls and I don't think there is enough for a jumper for me!
And really too good to make kids jumpers with.I think the colour was dk blue grey so should be nice!
I was rather surprised to find some bargains at Kmart on friday besides the Totem ,Inca to name afew which were cheaper then elsewhere but they actually had a box of goodies including the Patons Pearl needles going out at $2 to 4 a pair. Apparently they are stocking a differnt brand of Pearl by Birch,not sure what they are like so will get a pair next trip to try. I did find enough yarn to start on the Mothers Day stall scarf stuff,Patons Feathers ,Velverteen at $2.50 and a couple of other yarns that I haven't tried before with missing bands. I know that these are Acrylic but they sell like hot cakes at the Mothers Day stall and are so easy to knit I reackon I could do them in my sleep,LOL......

And here's Ellies socks drying outside ,I washed them quickly in wool wash and soaked in Comfort as they were the Perendale wool that was on special at Cheryls in Boulder,but I didn't realise how coarse they were until I started knitting them.Elly loved the colour so I offered them although they were an experiment and I think I will do another pair later just for her that are softer and nicer! (PS Elly is No 1 sons better half)
These are the food dye ones I did ages ago.I really need a skein winder as I have heaps of Hawthorne Cottage white wool that I want to dye and hand winding off a giant skein is not going to be fun so has put me off.(always another project that is easier to pick up)
Ebay rarely has any and those that pop up, are snapped up for ammounts that I think I might as well buy a new one, direct from Hawthorne.$65 isn't much if I refrain from wool buying for a while!!!!! and I am suppose to be on a yarn diet according to DH.

What do you think of this ,isn't he gorgeous,who ever took this photo did very good job of timing and I had to share it with you.Have a look at for heaps more wonderful piccies of cuteness in abundance.

  • Well I am off again to try to finish list of things to do that I told Rachel earlier and I'm not doing too bad....but I think the quilt will be a promise next weekend!
  • *So far meat loaf cooking
  • *narnnie cake done
  • *washing nearly

*Dh about to go to work

*Kids have pulled out of their Martial arts training tonight,lizard watching more fun especially when you've pinched Mums camera!

*and I am about to mow the lawn that No 1 SON was suppose to... Oh Well

Cheers ........

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Okay ,I have time to show a couple of photos( I hope) .

The purpley scarf at back is a Tufty yarn that cost $25 to try(shhhhhh,DH doesn't know!)

The silvery and pink ones are for the scarf thingys ,Mothers Day Stall at school,

The orangey one is the Zivargo shawl wrap for best friend(its seems a bit loose even though I am using 5.5mm not 6mm as in pattern,

the greeny blue are baby socks for my work partner who is expecting in mid Spring,(I intend a baby blanket from Creative Knitting using cream as main,with purple, dk green and mid blue for stripes),

And the rustic brown red are sock for my Dad(first one).
So I have been busy even if the projects are little boring in colour etc but for a tired brain they are great!

Bady footies,hand dyed with food colouring,free pattern,will find link later!

And here is grey Rag Wool Socks ,love this wool but haven't been able to find anymore!

And the Zirago shawl that is causing head aches but I think I may the pattern sussed now especially after recieving encouragement from a lady on the Derwent forum site where I went thinking Creative Knitting may have stuffed up the pattern!

Well thats it for now I hope by making this entry I may have the mental stimulation for get a haep done so I can show some sort of progress,
To those who made comments on last written post,Thanks for the welcome!!!! and hope that next time I am bidding on Ebay I don't jump on the same items as you do(I might spend too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Cheers Cathy

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Well it could be a record but I thinks it the long weekend as I feel more energetic at least in Posting!
Haven't got long as DH has decreed that I shall be given tutorials on how to learn, to learn to operate a BOBCAT,,,,,,(read that as written,his words).
We have spent all Saturday cleaning up our front yard and I have been told it is perfectly okay to start planting but I want to lay the relic first and also put in a automatic system.

Here he is! digging out the stump of a cotton palm that we cut done 2 years ago!
I wonder why people plant these trees in the ground in a position where they are a right royal pain in the butt. and ugly as.This palm was about 11 metres high and past its "nice"look.

And here is the result of about 6 hours of digging and fiddling around.
Have to go, boys need diesel,and I am the chaufeur, so will be back......................

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

just a quickie

I haven't disappeared,just been so much work,great for pocket but not for other things.
However I have been knitting or I should say starting new things.I must capture them altogether so you can see the dilemma I have ,when picking what to pick up and work on when I have a moment .
A lot of my projects are the Mindless type as when I have only moments of Knit.on.The Run type of thing then they have to be the plain boring ones .But at least I am knitting.
I am filling in for the Head Gardener at moment as she is taking time off and I plan to teach my new offsider gardener,Deidre how to knit! Shes a fantastic person and I really enjoy working with her! So will be endevouring to set up a kit for her shortly!
I was fortunate to score some Ebay pressies for Me:

  • Pink Stripey Patonyle 4balls( sockies for me,and Mother)
  • A Bundle of Green Flipside(a blankey for one of my boys,scored a green lot a while ago),
  • And $ 13 for a PILE of Balmoral( Sirdar) wool/alpacca which acually looks like Ragg wool which I have been looking for since starting a pair of socks using Scheepeswool Ragg Wool(not sure but it was a steal)

I was wondering if any of you girls in the blog world might have been trying to get these as well but rest asssured They have gone to great home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to get these though as I am going on a strict diet in April as I am desparate for a new cooking instrument and as I am head gardener for the entire month, I am detarmined to get My New Stove ,a huge 900mm wide colossis that will reign supreme in my crappy old kitchen until we work out how to fit the New one fitted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do need to collect at least 4 lots of sock wool for Presents for work associates, so am hoping to order a few skeins from the Knittery just have work out the colours!

The other project is the baby blacket in the cream, mauve, forest and blue stipe that was in CREATIVE KNITTING ,think the spring edition, its only 80cm square or thereabouts but it will be easy to make bigger.Again a gift ,I always seem to give my things away but its great to see the recipients face!!!!!

Well I have to go pick kids up,but will be back to post again shortly with some pictures!!!!!