Saturday, January 27, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Green Thumb Sunday

This is what I was up to last Sunday!

These are Cymbidium orchids that were originally in a large pot with many bulbs either dying or on their last legs!

I divided them up using the old general rule of a leader bulb with a shooting new one and at least two to three old bulbs to back up. I even potted up any that still had colour just in case there was chance they could shoot too(I can't stand to through out plants If the is a chance of survival).

Now I am waiting eagerly to see if they(any that is show signs of sprouting new roots .I used an orchid growing mix that came as a bale that was mixed with water in barrow to expand it to 60 lites worth of potting mix)It has fertiliser added but really when instructions say to pour off excess water,where was this soluable fert go? I made sure it was the bare patches of the lawn,and its really taking off,LOL.

This is my other half of the growing orchid collection that I am acquiring in anticipation of an out door court yard that will lead from my lounge through a future glass slide door. Its a large window now so it won't be hard.I intend it will be enclosed either end(its at present where the car is parked) with shade cloth frame and a few sheets of green fibre glass over door way to protect against rain (though rare here). A private hide away where I can enjoy the few plants that I collected with my morning cuppa(in a pot of course!) and are presently not happy where I am "boarding" them !!I digress.

These orchids are : two front ones ,again cymbidiums,a pink and a yellow one picked up as babies from Bunnings, repotted with others but with the more expensive humous style mix(no fert!) and the rest I bought from a Queensland grower last winter,"Florafest".

The others I think are Oncidiums,Miltonias and I think a Beallara,.these have arange of colours and are relatively small growing vigorous flowering types.I try not to visit their site too much as I see another I want!!!

In addition I hope to add some high coloured Bromellaids and a few ferns,I have always loved maiden hair ferns adn would love to have afew rabbits foot ferns as well,the list goes on......

Monday, January 22, 2007


I arrived home from work at 1.35 pm,yep managed to avoid being sucked into helping a tradesman find keys for a job he left til my knock off time to arrive!

  • played with the new steam mop,its fun,don't think the floors have been this clean for a long time

  • quickly tidied up what dear no3 son hadn't done

  • grabbed a drink and headed for the computor to se if there was anything interesting!

  • one mistake,I left some wool sitting on bed from last night,new sock started as I checked email,

  • Mistake no 2,took another project bag to pool,where I started another one(I was actually working,shhhh,had sprinklers on at Kindy across the road from pool,do one 20 min pattern repeat,shift hose{retic control box died and haven't been game to put new one in yet}..
  • probably the biggest one is me sitting in bed with my cuppa before sleep and looking at me is 240 litres of yarn,you know I can see all the colours,I don't count sheep,no....balls...of wool of course,LOL

Anyhow this is result...

Forgive the squiggly lines,I also learnt to edit pictures so my notes didn't go world wide,thats if many people read this,LOL

The sock is in Holiday a lovely pale dusty blue witha tan tweed affect through it, the pattern is the ribby one from Cleckheatons site and Im adding two cables down the side.

On top of these projects I also started another sock in Stretch Regia,love it, and if I recall,Lynne over at Yarnivorous knitted it in Meridan? and gave it to the lady who hosted them on their stay.I fell for the colour and did a search and it was mine!!!!!

The washcloth(can't call them dish cloth) is in a lovely varigated blue,yellow white Sugar n Cream that was part of a box I bought from an Ebay lady in the States(going back there shortly)

The pattern is one that I found recently and will add as a link when have a bit more time,its intrigued me and with no picture,I managed to conquer it by instruction alone(those who know me ,know that I often need diagram/pictures of finished item so I can read instructions) H claims I am dyslectic and colour blind,uh,WTF!!!!

Anyhow,its sitting there as I speak waiting for me to undo back three rows where a lonely st was accidently left behind.......I don't feel guiltly at all with these new projects,ha ha ha ha .......

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Colours galore

Caution Photo Heavy.....
This week is going to feel very change as the oldest son and Hubby have flown away to Sydney for Son No 1 to compete in the Monster BMX Games there on Australia Day.They went early as Son convinced Hubby that he wanted to get some practise in before the big day! In theory this is great but yesterday they found out that BMXers only had short session times where they could use the facility anyway(tonight its 6 to 10) in the big city I would question even my H in being out there!So far a basic motel room without aircon. on arrival hasn't made for a good start!

A bit sh**ty about H going really as I had planned to go with S and leave him with his team(so he was with a group) and go out to Dubbo to see my Nan who I have been told by family there, is going down hill(shes in her 80's) and now I can't see myself getting over for at least till end of year when I will have the whole family to contend with.Besides I would loved( for envy) to be there to support him and cheer him on....

Trying to yarn with Nanna about the family history that so far she has only told me about(bugger I didn't have a recorder ) with at least 5 bored boys is not going to happen. Funny thing is that H tried to get me to take his place a week after my boss went on holidays and it was impossible to organise leave(lost my assistant in that same time span) and HE even tried again on the way to airport,I had the clothes I was standing in? God Men!
Me being the usual "get the best out of time" thought he could have organised the cement for the verandahs in that time off from work(staying with kids had I gone that is) as he has declared that he will lose more holiday days hes acrued when I was going to fly over! He even declared that He is not staying here with the boys and will take them off for a trip somewhere while Im gone.Now I am stuck here with boys as for:
1 I have to work
2 I don't trust my car to get us anywhere worth going to anyway!
Well I have had my whinge! I might come back at a later stage and wipe it but for now it makes me feel better to say something..........
The one thing on the horizon is the promise of getting a new wheel called the Victoria by Louet
for just under $1000 landed here its a far dream considering I now have to budget for a loan extention,house reno's,new kitchen etc but if I can put the money away I will reveiw if I really want it what ever the result I will have successfully saved a goodly amount of dollars
Well, heres some knitting content....I mean wool content..

From this ...

To this!

A close up,a lovely soft colour and feel, I love BFL....

This is some wool angora that have dyed in raspberry,mushroom and I think oak,I used this colour way before and its amazing how different fibre takes up the dye in a different ways!The roving came from the Bendigo Woollen Mills I was able to visit 3 years ago,love to go again!!

All of the above is for my Spin to Knit Secret Pal and I am really having a hard time parting with the angora hank!!!Hope she loves it like I do!
I was also able to do the last of the Panda Wool that I across in the LWS that had been discounted.A five ply in white with nearly two hundred metres on the label!

This is dyed with food dyes and its super bright! A pair of socks for me as its a bit coarse to be gift stuff!Any suggestions for a pattern?

There are numerous projects on the go as per usual and more on the horizon,it stops me getting bored.... ! have to, in the next little while, complete Bday pressies for Nanna and Aunty,two pair of socks for work associates(though one will be lucky to get them if there is a change in attitude,office politics and so on) and a pair for another dear friend, I haven't planned a colourway yet but with oddles of BFL sitting there I won't have any trouble finding the material!

I am building up stocks of dye so the colour choice will be better!

Ok I am off to the pool to sit in my new folding chair and knit while kids play,I asked H to get it from Bunnings last trip while he was busy a fortune buying tools like cement floats etc . I suspect the injuries sustained while covering for my supervisor early last year when she found she was expecting, are coming home to roost so to speak! Disc damage I think,lifting heavy weights and moving a ute load of wet sand is finally starting to impinge on the nerves.I could barely move last weekend and this week was agony,especially with the ammount of work that had to be done with school ,so glad the new assistant has started,shes a treasure......

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tea Cosy

Simple Cosy for a 3 to 4 cup Pot

Yarn: 1 ball Patons Jet
remnants of three colours(Cleckheaton Silk used here )
Needles: 5mm
RS-right side
WR-wrong side
YO- yarn over
SS-slip stitch
PSSO-pass slipped st over
Rib-K1 P1
Cast on 84 sts,work in basic 1x1 rib for 4 rows
Work Rib pattern 40 sts,cast off 4 sts,continue knitting on these 40 sts for 20 rows.
Break yarn and rejoin to other 40 sts and knit for 20 rows as for first half,knit across the first 40sts so there is a toal of 80 sts on needle keeping in rib pattern.
Knit in Rib pattern for 8 rows,then knit two together across row ,40 sts, Purl 2 together across row,20 st,knit 2 together again so ther are 10 sts left.Break yarn leaving enough yarn to draw up remaining sts.

Using wool needle, pass through these last sts and secure.

Decorate with knitted or croqueted flowers,pom poms,or a knitted cord(cast on a number of sts knit a row,cast off) that can be tied into a bow.Another sugestion,gather last sts with a ribbons of contrast colour and tie in bows.

Green leaf pattern:
Cast on three sts,
RS R1 Turn,K 1,YO,K1,YO,K1
WS R2 Purl all sts
RS R3 K 2,YO,K 1
WR R4 Purl
RS R5 K 2,SS,K1 PSSO,YO,K1,YO,K2 tg,K2 (7 sts)
Repeat last 2 rows 4 times,should have 6 lace"holes"
RS Knit 1,SS,K 2 tg,PSSO,K1.K 3 tg (5 sts)
WS P 1,P 2 tg,P 2tg,P1
RS K1,SS,K2 tg,PSSO,K1 (3 sts)
WS P 3 tg.
Using wool needle secure end of yarn by sewing into back of sts, Press and attach to cosy.
Flowers used are from Simply Knitting ,Issue No 16,June.
This is my first written pattern of one of my own projects inspired by other designs and adapted to use what I had in stash.Good simple tea cosy patterns are hard to find so thought I would put this here for my own and others to have fun with,if there are any problems with this pattern ,please email or contact me and I will see what I can do!

So busy

Well I intended a post before now but have been plain busy and the long hours at work have also made me so tired.
How ever I finished the skein for the Spin to Knit Swap and have dyed some more in mushroom,stringybark and black(more a dk grey ,dissapointing as I wanted jet black) but its spinning up a treat and will hopefully get some piccies today to add if Blogger behaves.


A pair of socks in the purple On Line 6ply(not 8 as advertised)

one sock in the orangey colourway from patonyle(gorgeous soft wool,wish Opal was like this,are there any sock yarns out there soft as this?)

One sock done in a five at a guess Panda wool I found at the LWS(and only decent shop even though Kmart is lifting its act) this wool I dyed in Rasberry,mushroom(love it) and a nice dk green can't remember its name,it has turned well and will probably wear well for its feel coarse in the hand on the foot its magic,a discontinued wool I was lucky to get the 8balls left in white but I will be snavelling the pale yellow next time!

two wash cloths for family Bdays in March,will add to these as these are special recipients,probably mentioned them before....

nearly finished a Jigsaw sock for its mate,down hill run to toe...this is a green red pattern that I won off Ebay for $7,whooppee,$18 in mail order shop!!!

Now these don't sound much but with limit of time its good for me,just to stay on track and finish pairs of socks for one is an accomplishment,still have a cotton Sweater to finish,DH possum jumper(just sewing up!!!!!!!!),my own Possum jumper(needs a collar),an 8 ply sock to match the one made for a girl friend of son 1,a shawl from the first Creative kniting,will probably never wear it but loooove the colour,all greens and blues,and of course the CPH....

On the future list

Numerous socks including the entire Opal Forest collection,

possum handspun beanie to do for H(who called the stuff Possum Tw#@ Hair,your wearing it dearie,LOL

two more CPH

a pair of fulled/felted slippers

mittens(to be dyed) for two youngest boys by request

a jacket for a friends baby from Grarn studio,a secret project,hope I get his size right,

a cabled jumper for my DAD

A cabled vest for my MUM(menopause makes jumpers too hot so I will do a juer later for her(what is it about cables,love them,bought a Patons book of 8 ply cabed items,yum,I read patterns like people read the Womans Day, but I think I get better value,I can spend many a night with a late night cuppa and choccies devouring furture projects,draming of colour combinations and so on....

Icarus Shawl,been sitting ther looking at me for awhile.....

a small list of quick projects like mittens and cloths for Chrissie gifts ,have to get in early,my aim is to have a box of them to sift through.....

Have all the yarns for these except parents jumpers and friends baby project but the rest I plan on doing doing as a voluntary stash slashing exercise,no I will not be jioning one the stash busting Kals,I can't resist buying more,yarn diets are enforced by guilt and frowns from DH,besides if the kids want to play hockey this winter I have to budget now as we have just visited the bank and am in big debt to finish the house,probably not big by most people in the city but it is to us (especialy if it means I have to watch my yarns expenditure,oooh its going to hurt.Look positive at least at the end I can enjoy a new kitchen adn being able to sit on my front verandah to watch the sun go down(er, perve on the neighbours.....)

What will the boys get up to during the holidays? Up a tree trying to catch a photo of a young goanna for the Jan 07 photo comp on Reptile Traders in Perth...Can you see the poor terrified creature?The goanna not the kid!

Heres Fluffa in his fav spot under the Xmas Tree which should be down and packed,maybe today,He is comfortable being cool on the tiles and out of sight to watch the traffic past....His fluff is now about 1 and Half to 2 inches long,so he feels the heat now!He was suposed to be lop ear but one ears up and the other is nearly always down,Hubby reckoned the breeder pulled his ears at kitten age to flop them,gross,and cruel to even think someone would do such a thing.Although he is No 3 sons bunny and I make do a lot of the work with cleaning etc,Fluffa tends to come to me more for a ear ruffle,and often turns back for an extra tweak if I have put him down following a cuddle,with everyone else he stamps his foot in an annoyance!!!(most of the time he runs to the mat under table to do this as the tiles must be hard on his feet!!!!)

Hers bush veiw of Kambalda after the recent rain from cyclone Isobel,cleans all the dust off!

Monday, January 01, 2007

A bit of colour!!!

I m getting to spin something for the Spin to Knit Swap and thought I would play with some colour and also as I had all this BFL sitting in the stash adn very white....

And then as I had mixed some green ,(lucerne) but changed my mind about using it on the roving,and not wanting to waste it of course,dyed a bit more yarn.

This orange is supposed to be a pink but I have decided to call this rockmelon and will make socks as Im curious to see if it stripes well....