Saturday, January 13, 2007

So busy

Well I intended a post before now but have been plain busy and the long hours at work have also made me so tired.
How ever I finished the skein for the Spin to Knit Swap and have dyed some more in mushroom,stringybark and black(more a dk grey ,dissapointing as I wanted jet black) but its spinning up a treat and will hopefully get some piccies today to add if Blogger behaves.


A pair of socks in the purple On Line 6ply(not 8 as advertised)

one sock in the orangey colourway from patonyle(gorgeous soft wool,wish Opal was like this,are there any sock yarns out there soft as this?)

One sock done in a five at a guess Panda wool I found at the LWS(and only decent shop even though Kmart is lifting its act) this wool I dyed in Rasberry,mushroom(love it) and a nice dk green can't remember its name,it has turned well and will probably wear well for its feel coarse in the hand on the foot its magic,a discontinued wool I was lucky to get the 8balls left in white but I will be snavelling the pale yellow next time!

two wash cloths for family Bdays in March,will add to these as these are special recipients,probably mentioned them before....

nearly finished a Jigsaw sock for its mate,down hill run to toe...this is a green red pattern that I won off Ebay for $7,whooppee,$18 in mail order shop!!!

Now these don't sound much but with limit of time its good for me,just to stay on track and finish pairs of socks for one is an accomplishment,still have a cotton Sweater to finish,DH possum jumper(just sewing up!!!!!!!!),my own Possum jumper(needs a collar),an 8 ply sock to match the one made for a girl friend of son 1,a shawl from the first Creative kniting,will probably never wear it but loooove the colour,all greens and blues,and of course the CPH....

On the future list

Numerous socks including the entire Opal Forest collection,

possum handspun beanie to do for H(who called the stuff Possum Tw#@ Hair,your wearing it dearie,LOL

two more CPH

a pair of fulled/felted slippers

mittens(to be dyed) for two youngest boys by request

a jacket for a friends baby from Grarn studio,a secret project,hope I get his size right,

a cabled jumper for my DAD

A cabled vest for my MUM(menopause makes jumpers too hot so I will do a juer later for her(what is it about cables,love them,bought a Patons book of 8 ply cabed items,yum,I read patterns like people read the Womans Day, but I think I get better value,I can spend many a night with a late night cuppa and choccies devouring furture projects,draming of colour combinations and so on....

Icarus Shawl,been sitting ther looking at me for awhile.....

a small list of quick projects like mittens and cloths for Chrissie gifts ,have to get in early,my aim is to have a box of them to sift through.....

Have all the yarns for these except parents jumpers and friends baby project but the rest I plan on doing doing as a voluntary stash slashing exercise,no I will not be jioning one the stash busting Kals,I can't resist buying more,yarn diets are enforced by guilt and frowns from DH,besides if the kids want to play hockey this winter I have to budget now as we have just visited the bank and am in big debt to finish the house,probably not big by most people in the city but it is to us (especialy if it means I have to watch my yarns expenditure,oooh its going to hurt.Look positive at least at the end I can enjoy a new kitchen adn being able to sit on my front verandah to watch the sun go down(er, perve on the neighbours.....)

What will the boys get up to during the holidays? Up a tree trying to catch a photo of a young goanna for the Jan 07 photo comp on Reptile Traders in Perth...Can you see the poor terrified creature?The goanna not the kid!

Heres Fluffa in his fav spot under the Xmas Tree which should be down and packed,maybe today,He is comfortable being cool on the tiles and out of sight to watch the traffic past....His fluff is now about 1 and Half to 2 inches long,so he feels the heat now!He was suposed to be lop ear but one ears up and the other is nearly always down,Hubby reckoned the breeder pulled his ears at kitten age to flop them,gross,and cruel to even think someone would do such a thing.Although he is No 3 sons bunny and I make do a lot of the work with cleaning etc,Fluffa tends to come to me more for a ear ruffle,and often turns back for an extra tweak if I have put him down following a cuddle,with everyone else he stamps his foot in an annoyance!!!(most of the time he runs to the mat under table to do this as the tiles must be hard on his feet!!!!)

Hers bush veiw of Kambalda after the recent rain from cyclone Isobel,cleans all the dust off!

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