Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back again

Hmm I thought Id just put something in today,maybe I just want to talk! It feels like rain coming in but I think its a drought cloud that promises but declines to produce! Theres a coolness already as though its already dropped it moisture someplace!
Been home for an hour and just chilling out with a coffee I shouldnt be having! I really should be checking my Oasis account but I think Ill do some study tonight and get an idea started for esssay,set up the cover sheets etc then spend weekend doing the fun practical stuff,itd be nice to get a good night sleep so I can feel top of the world on Saturday!
Im spinning some luscious Bunny BFL Silk from Ixchel Fibres for the Teabox that coming my way very soon,I hate to part with it but I know something just as lovely will come along and if I can enjoy spinning this and giving it away Ill have some room.I really should put up some stuff on Rav,really need to get house organised,its disgustingly scruffy!
The long awaited CSM  or Auto Knitter from NZ ,is arriving by air shortly so Ill be able to turn out some socks and clear more room though if I get good at this machine Ill have to buy another chest of draws to store them.Im only using this machine for the coarser yarns like opal and the standard yarns like Patons leaving the yummy STR issues for handknitting!!!
Im hoping there ll be instructions in the box....
Isnt this lovely,I paid a lot for these and only have two colours left and the Ebay supplier, the only one who could send to WA hasnt got any for sale! I did have them in the ground but they werent doing  very well so potted them up.Im hoping to get a red and yellow ones so am very keen for this seller to open up again!!
Anyhoo I off!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just to say Hello!

Hi there,I thought Id better pop by just to say hello and tell everyone I'm still alive!!
I'm doing ok!! My studies are tiring but Im achieving distinctions so that great, thumbs down to those who doubted me and also what goes comes around,I think that's how it goes!!!
Anyhoo,Im busy with gearing up for the last assignment for these units and spinning a gorgeous bobbin of pale beige suri,this stuff is to die for,I got it from the Alpaca shop in Toodyay and only just got around to playing with it!!
Ive just checked into the ISE9 Blog and everything hunky dory there and also a link provided to a contest being held by this talented lady  I love the prizes and of the cute tape measure are beautiful!!
I'm planning a Travelling Woman Shawl this time around and am waiting for a ball of sock wool from Jimmy Beans .I really hope it gets here soon as I need to start it pronto so I can give it some time before the pressure gets going for my essay,a big 200 word one !!
I'm also going to do this shawl for my Mum in some handspun suri I also bought from the Alpaca Shop,its a gorgeous silver blue,pity I didn't spin it myself but Mum wont mind!!A big Happy Bday to you Mum for today too!!!! I might start it this evening with a glass of wine on my front veranda!!! I wonder if some beads might look good!!!
Anyhow Im off,have apile of crap to do as I did extra tiem at work today and will tomorrow as well
Ta Ta

Monday, September 13, 2010


I went to log to find I was still logged on since the alst time I posted,dont know how that happened
Anyhoo,Im home sick for a bit,ulcerated throat etc,docs at 11 with son 5 in tow as he needs a referal(lets not mention school here,at least for moment..) Im enjoying some quality,if you call it that,time with him,my baby,he needs some time out from pressure so we re playing with collages! I found this marvelous artist called  Mike Bernard,his site and how he does his work from a UK based art magazine,The Artist,June 2010 edition,The Practical Magazine for Artists,theres a step by step guide how he does these gorgeous works.Im doing a second one now and helping Benji do a basic one to show him a easy step by step way so he develop his own style later if it interests him! Hes off to new school soon to help him reach his potential thats been side stepped here.
My first effort as a quick project for Uni work,it was something using text in work and response to text.Mixed media using collage,modelling texture paste and acrylics. Its not supposed to be a realistic representative but I keep looking at and several bits appeal.I have no doubt its barely out of High School standard but Im quite chuffed with it.Im currently doing a canola feild so theres no structured elements like the corragated buliding like this one so its very challenging.
I havent any new knitting though Im still plugging away at that kilo of polwarth top so I can dye it up for a pattern I sort of picked ages ago,(when Im finished and Ive washed and tested the gauge then Ill check its suitability)
I dropped off the first two assignment for this SP units,Sculpture and Contempory Art,essay writing,scary but once I get into it I rather enjoy! Im  not keen on the scupture but no doubt it ll bite as all practical things doand Ill fill the house with yet another "fad"
Fluffa been annoyingly cute lately,I think he gets lonely when we away from the house as he sits next to me and insists of many pats when Im trying to study!And bites when I dont compy quick enough.He needs shearing soon,his a bit well matted so maybe hes itchy! I dont wan to have his entire fleece removed as I have to go home to my parents soon and mossies are rife on the Darling and of course theres no one to care for him here so he has to come too,his fleece may give him some extra protection from mossies carrying myxo.
Ill leave you with some more flowers..

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Spring is nearly here

I went for a walk today and took this photo, I simply love the colour of these,not as good as show as last year but still vibrant!

And some camel bunny silk mix from the ever wonderful Charley at Ixchel Fibres,its so soft and behaves just like cashmere silk,yummy,destined to be a gift and currently being knit into my fave pattern,the  very easy cowl with a simple wave pattern! Pics as soon as I finish it!

On the home front Im going well in my uni stuff and had a great day off yesty to go into Kal for the usual hair cut and style,new hairdresser and shes great! Came home with this, a bit rough after a bit of wind got to it but the ideas there! Wahsed it this morning and having the weight taken out has lifted it and allowed more wave to come out,never had my hair like this before.

Friday, July 09, 2010

More stash and another two assignments!!

Ive been so busy lately,Heaps of works on Uni assignments from drawing to sewing molas,all fun but leads to no spare time,I shouldnt even be on here but thought a little time out would be nice.
I added to the stash quite significantly and I havent put it all on Rav yet,but theres enough for 4 more socks pairs,a Malabrigo Shawl,Citron,when I get time, in Cactus Flower,my god this stuff is seriously addictive,so soft !! I saw a lovely lady knitting the shawl at Toodyay in probably the same colour and after making a trip online to Webs, well it was in the bag along with some Sugarloaf from Valley yarns for a Jo Sharp Vest that was originaly designed for Ultra,this substitute is very much cheaper at around $4 a ball and has a lovely feel in the wool tencil composition

I have to knit a wee hat of some kind on request for a little girl thatll be in some pink sensation I nabbed last week,the last 4 balls in the shop,there was lady eyeing it off and I wanted to do a pink wurm for me after doing one in pale ball for Mum, I think I ll do the Meret hat from WoollyWormhead...
This some merino handyed from a lovely person in the Bday Group on Rav
I have soooo many projects I want to do,I even started another shawl out of some spindled wool,Yes Ive mastered that too!! Ok Ide better go but Ill leave with a photo of the foggy morning we had last week!It was -7 at Norseman...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Its me again

Hmm as per usual I havent been very active,work study and other nasty things have gotten in the way!I have a reasonably small or should I say two small uni assignments due,hubbys not happy with it taking time away from him but really by Monday things will ease up a little,Ill pace myself this time and have things done in better time.The trouble this time is that I lost track of the week numbers and dates,week 1 study period is hard to work out when theres no actual date to correlate with,hence last wednesday night I discovered that I had two of the buggers due this sunday night(well really 9am monday).Three nights to do 3 weeks work...after a mini break down (heap of stress at work didnt help) I had a good look and discovered with the aide of an RDO I could manage enough to pass.That sounded great,except I came down with the flu again after a bout of bronchitus which I havent really gotten over yet(early frozen mornings havent helped there!) So coughing and squarking Im nearly there,just some artist research and a bit of additional drawing bits and I should be done hopefully not at 2am in the morn this time.
Hey I can still draw,Id been putting off the practise stuff anyway but when forced to do something it was exciting and relieving that I could create something beyond childish squibbles,well it is more HS stuff but Im happy and everyone Ive nervously shown have nothing but praise but maybe they re being polite,LOL When Ive dropped assignment Ill give myself a few days to catch up and post a couple here,even if to keep a record in case the house burns down!
I went to Toodyay again this year,drove all the way down on my lonesome,listened to the radio,ABC,all the way and only put some music on briefly,except for being nearly wiped out by a sleepy truck driver and an annoying squeek under the car(I think it was the pads on the brakes as Id just had struts and shocks replaced or gravel may have gotten in there when I pressure cleaned the old girl the day before) The trucky pulled over I noticed, after I passed him, and just as well,I only passed him(he was coasting at 90kms) after another small truck went , he came right over the white line to the point I was looking for the best bit of scrub to aim for so I didnt roll,not a great road that bit, the bitumen is broken edged and the road fairly narrow.
Well I made it to spend a brilliant weekend with heaps of wonderful people all knitters and spinners,the yarnmarket was awesome as usual,I came away with 3 skeins of SeaWool,Somoko (I think I got Renaissance),a pile of Casbah destined for gifts, a couple of BFL sock yarn, and an early Bday pressie in the form of a Deluxe Knit Pics set,Im aiming to get the Wooden version at Chrissy! While there I finished off my Mums hat,Wurm, to go with her ruffles scarf, started a small shawl by the wonderful Anne(Knitting Inspirations),spun the first bobbin of Southern Cross Fibres,"Hunter Valley",finished off my Assymetrical top,yet to wear it but hopefully soon as its so warm and soft in merino silk handspun! Oh and did a failed run on my pushbike that my darling boys had done something to,the expert in the group apparently said it was not good and "dangerous", wish he had told me,LOL,it would have been an excuse to stay and knit with the girls instead of embarrassing myself,I still think my left lung is hitching lift back! Never mind Ill have a think depending on the result from bike shop in Kal,whether to fix it up and flog it and buy a better one or just keep it for the occassional use!
The best part of the trip was catching up with my dearest friend who had moved down there some time ago,I got the guided tour of their block and awesome it was,wish I had more time to sketch some of the wonderful boulders in a richly texture landscape sort of drawing! Maybe next time!! there a possibility I may get to go down in the next few months to spend a UFO weekend at Avon Valley Homestead,the host are friendly and brilliant,I look forward to doing it again!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Winters nearly here

The weekend was strange,warmish with a hint of cold to come,the wind blew last night and snuck under the front door near where I was sitting trying gamely to lodge my latest Uni assignments,one went through quickly but the other was beauty at 47 MB reduced to 46000 KB,my limit is 10BM so hopping it went through and was accepted,took ages to load site let alone get to the tick page.Ill find out this morning..
Home with two sick boys and im hacking up a lung,lost the first on Saturday..So Im going to lay low ,clean up a bit and get some sort of order back into this pigstye,and even get a gecko into my stash to see if I can rehome some as boys are cutting up rough about the lack of space,hmmm,its hard to let go when you can see the possibilities..
To eleviate stress levels,I managed to spin up three skeins,a gorgeous yellow grey mix and then some Diamond dog,havent taken photos yet but will put the yellow one here in its top form later.Im planning the King of Confidence and yes Im boring as Im going for the original colourway but only because I have a kilo of farm wool from Aunty J she had processed and gave to me last time I visited,hope it looks ok,Ill drag it out later.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Been busy

Ive been so busy with full time work and full time uni study,I didnt think it was until I found the definition on the Uni site a couple of days ago! I can do it,and Im having fun draggin out the interlectural bits from the grey matter!!!
I thought I had only a week left to do my 2000 word essay plus the pracs including print plates using the collogragh technique, but got my dates mixxed up,Ill be spening Mums Day playing with some experimental bits on printing and now I have some colours it will be terrifically fun. On the down side my spinning and knitting has been severely affected but I still costing along.trouble with this lap top for some unknown reason is pissing me off as it tells me every now and then that the computer is closing down to save damage and now it wont let me upload photos onto my Project page on Ravelry or Flickr,I can go one of the other 'puters and do it there,thankfully the photos are still on the camera card and I wont transfer bugs
Heres a shawllette I did for my lovely Neighbours Bday! Woohoo it worked so Ill put some more on!!
A horrid one of me but at least you can see the colour !!S... loved it and Id like to do a lacy one later for her before they leave next door!
I used a ball of handdyed Patonyle and 4.5 mm needles and the pattern is of course the" Just enough Ruffles"
And this is Multnomah I couldnt be bothered checking spelling,will be back....ok I did and its ok Now this found its way over the big sea to Karrie for the ISE8 Swap.. by all accounts she has loved it as much I love what she sent me!! See below
Now this is the fantastic shawl scarf that I was so lucky to recieve from Karrie as part of the ISE8  for this year,its soft and my fav colours and lovely to wrap around my neck,she cleverly checked out my Rav page and found Batkis on my wish list queue.She very kindly spoilt me with not only this but a knitting book, "More Sentaional Knitted socks" and some great sock DPD end protectors,looked these on the net before but never got to buy any!!Thanks Karrie it was wonderful doing this round and I look forward to participating in the next round!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A few things (meme)

1.Do you like bleu cheese? Not really,I like variety of different ones but blue cheese is abit strong

2.Have you ever smoked? Nope if you discount sneaking a puff and a single puff under Dads dozer when I was 12~

3.Do you own a gun? In the past owned a few,miss them

4.Favorite type of food? Italian and good old plain bush food

5.Favorite type of music? Heaps from Enja to Alan Jackson,some hip hop ,Grinners,Jet,hmm Theory of a Dead Man,yep heaps!And all different

6.What do you think of hot dogs? Gross,tastes like plastic
7.Favorite Christmas movie? Friday after Next

8.What do you prefer to drink in the morning?Dilmah Tea!!!

9.Can you do push ups? Used to do up to 80  twice week

10.What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? My Eternity ring as Hubby dragged me into pick one out and made it impossible to refuse....

11.Favorite hobby? Knitting, reading, gardening, writing,art stuff,riding my Motor bike

12.Do you have A.D.D.? Not that Im aware

13.Do you wear glasses/contacts?  Have readers

14.Middle name? Maree

15.Name three thoughts at this exact moment: Have to do some study,finish Bday Scarf for friend,wish Son would hurry up and get my cup o tea

17.Current worry? My Job

18.Current hate right now? My job,LOL

19.Favorite place to be? Home with family

20.How did you bring in the new year? Quitely,think I was asleep

21.Someplace you’d like to go! Home to see family,too many are sick

22.Name three people who will complete this. My Blogger Firends,not naming them!

23.Do you own slippers? Uggies!!!

24.What color shirt are you wearing? White

25.Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No! Crisp linen

26.Can you whistle? Yep

27.Where are you now? Home

28.Would you be a pirate? LOL it would make an interesting change

29.What songs do you sing in the shower?

30.Favorite girl’s name? Charley Rose

31.Favorite boy’s name? Have 5 boys all favs,Tom Hew Pat Sam Ben

32.What is in your pocket right now?  Dont have any

33.Last thing that made you laugh? My silly big boys

34.What vehicle do you drive?  Tarago

35.Worst injury you’ve ever had? Buggered back due to an idiot/S at work

36.Do you love where you live? Its not bad but Id rather be elsewhere

37.How many TVs do you have in your house? 5....

38.How many computers do you have in your house? 4....

39.If you changed your job, what would it be?  Art industry,farming,craft shop which ever came up first

40.If you had three wishes what would they be?  Health happiness and want for nothing
There you go, I cant remeber where I saw it but many thanks for a few minutes of fun!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Lotsa rain!!!

Ina short time.We had a massive storm last night,starting around 2 am,it slowly made its way over the town and finsihed around 5.30am.When I did to see the radar map it shows a large horizontal cloud that traveled in a different direction to what we ve getting.It meant we got the full force of the down pour as it came out of the hills behind us.
We were lucky it only came up to our front door,thank heavens for DHs new toy, the laser level that he used to check if our new verandah was high enough as we d been told of the water levels last time it flooded!
Receding the first photo, though the passing yobos out sight seeing were a bloody nuisance,making waves with their 4x4.

The poor neighbours on the right were flooded out!!! As were the young family further right,have been told since their house is unihabitable,they moved out by lunch time.
Saltbush Rd....see the idiot driving through? thats pushing More water into those flooded houses.
Water heading into town.Im looking back towards the creek it entered from!
The Playground going into Sturt Pea St
And BP Dam,see the water roaring into the dam through the culvet! We had some big storms before but flooding like this, not for at least ten years!!

On the knitting front Ive finished the River Avon,it fits beautifully and have started on a Sock Head for my ill SIL,knitted in gorgeously soft KA Cashmere in Beijing Blue.Im using 3.25mm needles,it looks quite good so far and hope it doesnt come out too loose, I am having trouble with the finess of the yarn but once I get into the rib it should be ok. I might start off the 4 ply Possum hat(Vogue) for me too so I have abit of variety.On top of that Im also starting Tea Leaves with the very lovely Berroca Alpaca from a destash on Ravelry .... 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still here if a little brain fired!!!!!!!!!

Hi to anyone who still passes by!!!I really should add some new blogs that I check in on!!!!!Ive gotten the next two assignments done ,well nearly,I was two weeks ahead of myself and just as well I can spend some more time polishing them off,I got just 3 marks short of a distinction with the History one,not too bad I suppose considering I havent done that for 20 odd years! Oh and I passed well enough for the other but I should have donme better I have to be more proactive and get into the thought process.
Knitting,,,well very excited,because I cant spend as much time of my projects they ve become more important and I actually get more done,(read that,I stick to one and finish it...).No spinning though,maybe with the holidays coming up Ill have abit of time! Thewres some absolutely gorgeosu stuff from my Fav people.MoselyPark and Ixcel Fibres... Im not doing any more Clubs for while to try to eat into stash well Id like to do the Luxury Club from Lushyarns, and the Jindibyne scarf looks awesome..Heres what I finished earlier though...Hand dyed Patonyle,lusciously soft, dyed in Moutain blue over Mist.Check Rav for  more details,I want to do another but really would love to do the ruffled scarf I have soo many things on my Fav  and queue list.

 And from my latest art practise,lino printing!!!

Ha Ha Ha,pretty rough but I love the simplicity!Oh and another one,not even half way as good as some of the others but Im having fun!
The last is just too simple for the exercise I was supposed to be doing so Im starting again and am hoping to use more than one technique.
And my lovely boy sitting back watching his mate wash the bikes!!!Cheeky buggar!!Im hoping to get my B/L shortly,got everything ready for my Companion though I dont know if I can go very far on a 200,Hubby reckons it might be too much for it,hmm! Been checking out a BMW..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Veyr Busy

The last months has been ver full on,Im half way through the first study period and am trying to get a heavy essay on the way,I woke last night and strated the plan in my head,hopefully Ill remember today.Its steep learning curve and have had to deal with things like the Uni changing over to Chicago Referencing just as I wanted to post my first essay.Oh well it keep things interesting.I feel so crashed out,full time work with what seems like full time study,Im behind with my reading but hope the holidays will allow me to catch up.
Im going well with my ISE8 scarf,love knitting it,the softest wool in 4 ply,handdyed and just a fleck or two through it to give a tweedy look. I have aweek to finish it.As my smoko times are not peaceful for study reading and who can get much done in ten minutes,Im knitting the project then and of course when Im having a brain freeze, a row here and there as I think is really nice.
At home I have one son down with tonsils,the next one coming down and I woke with a dry throat this morning,grrrrr at least if I have a day off itll be towards end of week where I can make use of being home unless my other lovely boy needs to stay home then I ll have to take carers leave.
Having fun with the printing side of my course,a bit amatuerish but I have to show all my experimenting in visual diary.Its exciting to peel the paper off to see the results.I've also dabbled in some oils too but will wait til Ive something reasonable before I show that.
Ive only the neck and sleeves to do on the River avon,just busy with scarf to go back to it.The yarn stash has increased with a pile of Mousse,some gorgeous Berroca Alpaca,Plucky Knitter plus the gorgeous stuff from Ixchel Fibres.On the to do list for these yarns,Tealeaves Cardigan,Whisper cardigan and cabled vest!If only I can find the time!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hot and Humid

The last two nights we ve had thunderstorms which surprisingly have fallen over the town!!Beautiful and cool at moment but in the morning by 8am I expect it to be sticky!
Im not on here for long,I must do at least two hours reading/study but I have managed to get past the patterning part of River Avon and hope, when next I allow a treat of an hour of knitting, I may get to the arm holes and then itll be quick!!I have a few things I want to start and all is lined up on Ravelry, Ill be back with piccies(but Ive said that before!!!)
Meanwhile Ill be trying to read this massive Art History Book and also trying to formulate the outline of my first Essay as Undergraduate,anyone else in this position make your self known!!!!Id love to "talk" to other Online Learners!!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

First Day at School for 2010

First Day,all the little(and Big) tikes are back,oh those poor lawns,....anyhooo,my boys seemed to have settled ok,their teachers are good to them,LOL lets hope the boys are kind in return!!It was a busy but a nice day as well,only one phone call....
Bs teachers loves him,Ss is very lucky to have a kindly person this year,P well is P,my boot is right up there this year,their last chance for get the big marks,year 10 and year12,possibly 2 for Uni...
I so wish like most people,that I could  win lotto so I can go back to school full time and help the boys on their way but as reality intended, we have to do it on our own so I shouldnt whinge!
I finished another small project this last Friday,a lovely roll brim hat out of a single ball of Noro Silk Garden,it was a pattern developed for a knitting class and I didnt believe that I could get a whole hat out of one ball,it seemed a bit small at first but reknitting it an extra large(no I dont have a large head,just wanted it to cover my ears)) and blocking showed I could have knitted the large size ,Hubby loves it especially if I curl my hair up,right out of the flower power days,LOL Ill try to get a fashion/action  photo one day,its supposed to be 41 tomorrow,Yucky No chance of a mohair beanie on me..
Im waiting on ISE8 for swap allocation,Ive been through my stash to see what I have and depending on the Swappees wants and likes I should have something lovely to whip up!!
I hope to pick up my new desk this week and set up the computer ready for...cant call it D Day,maybe U Day..Im freaking but maybe when I have it all laid out the fossil memories will re emerge, Ive had abit of a recon into the info,think Ive picked my first essay Question,must order text book,Grants "Art Through the Ages" Edition 13,it seems to remind me of a similar book I had in Year 11 and 12!
Ok Im off to order zee required book and then wash/cook tea and what ever other jobs come myway...sneaking off to hide with my needles and glass of ZZZZibibo!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My lawns

My Lawns, not really but Im the only one who lays awake worrying about them.... substance,sick thinning and didnt react to anything done to it..

Not an exciting heading but its taken me a least 4 years to see a result.It wasnt a case of throwing water and fert on them,we battled vandalism,drought,heat,bugs to no sign of improvement.After trying different methods I went back to the basic,organic seaweed fert,Seamungus that looks like reintroduced micro organisms and organic matter,I started to get excited(not as much as a parcel of yarn etc,LOL) when I could see the lush green developing in a wave like pattern across the grounds,then toad stools(which stink and Im thinking I may have to fungicide later but think at moment its a good sign for improved soil) popping up in among the greener parts.I can see a vast difference and can cut once a week easily on a level 7 on the mower,if I walk over them they are soft/cushiony under foot,just hope the students dont trample them too much when school starts again on Monday.
Now and getting better!!!!

See the darker patches coming through!!!!
This areas still only 50%,used to get bogged on the ride on!!
Lush and I actually stalled the mower on Sunday!!Yoohoo!!!
Now look at the last photo,the tell tale green wave is starting to join up,it should be fully lush by the end of Febuary,I ll take updates if only as record here in case Computer dies and I lose my photos!
Excited you bet!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Im on count down now,only 4 weeks to go..must buy text book this week,$128 but hopefully worth it!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

End of the holidays

A new year is definitely here,the official start to the term starts tommorrow with Admin staff back at work and end of peace for me....
This year my focus will be on cleaning up the debris thats seems to have increases rapidly over the last couple of months(on top of the last tens years worth),the heats knocked the trees a fair bit so leaf shed has been more than usual.Other than that, the lawns will be taking precentent over other sections till I can see at least a 50% improvement .One sides getting well past that now and only have the other sections to pick up.
I went down today and mowed so I could apply that gift from the Chooks, Dynamic Lifter, boy its on the nose but really it means green to me.I treated the lawns with Seamungus up til Christmas to get the micro life going and its obvious when looking at photos from last year.The lack of sufficient rain has hampered a lot of rapid progress but now the wee bugs are hard at it working, the addition of chooky poo will  give everything that final boost!!
Knitting News
Im just finishing off the chemo hat in Rowan Wool Cotton the colours Blue Wash and I thought it was abit darker! Im just adding the band which is attached horizontally while picking up the live stitches.It'll probably use all up about 1 and 3/4 balls!Would dearly love a semi fitted v neck sweater in this,colour included...Hats must be on my mind at the moment,waiting for agorgeous skien of possum/wool from Knitters Addiction in delectable red for a pattern I found in Designer Knitter
 Im waiting for another yarn shop to find a particular rich blue in 4ply Cashmere for this pattern Im hoping that there ll be enough for one for me too so I can wear one too and know the recipient is not alone.Cancer is my biggest fear (like every other person ) Ive had a few tests over the last couple of years but it doesnt alleviate that thought at the back of my mind when twinges happen and I hurt where I shouldnt,I did have a thought accur to me some time ago,do creative people seem to be the most noticable people to develope this disease/illness ? I know of a lot of people including people in my own family,they were mostly very talented artists in the creative field,my Nanna was a very talented spinner,prolific knitter, tatter and crocheter,winning alot of prizes in the local show,a great cook too.I wish she had survived longer to see some of  her talents passed to me,though I suspect its come out as obsession with me!!!
This wonderful person is currently giving her avid readers an insight into the current treatment for breast cancer and I raise my hat (knitting needles) to her bravery and wish her the very very best in her battle!
Back soon with more photos,a certain boy needs to check Myspace....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Cool Change

We had a wild storm/thunderstorm with a bit of hail(car safely under cover) yesterday late afternoon and it was exciting to watch it from our front verandah!!!As stroms are few and far between, we delight in making use of our relatively new verandah!!B.. has just bought a nice little setting for us to sit and watch the sun setting and Im getting use to going out there to knit quietly for a few minutes sometimes with a glass of something in the evenings,even son no 1 is clueing into it!!! Usually on watering days I can sit and watch the birds have alast bath too!!
When we get the last stage done(the cement drive) and the rest of the garden planted itll look like I envisaged a few years ago when I first strated planting!Ive decided that instead of a cuple of roses and an archway Im going with a country garden thing with a Black Turkey and maybe a citris of some knid,a Eureka Lemon? and under them Ill put pea hay and gradually introduce a prostrate emu bush. Theres about four cuttings I took from work that I got going and put in about 5 years ago and they re taking over,its withstanding an onslaut from a bit of couch thats starting to move in.

Knitting.... Im about 2 inches from plain knitting on River Avon,have started a Rowan Wool Cotton Chemo hat,still halfway through that Ixchel shawl,finished another pair of socks, above...

Hmmm,thinking thinking...Oh thats right Ive started another top down called Sassymetrical out of some merino handspun,I need another 3oo metres to do what I wanted so off to Ebay to my fav seller(Highland CottageCraft) for this colourway and TRY to spin it up as close as possible.The 3 skeins Im working on now are unfortunately more an aran or ten ply weight,hopefully I wont have to rip what Ive done and make bigger,its gorgeously soft and has halo developing as well! If this is not what I expect Ill redo on 5.5mm needles,seeing Ive ordered 300g of fibre and hopefully spin a match there should be heaps!Heres another version,absolutely love this one!!!
Hmmm got a trend happening here..notice the blue? if you could see the Chemo hat you'd understand..Rowan Wool Cotton,delish to play with!!!Off to do some housework,yuck yuck!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Holey Shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, been knitting working and generally enjoying the quiet time that Christmas usually brings,not many traddies at work,only some top dressing,the painters scarpered before Christmas and it was just me and the birds for few days...Bliss
Here's the top dressing in action...

Nearly done..

Just looky at that colour,its taken a while but with tender loving care I think Im on awinner,as uausl I doubt the boss will take notice but isnt thats what agardener is supposed to be able to to do!Maje it green? if only the full and true story could be told.....
Knitting news!!Im about a third up the front of the River Avon Vest!!I absolutely love this pattern and yarn,Bling by Zen Garden. Ive looked around and found the yarn in the UK ina beaut blue..might get some later when I work out exactly how much Ill use in this vest!!

Im abit further than this .... heres a  close up of the stitch detail!!

Ok, now onto the heading of todays post,I was thinking to myself as per usual, last night,planning the next few weeks to get the maximum value out of my time before Study starts and I came to think of which nights are more likely to be productive study wise and which I can use as my treat nights and it hit me brainless,a twit or whatever but it dawned on me that to get the necessary study time in, so I could still have some recreation time I WOULD HAVE TO PUT a FULL 5 HOURS A NIGHT,yikes A full time 45 hour a week job that starts at 5.30am and finishes at 2pm,Im going to be a zombie!!Never fear I shall conquer!!! I figure I wont know the extent of the work load til I see the paper work,Its art,it was one of my best subjects,the theory I did 45 out of 50 in the exam so I must be able to at least talk the lingo,Uni stuff is much more indepth of course...Anyway if I get an hour or so in before the hourde arrives home and then have my work area set up I should be able to do bits while cooking meals,Ha ha ha they wont know what hit them some nights,easy meals etc,Hubby hates Spag Bol .Combined with the hours on the weekend where I can study in normal hours,lunch breaks and the fact the subject should be interesting,the pracs should be awesome,drawing Im looking forward to..So to cap it off, Im not so freaked as I was last night.
Id love to move to Perth where, in my ideal world, Hubby gets a great well paid job comparable to the current one and the kids go to a great school and I get to go to the actual UNI!!!Im thinking the additional fun bit of the Curtin Knitting group too.................................................................; )

Friday, January 08, 2010

Just A Quick new post


I will make a handmade gift for the first 3 interested people who comment on this post. I have 365 days to do it in…What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise!

The catch is that you must participate as well: you must have a blog and before you leave your comment here, write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going. Just cut and paste this one if you like, which I did.

Also, let me know if you would prefer a knitted something, or a sewn something :) I will try to do either as requested!
Now knitting news..

I finished Ixchel Fibres Sock Club,I think Club 1/Issue 3,red oranges BFL,God this beautiful stuff,I knitted alot of the last sock on very warm days and it did comeout slightly looser but I dont mind,they are washed and blocked,my way...
Look how much left over!!Im thinking of looking for some similar weight BFL in cream/white and knitting another pair using this for the coloured part,maybe stripes ,toes and heels with random hearts over leg section!!

Im sailing with the Avon Valley vest(see previous post,have about 4 or 5 inches done? will post when its a bit bigger
A bit sad this week,it was my only siblings anniverary of when I lost him..