Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still here if a little brain fired!!!!!!!!!

Hi to anyone who still passes by!!!I really should add some new blogs that I check in on!!!!!Ive gotten the next two assignments done ,well nearly,I was two weeks ahead of myself and just as well I can spend some more time polishing them off,I got just 3 marks short of a distinction with the History one,not too bad I suppose considering I havent done that for 20 odd years! Oh and I passed well enough for the other but I should have donme better I have to be more proactive and get into the thought process.
Knitting,,,well very excited,because I cant spend as much time of my projects they ve become more important and I actually get more done,(read that,I stick to one and finish it...).No spinning though,maybe with the holidays coming up Ill have abit of time! Thewres some absolutely gorgeosu stuff from my Fav people.MoselyPark and Ixcel Fibres... Im not doing any more Clubs for while to try to eat into stash well Id like to do the Luxury Club from Lushyarns, and the Jindibyne scarf looks awesome..Heres what I finished earlier though...Hand dyed Patonyle,lusciously soft, dyed in Moutain blue over Mist.Check Rav for  more details,I want to do another but really would love to do the ruffled scarf I have soo many things on my Fav  and queue list.

 And from my latest art practise,lino printing!!!

Ha Ha Ha,pretty rough but I love the simplicity!Oh and another one,not even half way as good as some of the others but Im having fun!
The last is just too simple for the exercise I was supposed to be doing so Im starting again and am hoping to use more than one technique.
And my lovely boy sitting back watching his mate wash the bikes!!!Cheeky buggar!!Im hoping to get my B/L shortly,got everything ready for my Companion though I dont know if I can go very far on a 200,Hubby reckons it might be too much for it,hmm! Been checking out a BMW..

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