Saturday, December 29, 2012


They are really out in force today,I love them,it means its warm,its summer,its quiet enough to hear them,mind you these are the little ones ,not the ear deafening ones on the coastal areas,I remember looking at them as a small child ,the cases left on the trees I mean,there was always heaps on the trunks during the floods,they must have climbed up quick as the waters used to rise very quickly..
I had one in the kitchen last week,at night making a racket, the dog was going spare so I rescued it and transplanted him outside, now that was a relief...
Im trying gallantly to get some work done,I sketched two pieces last night with a this to do shortly,I really don't wan to "ruin" them even though I know I could do a better job if i had to do them again,I want to add a touch of water color and maybe think about framing them,Ill keep writing this post through the day and will add a pic or two later if I dont bugger them up,also on the agenda is three works using texture paste. The theme is Shadows and Reflections,so open for interpretation, Intervention is the over topic. Im so used being told how to do something that Im finding it hard to actually do "my own  thing",it flutters there just on the edge of my sub conscience,I can see it but can get there.
Knitting Im making progress on the Featherweight,quite happy with it,Im doing small size up to the arm divide where I will measure and maybe go to the next one as my shoulders are narrow but physical work and age has given me thicker forearms,something I noticed with horror one day looking another lady at work,I raced to the mirror when i got home but at that stage I wasn't too bad,three months of super light duties however have taken a toll, that's why Im careful how I dress and only in extreme heat wear short sleeves,very conscience about that scar too.
The Leftie has been sitting idle but may spend a bit of time out on it today, I've memorized the pattern which is very easy once grasped..
Spinning,Im down to the last 6 inches of top with tat pink merino silk,its destined for this,Rustling Leaves Beret
This is an interesting blog to BTW
I also down loaded NorthShore yesty,free on offer from this lovely designer and I think when I do get to knitting it Ill go with the Tannis Fibre Arts yarn,If i get three natural, dye them for the multi CC, buying the main colour is affordable,cause I love that main colour and doubt I could imitate it. Of course I could do it in Serenade from Bendigo Mills too
Sewing sewing sewing...I ve gotten those three tops to the over locker stage,Im happy with them so far though will remake the ties for one top as I did it narrower than first and its rather stiff,the white embroidered cheese cloth,feels a bit big but Ill adjust it a little when I try on for first time,goal today is to get over locker out and oil etc,finish those edges,this week Ill do the heap of jeans Ive bought over the last two year so I can wear them this autumn..Ive also looked at and shortlisted Son number 3 quilt,just need him to ok, Sweetwater by Mumma Said Sew

Image from Site
And Im thinking I like this Quilt from Moda Bake

Taken from (for copy right reasons)
I love this... and this one has me in too but with more boy colorful
DSC_0528  (copy right again) this site is so awesome,Ive already picked out next year Christmas projects,Im always picking up fat quarters in the pretext of making sock knitting project bags but there are so many designs here that re just fun and practical as well..
Im looking forward to A. my trip to Perth in amonth or so, and B driving to  East to see my Family with both trips meaning visits to Spotlight and sewing/knitting shops
this is on my list

I found an interesting version here where this lovely Sewer added bra cups,LOVE this idea and I may follow it up!

Please have a look,its a worthy sewing idea!
And in my persuing this morning found this blog,it has a couple very nice references to a pattern or two Im adding to list
ZEdited to add ,adding this one too so I dont lose the pattern number,i could really wear this one,well at home then,Ive got two two tops I bought at a sale last Summer at the warehouse joint in Fremantle Markets,cool and loose flowing tops,from a jeans shop,forget the mane but a common one.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Works sucks at 42 + degrees

Back at work,sook cry,it was hot but I did find a cool spot and having a nice person to work with makes a difference,i love his Mums company too,she cam down for a coffee and chat,very nice actually to have a chat ,we swapped notes on where we lived and veiw points,I find her company fascinating being a born Catholic though not a practicing one,shes Mormon,very interesting.
Im scared "bout the next trip to surgery but Ill wait for outcome,wish an inside job would appear,being an underground truckie would be ideal
Anyway I found time to do some seeing,my ideas for art works depends on receiving more supplies so relaxed in fro n of machine for an hour
Easy McCalls 2608

From this blog who has a few of the ones I have in stash
 I cut and sewed up to point of needing overlocker and still have this below one to work on in white cheese coth fabric with wide and narrow crocheted lace inserts,I ve had this fabric for a few years actually bought at the Bernina shop in Kal just before it shut, the above will be 3/4 sleeves in Japanese lawn i picked up at Spotlight Dubbo,there was a cherry flower one I wanted but at$17/m I had to watch the pennies as well as the fact I didnt know if I could wear them,mood wise lol

McCall's Sewing Pattern 4031 Misses Size 4-14 Pullover Loose Fitting Peasant Style Tops
From here..
They are classed as vintage,WHAT!!!! I ve only had them for about 5 years...Mine will look like "Look" A
 These two blogs look like good reading
and  (just reposting from above)
 And I would like to make time to cut out my second eldest sons quilt I recieved the fabric pack for just before Christmas, Birch Bark Lodge, this is the shop I got it from, looks very nice for a young mans quilt
Heres a link to pattern
Oh and this one looks really good too,saved my butt today for the gel I need to transfer images for my works

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day 12

LOL some may remember last years candles,well I hauled them out again but have introduced to DH the possibility I may do something different next blue white and silver,so Ill keep an eye on the bits in the shop through the year so Christmas 2013,wish list
1 large white table cloth
3 various candles
White or silver gravel
A Full set of cutlery
AND a new set of crockery

Well Christmas Day 2012 has come and gone and strangely it hasn't left me feeling sad and lost like it normally does,Im happy to sit and work steadily on my submission today,looking at the two projects I found time to work on yesterday afternoon while we finally made to watching a handful of movies.
theres a huge crowd of people have gone to the coastal town Esperance for their break,Im happy to stay home though I think in a year or two id like to break tradition and spend the day elsewhere where would be a problem as Hubbys ideas donts sinc with mine,i like a bit of comfort while hed rather slog it out and battle the heat and mossies.
Dont know where I d like to go but some where nice,maybe a rental holiday home in esperance even,we could just eat salad and chook with some deserts,time to walk the beach or take a drive in one direction or another,we ll see.
On Christmas Day this year,it was the most relaxed ive had for some time,I had plenty of sleep,got dinner under way a little late but it worked out in the end,a huge trifle and mini pavs capped it all off and I didnt over indulge,water instead of wine etc made it a wonderful day for me anyway.The older ones had been out partying the night before so they were quiet during the day,lol
I started Featherweight, and Leftie like I planned,Im half way to the sleeve divide and up to the third petal on Leftie,not bad for a couple of hours,I dotn push speed knitting,my arms and hands dont like it anymore,i jusy enjoyed the process.
Gorgeous pattern and Ive memorized it enough now to pick it up here and now. Havent taken pic of the feather weight, Some one else was happy on the day too

A new toy to kill....The bunnies on the other hand just chilled out were it was cool

A moment before Fluffa was out like a light on his back,looking quite dead...
The boys spoilt me as usual,gift vouchers etc to art shop,now I get to plan my goodie shopping, theres an easel Id love but really where can I put it.
Hmm back to study for me...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Man in Red

Is nearly here
Im starting to feel the anticipation,though the 40 plus heat is knocking me flying this year,must be getting old.
Taking the two younger boys into Kal today for them to see its actualy Christmas not a few lucky days out of school,I m off to see a Doctor about a strange if not scary black spot on my forehead,trying not to think about it,heaven know who Ill get to see,the two local doctors left here last week and my lady Doctor has left Kal and that surgery is closing in January. Im moving my stuff to the Boulder Practise where these two Doctors also worked. Its going to be an expensive day methinks,Ive got a few things to buy for Christmas Day,last minute shopping but although pay came in yesty,I have car payments and insurance next week.Hmm
Anyhow this arrived
This was sent by one our Art Group,we did a swap around this like last time,its been a great success and look forward to doing it again next year,
Its quite heavy and Donna used used texture paste to give it "bite",adore the colours
Theres a personal area touch with the leaves being imprints of a tree she had growing there,love it,I think Ill record this years efforts and use them as inspirations for next time.
Im on a roll with projects,started a linen st scarf, last night only to pull it back this morning,going to have to use a long tail cast on,it was too loopie with two method
also want to start leftie with this and some naturalle
On top of this Ive started a length wise scarf in the multi coloured merino silk (sample Packs) plied with a bobbin of Cormo,I think I have around 400 odd sts,I didnt count,roughly guessed after froggin it earlier,two needle cast on left the edge loopy so went back and did it again with the thubm and one needle,a lot firmer but boy it takes ages to knit one row and every second st is slipped,Linen st has a wonderful texture that in the end is worth it
Balled up more today
 These are massive skeins,Im going to do a vest, Kiss of the North and I think there ll be enough for two!!
And natur of course
I had a sort of nasty report at Doc too so have to do some serious thinking of future re job etc,that rabbit job may be the best option,if I can get in the door, quite sick of stuff poking ugly head up when least wanted.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another one!

Im on a role,finished,meaning cast off,washed and blocked another shawl this morning,Ill leave you with pics

Friday, December 14, 2012

This looks fun!

Im going to incorporate print making in my next Uni assignment,the theme is Shadows and Reflection,I have some ideas  but need to settle for a moment to relax and let the ideas form and evolve,waiting for the transparency sheets to arrive,a bit dear at $40 odd for 25 sheets but Im allowing 5 to play with and 5 to get a result,the rest will go into my supplies box,ahem table top.
This weekend i aim to get a lot into VD,clean and clear house enough to put up our Tree,that will be my reward, finish and block a another shawl etc. Im actually dying to paint something so I hope this keeps up this week after work too.
This sparks my interest 
I still have my first print blocks,based on native flowers,I often get them out when looking for other stuff and think next Christmas and as usual forget them till its too late!
I feel more positive today even when looking at the mess in the house(its terrible and I shake at the thought of visitors) but as Im the only one that does that end Id better get busy,mow lawns tomorrow,not today,Son no5 HAS to go to Town to farewell a friend which means chill time for me ,a couple of hours knitting at cafe and a touch of chrissy shopping though the pots running a bit low,Im considering art shop for a couple new carving blocks,hmmm

3 days

next week and they l be gone,off on their respective holidays,its depressing this time of the year lately for me,I used to be proud of the fact I got the job as it required 12 pages of criteria,but simply Im just a lackey,I know what I supposed to do ,job description and all that but if I dont do the extras,like paint entire rooms etc during the holidays when they re all off having a break,Im looked at as if Im not doing my job,so when I do stand up and say enough's enough,Im just brushed over,excluded and ignored,the assistant who would jump off the roof if asked becomes the golden boy,I shouldn't care but I do,I just want to do my job.
Im counting donw the days I can escape (oh to win lotto) and drive back to see family,hours upon hours of lone driving,get this place out of the system. 60 odd days and counting
Ive been playing again ,its sanity,not uni work but it does make me feel better. Plume Grevillea, theyre flowering everywhere here at the moment.Gouche heavily applied!
 And this one
Two very different but lovely ones,this last one I used a water color base with this ink I haven't tried before,it glows or shines and I love the result.Ill try making these through the year for next time.
Im eagerly waiting for a that Gem bag from Wollmeise,maybe this week it will arrive but even more so Im really really wanting a parcel from China to get here,i packed some stuff away a month ago and you think I can find my swift,NO its here i know it is but where?? maybe when I pack the house it ll turn up. I have skeins everywhere that need winding,grrr
Retail therapy,I know Im stressing when parcels start arriving but boy those Wollmeise updates are addictive.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Two weeks

To the End of term and finally peace, unfortunately I dont or wont have the peace I had last year but better than nothing I suppose.
Everyone's talking where they are going and how there's no work for 6 weeks, that's the down fall of my job,and like many others too,Christmas Day,Boxing Day and New Years Day,its not really Christmas at all really,Ive had to rush and buy bits here an there and I doubt Ill get the things done I wanted,Ill pull a few days off later in January to catch up here tough that will most likely be study(painting)
Im still knitting,doing very well at a secret squirrel piece which is delightful,pics later, Ive added to stash with a Lacegarn skein in the beautiful  Hertzblut destined to be a feather weight cardigan ,a lovely Lady destashed a skein of natural and a Sckandel, not sure if thats correct spelling but its the raspberry white and black mix,it will become Leftie and I won an bag(mini) of Gemisch off Wollmeise update this morning,worked out about $48 for two surprise skeins,exciting to wait to see what they will be,Ialso have a offer of a lace kit too,beautiful peoples who dont realise how they saved my week. I ve been feeling down again,Im sick of my job,the gardens are lovely to work in but the constant thoughtlessness of others who think  they are up the ladder,well it will fall like so many others, nepotism only works so far dear peoples,I hope for your sake the fall is gentle,me ?? I cant fall any lower. Been told of a spot out further where the roster is week on,week off, God that would be so much better than at this place. Better money and although working in that part will have dangers I havent had to deal with at least Im earning more.
The Farm dream is dying,but on the bright side Im  getting a chook house early next year,picking which chookies will be fun. I found this ! A local lady already has one and is very happy with it,it will cost $300 frieght but have dropped hints for the boyz to help in place of a birthday present.

Retrieved from
On the home front...........
Blood oranges.

 Taffy came to say hello
 And rewarded by a silverbeat leaf

 a Truss of tomatoes with water melon decoration
And other clrean up soon to get my quiet corner back

The vegie garden,its not all weeds,lol

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Finished 2

Ok another small shawl off the needles and blocked,
Note I haven't sewn the ends in yet!!
I've also finished spinning a nice hand dyed top of Shropshire,blues purples and reds with a bit of paleness if opaque white in there as well,I got the idea from "Smoking Hot Needles" after she spun up some harsh top and made a bag out of it,when I saw this on Rav as a destash I jumped in to see if I could be successful in making a serviceable bag too
No pics but this is one idea I have but not felted,crocheted with leather shoulder straps and lined with something colourful to match the outer!
Another close look
Im going to hook the material in double however but the shape is the same as i have in mind
Pinned Image
 Isnt she a clever lady,Nettles and cotton!!
And have alook at her recyled jeans,wow!

Saturday, November 24, 2012


A few things actually
VSW23...High Distinction,Im still a little unbelieving but its over and I start next one on Monday,again painting and self directed and funny enough actually looking forward to it,I think I'm hiding in the normality of study with the crappy side of family building behind me.
Another Shawl, I haven't photoed yet but will as soon as I can,very happy with it,took all of four days to complete which for me is very very good,"Travelling Woman", quite simple and I cant fathom why I was scared of it, four days to knit in Tanis Fibre Art Purple label, delicious stuff.

And last night I got to the last cast row of another shawl in Lang Silk something,it was two balls I picked up in Perth last may,so soft and silky,being a greeny olive color it was the only color I could go halfway into wearing at the CrossswaysWool in Subiaco but I think it will be good over a white shirt.

Theres no real Christmas party again for us this year, I'm missing the staff do as having to pay for all three of us to attend Son 4 graduation Dinner (in the past only the guests payed but this time its all), the staff do is going to be held at the newly reopened Pub and at $49 a head I reasoned hubby and I can go on our own when funds are better available.Yes I am being super caution re money,the mining industry at this time of the year usually means retrenchment and rewritten contracts,everyone is nervous. Im surprised my son even wants to attend, his experiences at this school haven't been good,his literacy is almost non existent and being made to stand and read in front of a class and then placed in a similar position recently  by a FIFO teacher,this time it lead to physical damage as well as mental  the teachers being supported which I find disagreeable a number of people are at fault and to add to it when I needed support as a staff member I was not offered anything,even when I was injured I was invisible and a non entity,it amused me to read the updates from the return to work program providers that "employers are doing their utmost to assist me",Huh?????? the whole thing was handled by my Doctor and myself, we and I made the decisions,free money for the providers with little or no effort and the Government out of pocket yet again.
More Lizard...
Isnt he gorgeous!!
Anyhow Vegie garden

Tomatoes and figs
Thats it for now,we have had a massive storm earlier flooding through town beautifully and now another is hitting...ta for now

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just a lizard

Isnt he a beauty,or she not sure yet, holding toes and tail off the hot sand which I was laying on to get these pics
he came right up my camera to catch a insect and wasnt fussed at me rolling over closer and closer to get a good pic
Ok Heres a shot of shawl too
Its come out much larger than I thought it would, I've immediatily started the Travelling woman and over half way through it too
Also finished spinning Falling Start from Ixchel Fibres,I got around 426 meters of Navajo plied quishiness, not sure whether to do another shawl or a poncho type thing,thought a poncho to show off the colors and maybe extend the meteridge by adding a simple lace to the majority of shoulder area
Last submission due tomorrow night so all go to finish it off in the morning and at 16MB I may have to use Yousendit this time

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Today is

Brought to you by me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retro-mummy has said on her Blog that we mums don't always manage to be on the other side of the camera so here am I on another art research trip,the formally dry lake is afloat with clear rippling water after our half inch last week!
So now you all know what I look like at the moment anyways!
I believe we are nearly over the stuff called American Elections,it absorbed the TV scene for some time,it will be interesting to see how it all pans out considering the the huge debate and anger from the sides involved....
Anyhow heres my bits up to now
And socks
And this arrived in a wee box yesterday
Which equates to
From Yarn Wench
Ta for today

PS windy day!