Friday, December 14, 2012

3 days

next week and they l be gone,off on their respective holidays,its depressing this time of the year lately for me,I used to be proud of the fact I got the job as it required 12 pages of criteria,but simply Im just a lackey,I know what I supposed to do ,job description and all that but if I dont do the extras,like paint entire rooms etc during the holidays when they re all off having a break,Im looked at as if Im not doing my job,so when I do stand up and say enough's enough,Im just brushed over,excluded and ignored,the assistant who would jump off the roof if asked becomes the golden boy,I shouldn't care but I do,I just want to do my job.
Im counting donw the days I can escape (oh to win lotto) and drive back to see family,hours upon hours of lone driving,get this place out of the system. 60 odd days and counting
Ive been playing again ,its sanity,not uni work but it does make me feel better. Plume Grevillea, theyre flowering everywhere here at the moment.Gouche heavily applied!
 And this one
Two very different but lovely ones,this last one I used a water color base with this ink I haven't tried before,it glows or shines and I love the result.Ill try making these through the year for next time.
Im eagerly waiting for a that Gem bag from Wollmeise,maybe this week it will arrive but even more so Im really really wanting a parcel from China to get here,i packed some stuff away a month ago and you think I can find my swift,NO its here i know it is but where?? maybe when I pack the house it ll turn up. I have skeins everywhere that need winding,grrr
Retail therapy,I know Im stressing when parcels start arriving but boy those Wollmeise updates are addictive.

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  1. The grevillia is awesome. There is great depth and detail in the image. Well done.