Friday, December 14, 2012

This looks fun!

Im going to incorporate print making in my next Uni assignment,the theme is Shadows and Reflection,I have some ideas  but need to settle for a moment to relax and let the ideas form and evolve,waiting for the transparency sheets to arrive,a bit dear at $40 odd for 25 sheets but Im allowing 5 to play with and 5 to get a result,the rest will go into my supplies box,ahem table top.
This weekend i aim to get a lot into VD,clean and clear house enough to put up our Tree,that will be my reward, finish and block a another shawl etc. Im actually dying to paint something so I hope this keeps up this week after work too.
This sparks my interest 
I still have my first print blocks,based on native flowers,I often get them out when looking for other stuff and think next Christmas and as usual forget them till its too late!
I feel more positive today even when looking at the mess in the house(its terrible and I shake at the thought of visitors) but as Im the only one that does that end Id better get busy,mow lawns tomorrow,not today,Son no5 HAS to go to Town to farewell a friend which means chill time for me ,a couple of hours knitting at cafe and a touch of chrissy shopping though the pots running a bit low,Im considering art shop for a couple new carving blocks,hmmm

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