Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day 12

LOL some may remember last years candles,well I hauled them out again but have introduced to DH the possibility I may do something different next blue white and silver,so Ill keep an eye on the bits in the shop through the year so Christmas 2013,wish list
1 large white table cloth
3 various candles
White or silver gravel
A Full set of cutlery
AND a new set of crockery

Well Christmas Day 2012 has come and gone and strangely it hasn't left me feeling sad and lost like it normally does,Im happy to sit and work steadily on my submission today,looking at the two projects I found time to work on yesterday afternoon while we finally made to watching a handful of movies.
theres a huge crowd of people have gone to the coastal town Esperance for their break,Im happy to stay home though I think in a year or two id like to break tradition and spend the day elsewhere where would be a problem as Hubbys ideas donts sinc with mine,i like a bit of comfort while hed rather slog it out and battle the heat and mossies.
Dont know where I d like to go but some where nice,maybe a rental holiday home in esperance even,we could just eat salad and chook with some deserts,time to walk the beach or take a drive in one direction or another,we ll see.
On Christmas Day this year,it was the most relaxed ive had for some time,I had plenty of sleep,got dinner under way a little late but it worked out in the end,a huge trifle and mini pavs capped it all off and I didnt over indulge,water instead of wine etc made it a wonderful day for me anyway.The older ones had been out partying the night before so they were quiet during the day,lol
I started Featherweight, and Leftie like I planned,Im half way to the sleeve divide and up to the third petal on Leftie,not bad for a couple of hours,I dotn push speed knitting,my arms and hands dont like it anymore,i jusy enjoyed the process.
Gorgeous pattern and Ive memorized it enough now to pick it up here and now. Havent taken pic of the feather weight, Some one else was happy on the day too

A new toy to kill....The bunnies on the other hand just chilled out were it was cool

A moment before Fluffa was out like a light on his back,looking quite dead...
The boys spoilt me as usual,gift vouchers etc to art shop,now I get to plan my goodie shopping, theres an easel Id love but really where can I put it.
Hmm back to study for me...

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