Saturday, December 01, 2012

Finished 2

Ok another small shawl off the needles and blocked,
Note I haven't sewn the ends in yet!!
I've also finished spinning a nice hand dyed top of Shropshire,blues purples and reds with a bit of paleness if opaque white in there as well,I got the idea from "Smoking Hot Needles" after she spun up some harsh top and made a bag out of it,when I saw this on Rav as a destash I jumped in to see if I could be successful in making a serviceable bag too
No pics but this is one idea I have but not felted,crocheted with leather shoulder straps and lined with something colourful to match the outer!
Another close look
Im going to hook the material in double however but the shape is the same as i have in mind
Pinned Image
 Isnt she a clever lady,Nettles and cotton!!
And have alook at her recyled jeans,wow!


  1. Love the green shawl, but that bag is just so cute!! I think it's a great idea!!