Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last practical Unit

I up for six months of essay work,four plus two exams,oh what fun,today i spent time doing some fun stuff like this while the one down further was the last drawing for sub which Im not sure the tutor wanted but I added to last exercise with the other textural ones

 Im not done with the nuts yet either supposed to be a bit of ruby happening in there but didnt want to go too far for the sake of the sub lol
Anyway Knitting

  • nearly done with Tirimasu Blanket but I fear Ill be ordering another ball of cream 8 ply as its used more than I thought and the actual thought of undoing up to 6 rows back is daunting and I can use that extra wool someplace
  • Hew socks are at the heel
  • Im going to finish that scarf this week,
  • Also will wind skeins and start Christmas shawl
  • and the rainbow top,will get most of it done tonight below is what I had to do,down to last foot or so

Im dreadfully sick with a nasty flu well its past the runny nose and fever,it a heavy infection at top of the lung by the feel of it,breathing is heavy and coughing copious amounts of yuck that leaves the poor throat aching,I found taking two ibuprofen helps I get about three hours relief still coughing but the ache isn't as bad,I swear next year Ill be getting a flu shot.Ive gone to work on everyday and so has my older son who I think brought it home probably from one of the other traddies who came back from holidays over seas. Ive been sick for nearly 5 weeks hes has for up to two months,its come to him not eating enough and vomiting etc so I took him to the last surgery in Kal when I picked him up from the mine bus and they are testing fro every thing but didnt give him antibiotics. I suspect that horrible N1H1 otherwise known as Swine flu.
Hope we find out very soon
Now the gardens at work have progressed well,I have to pick up 100 pots of color from Nursery in Kalgoorlie next week,plant another load of shrubs and trees,the best part is Ive got sports oval marked with help from Hubby (hes usedhis wizz bang maths head as usual) .the pump on the marker lasted just enough time lol.The light rain yesterday I hope hasnt ruined our work,other wise the now cleaned out pump(paint got into bushes) HAS to work.
This is all I have of new works on top of my stuff but you can see some of the new garden bed there with the native grasses etc

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A quick one

Im feeling exhausted but felt like writing a wee post,I have two more major works to do by Saturday,research to finalise,a couple experiments to follow up then link a few back to a fav artists  but I have these bits to show off experimentals and one main one...

this last one is influenced by the charcoal  gum tree that was left standing in the Warrunbungles after that horrible fire 2011 if I have year correct
anyhow I have more wool,two balls for socks for a christmas gift, shropshire top,and two balls of Loyal in hot pink and purple for a pair of mitten in an unusual pattern destined for a late bday gift for a work mate,hope she like the color combo
pattern here

Friday, August 15, 2014

Spring is coming

Im sitting here trying to find wheelbarrow words for the art research I had done for current sub,Im not going too bad but run out of puff so thought a bit of free lance writing would help,lol,now I can say I am absolutely thrilled with my new work partner,shes down to earth and sticks to her self like me and understands the issues that can come about in the work place,I can also say I will have no problem clearing off for a bit of time out next year,the odd day this year wont hurt either,the other person is still in the wings and although Im seeing a few things like i cant go to local hair dresser anymore etc  I have removed myself mentally from that arena,I still think I should have more support well support full stop and the labor relations people will probably stir crap a bit but hey i can now say i look forward to going to work,new work mate is fond of a coffee ,our roasted brew and with great conversation a bit change from a couple months ago
The birds a re singing and although a bit cool still theres a brightness to the air

the gardens are coming alive,this last one with the yellow daisy is as strong in color as it is in smell,I know cause I was under it yesterday planting pink flowering butterfly bush,its supposed to be 50cm the butterfly bush I mean, but I do recall seeing them higher,. The yellow one is at least a metre,Im hoping to get more of them as I have four more rock gardens to fill. I have heaps of money yet to spend on these grounds with the long weekend in September 40th Reunion,just as well as the school has reportedly lost $250 000 from budget next year so Im getting in and planting as many per annuals as I can so I can propagate next year,showing my new pal how to do this so she can get right into it too,any excess we ll give to the fete f they get off their butts and do it next year
Not much hand work to show Im nearly halfway with baby blanket, Bendigo Luxury is brilliant to use,soft but hold shape and no splitting. A local lad I known for years is going to be a Dad later this year and was thinking (rather foolishly) I should do one for them,time? well i order the wool and if I do Ill get to it,not that they ll need it before next winter and its more for his Mum Id do it. Working this in cream is a bit difficult as I do a few rows a work at break time and have to be careful if Ive been working in grass or soil in case I end up staining it.
I cant believe the number of birds we have in our garden,hopefully with more bushes planted later I can encourage the local wrens to move in..

curtisy of  accessed 16/08/2014
I included this pic as it very close to what we have out here shrub wise,when i walk out there with Tilly,the JR.I can hear them twittering like mad and then a flash of brown with a blue following in hot pursuit and they re gone....Im aiming on getting a hide and setting it up so i can have a chance to get a pic or two

I have a new fleece arrive too from Fairview Alpacas, a beautiful Finn Coriedale 7/8,uncovered,I had ordered a covered fleece jusy 700 grams but they already sold it at Bedingo and the lovely people offered this one in replacement,also have offered to hold a covered fleece when they shear in Novenmber,hoping to get a fleece from the Gotland people too and that ll keep me busy for a year,washing a small bit later to see how it goes,the other finn Ive been spinning is a merino cross so the corrie here shold be easier to handle

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Still alive

Im still here and still going,had a rough month,Im looking forward as if I let my guard down Ill shatter to a million pieces
Moving on,Im on the last two weeks of last sub for Var26,it all Chinese ink and creating bits about layering and mark making,the last I dont thnk Ive covered very well but over all I will pass and with luck it ll be in the 70s which is a distinction,samples of some stuff

and a finished project and on nearly there,hand spun colr samples of merino silk,plied with cormo single,in linen stitch,its so nice,for those with tactile sense,its truley squishy joy

Katia Darling,very slippery but cosy sock,my pattern used up both balls
Currently doing a Bendigo Luxury 8ply baby blanket in the Tirimisu pattern,using 5mm for the soft handle
,trying to find time to start a pair of sock in the same but black for Hew and a 10 ply watchman hat for Patrick
There a little update which is better than none....ta ta!!