Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last practical Unit

I up for six months of essay work,four plus two exams,oh what fun,today i spent time doing some fun stuff like this while the one down further was the last drawing for sub which Im not sure the tutor wanted but I added to last exercise with the other textural ones

 Im not done with the nuts yet either supposed to be a bit of ruby happening in there but didnt want to go too far for the sake of the sub lol
Anyway Knitting

  • nearly done with Tirimasu Blanket but I fear Ill be ordering another ball of cream 8 ply as its used more than I thought and the actual thought of undoing up to 6 rows back is daunting and I can use that extra wool someplace
  • Hew socks are at the heel
  • Im going to finish that scarf this week,
  • Also will wind skeins and start Christmas shawl
  • and the rainbow top,will get most of it done tonight below is what I had to do,down to last foot or so

Im dreadfully sick with a nasty flu well its past the runny nose and fever,it a heavy infection at top of the lung by the feel of it,breathing is heavy and coughing copious amounts of yuck that leaves the poor throat aching,I found taking two ibuprofen helps I get about three hours relief still coughing but the ache isn't as bad,I swear next year Ill be getting a flu shot.Ive gone to work on everyday and so has my older son who I think brought it home probably from one of the other traddies who came back from holidays over seas. Ive been sick for nearly 5 weeks hes has for up to two months,its come to him not eating enough and vomiting etc so I took him to the last surgery in Kal when I picked him up from the mine bus and they are testing fro every thing but didnt give him antibiotics. I suspect that horrible N1H1 otherwise known as Swine flu.
Hope we find out very soon
Now the gardens at work have progressed well,I have to pick up 100 pots of color from Nursery in Kalgoorlie next week,plant another load of shrubs and trees,the best part is Ive got sports oval marked with help from Hubby (hes usedhis wizz bang maths head as usual) .the pump on the marker lasted just enough time lol.The light rain yesterday I hope hasnt ruined our work,other wise the now cleaned out pump(paint got into bushes) HAS to work.
This is all I have of new works on top of my stuff but you can see some of the new garden bed there with the native grasses etc

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  1. Oh no, I hope you and your son are both feeling better soon. I love your artwork, the yellow is stunning.