Friday, August 15, 2014

Spring is coming

Im sitting here trying to find wheelbarrow words for the art research I had done for current sub,Im not going too bad but run out of puff so thought a bit of free lance writing would help,lol,now I can say I am absolutely thrilled with my new work partner,shes down to earth and sticks to her self like me and understands the issues that can come about in the work place,I can also say I will have no problem clearing off for a bit of time out next year,the odd day this year wont hurt either,the other person is still in the wings and although Im seeing a few things like i cant go to local hair dresser anymore etc  I have removed myself mentally from that arena,I still think I should have more support well support full stop and the labor relations people will probably stir crap a bit but hey i can now say i look forward to going to work,new work mate is fond of a coffee ,our roasted brew and with great conversation a bit change from a couple months ago
The birds a re singing and although a bit cool still theres a brightness to the air

the gardens are coming alive,this last one with the yellow daisy is as strong in color as it is in smell,I know cause I was under it yesterday planting pink flowering butterfly bush,its supposed to be 50cm the butterfly bush I mean, but I do recall seeing them higher,. The yellow one is at least a metre,Im hoping to get more of them as I have four more rock gardens to fill. I have heaps of money yet to spend on these grounds with the long weekend in September 40th Reunion,just as well as the school has reportedly lost $250 000 from budget next year so Im getting in and planting as many per annuals as I can so I can propagate next year,showing my new pal how to do this so she can get right into it too,any excess we ll give to the fete f they get off their butts and do it next year
Not much hand work to show Im nearly halfway with baby blanket, Bendigo Luxury is brilliant to use,soft but hold shape and no splitting. A local lad I known for years is going to be a Dad later this year and was thinking (rather foolishly) I should do one for them,time? well i order the wool and if I do Ill get to it,not that they ll need it before next winter and its more for his Mum Id do it. Working this in cream is a bit difficult as I do a few rows a work at break time and have to be careful if Ive been working in grass or soil in case I end up staining it.
I cant believe the number of birds we have in our garden,hopefully with more bushes planted later I can encourage the local wrens to move in..

curtisy of  accessed 16/08/2014
I included this pic as it very close to what we have out here shrub wise,when i walk out there with Tilly,the JR.I can hear them twittering like mad and then a flash of brown with a blue following in hot pursuit and they re gone....Im aiming on getting a hide and setting it up so i can have a chance to get a pic or two

I have a new fleece arrive too from Fairview Alpacas, a beautiful Finn Coriedale 7/8,uncovered,I had ordered a covered fleece jusy 700 grams but they already sold it at Bedingo and the lovely people offered this one in replacement,also have offered to hold a covered fleece when they shear in Novenmber,hoping to get a fleece from the Gotland people too and that ll keep me busy for a year,washing a small bit later to see how it goes,the other finn Ive been spinning is a merino cross so the corrie here shold be easier to handle

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  1. Wow,. Spring is springing where you are. I am glad there is a little happiness at work though. That always helps with the rest of your life. Love the wool, it is so crimped and looks fabulous!!