Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sunday sky

I missed the Saturday sky so heres a Sunday shot,very misty fog that has everything damp and quite cool.......spinning,knitting and reading knitting books weather.........its going to be a good day!!!

Its a bit dark but seriously no sun was getting through!

We went bush walking last weekend as the boys wanted to show me where they went to look for lizards(and snakes) and I wanted to know so I could get to them quickly in case of an accident /snake bite!

This is female (the boys assured me) Western Netted Dragon who was not happy having her Sunday disrupted,but she ordered us off regally from up on a rock near her hole after the fashion shoot!

Lookie what arrived in the mail this week,can't wait to spin it(once I empty the bobbins thats of the merino I was working on ages ago).Its merino alpacca and silk,it feels devine,soft and silky.There was a purpley one too but it went very quickly and the seller is waiting for more to come in!

Now I must go to do some house work etc and get the wheel out for a play!

The end of holidays

I have enjoyed these holidays,although I had to work right through,there was no need to make recesses and lunches up for 4 kids(two really,but sometimes they were running behind) ,and work was more relaxed with no staff or students to plan work around!
On the knitting front I got a sock finished and ready to start another pair for variety,
These are Hawthorne Cottage corredale 8 ply handdyed by me.I used a pattern that I found on one of the free sock pattern sites using Cleckheatons country 8 ply.Its a great pattern and this is my second pair using it.The next lot I will be using a basic 8 ply ,simple and straight forwardas I found the constant 2 x 2 rib was a bit hard on my hands and arms especially with the Thoratic problems.Also with these socks the person I'm doing tem for wanted ankle type socks for house slippers.Heres a close up of the sole where I used the heel method of slip every second st every second row to form a nice warm padded effect!
You can see how the colour patterns were disrupted.I'm pleased with these though,easy adn best of all the recipient is happy too.
This the 2nd secret Pal parcel to reach me!!!!!! Not really sure yet what I will do withit but sort of thinking of a curly whirly type scarf and lucky for me I have 4 more of the mauve so I might enough to do something a bit more substantial.But besides the yarn,look at the card,I looked everywhere for a cute knitty card and end up putting in a lovely floral one which is intended to be a hint to who I am..... Anyway.. a big thank you to Anne who let me in on her name with the first parcel and really, how can you send a parcel without the return address ,or am I just being old fashioned... can't wait to find out about Anne ,who she is and all that,I know she reads this journal,so I hope shes enjoying a read and hopefully a laugh!!!!!
This the first of two books that I ordered from The WoolShack just because!And I'm pleased I did as there are heaps in there that I will/would like to do,,,,,,too many in fact!!!!!
This vest is one and if you want to see more check it out on the Woolshack site as you can see whats in each book before buying!

The other book is the Knitscene Mag that has the Kal Pattern That I am starting in I think September! I would really like to do it in a deep sapphire blue but being a Aran pattern,10ply is hard to find and economical as well. I will probably buy the wool from Bendigo as it will be cheaper,sorry,economical. It looks like it will have to be a sort of darkish denim.Pretty though according to a best friend and I agree if thats the way I will go!!
I think I will make this in a larger than 'me' size so I can add toggles down the front,more wearable then for me any way.Otherwise I will look Graany like hugging the jacket across the front!I am so enthused this pattern that I'm also toying with the 'cheap'yarn from KMart.Its fun to look at all the alternatives from overseas too!I don't want to spend too much as I still have my eye on some Lornas laces..........
Look at what THE DOG did to my sock!(it had no needles in it when I found IT) Its back in order now butI was worried at first!!!!I think she was jealous of the Bunny!

Well it looks like the blogger has had enough and wants out,so that'll be it for tonight!!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A new addition

We have a new addition to our family!Meet Snuggly!!!!!
Shes a long haired lop eared RRRRabbit that unfortunately Tilly the JR thinks is breakfast lunch and Dinner, and has been able to grab two times but only got a mouth full of fur! I have been a bit hard on the boys and not letting them play with her(she was a Birthday pressie for No 3 son) but I found they weren't quick or vigilent enough as Tily is very cunning and fast!

Heres another veiw with No 3,we all love her and she is fairly quiet and has only dug in the claws when spooked,even I can't get enough cuddles .She has a comb and brush set too!The very fine fur is nearly 2 and half inches long and am already wondering if she will need clipping in summer as 46' might be a bit hot with all that fluff! I emptied the fire place tonight and left the bucket of red coals near her hutch and shes already settled in with every strand of fluff standing up! I didn't want to leave her out there but I didn't have anywhere safe for her inside from Tilly and I reckoned there was enough underdown on her to keep her warm(I will add some coals to her fire bucket before I retire!
On the knitting front,very busy knitting thick house socks fora friend but allas I haven't taken a piccie yet,maybe tommorrow.And.......
Ihave ordered two books from The WoolShack.
The first is Jo Sharps latest book with her new alpacca yarn and the second is Knitsceneas I want to do the Green cable knit jacket that is in a new KAl starting inSeptember.I will get the pattern and work out an alternative yarn hopefully from Bendigo mills!I couldn't find it for a while but eventually I did,Check it out, I can thank Shazza for letting the 'cat 'out of the bag!!
Well i'm off,hopefully I will be back tomorrow!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sock pattern

I forgot to say a huge thankyou to those who helped me finish my socks (and start another) ,I have copied the instructions and made a few extra so I shouldn't get caught again!!!!!

The wattles are flowering everywhere so this is my flower to everyone who has helped me!

PS hope you don't get hayfever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been a while

I have been so run off my feet this last couple of weeks,I was even too tired to take any piccies of all the knitting that I have been able to get done!
It must be the weather! I can't seem to be able to get enough sleep and am behind with everything,from housework to paying the bills,making appointments and late for appointments as well.Its a wonder the family gets a decent meal at night,though they have been loving the extra Canteen lunches at school!!!!

Here is my Saturday sky photo that I took yesterday while we were out wood cutting. I meant to get one last week but I was stressing out so made it a lost weekend deliberately in an effort to recharge.Somehow I think the school holidays will do a better job as I won't have to worry about getting kids lunches ready at 5 in the morning so I could get back to pick them up quickly without interferring with my job,making sure they all had uniform ready the night before.......I think theres a picture there without going on and on!

Saurday was a lovely warm day(freezing at night) but today its warmer still and it even looked and smelled like rain tonight!

After quite a few visits to our lovely physio therapist She has come to the conclusion that I have Thoractic Syndrome. Its a condition where (dare I say) bad posture and physical exercise(like my job)has lead to the thoratic area in the shoulders becoming narrower and the blood supply to the upper extemities(arms ,fingers etc) becoming constricted. I have had numb fingers and have had trouble holding them above my head or even up,for any leanth of time.I wake at night with feeling like the circulation is been cut off to myhands etc and if I have to get out of bed I can't use my fingers to pull the covers back and the door,round one at that is a real problem as I can't turn the nob to open it .Th alarm is real fun as I try to turn it off at4.15 in the morning and Hubby is on days off. Any way I am waiting to find out more information and a back brace to pull me back into a better posture so that with excercise the Thoractic region will loosen up and let the blood through!

I managed to finish these Opal socks that going to a work collegue for her birthday! Its a wonder for mee as I ttook onle 2 and a half weeks to do them,stripes and patterns help as you can pace your self and acheive more!

Warning! those who don't like spiders, beware of piccie at bottom of page!!!!!

It is a nice spider though!!
And I have started these,I love the colour and may keep these myself(seeing I tend to give everything away).Heirloom Jigsaw is lovely to knit and I am sailing along,most this was today as I was keeping a friend company at the local video shop between customers!

I am a stick and you can not see me ! Not even the wind will not shift my feathers!!!!

A tawny mouth frogmouth ,one of a pair that we disturbed while in the bush yesterday!

And the other half of the couple was a lot differnet, as they had been roosting together and flw to separate trees but while onewas playing the stick the second one was very upset the its spouse was not close! They stayed there in their separate trees the whole time we were cutting woodbut this fello was constantly looking around and being very obvious.

This little fello caused some excitement as the boys had only seen one before and still haven't found a positive ID for him!

astly in our Creature features tonight is this beauty! About an inch and a bit long and easily inch and a half wide it was hiding in the wood on the trailer. I haven't seen the younger kids move so quickly in the opposite direction when I pointed it out,though the oldest was like me and quickly there to rescue it.Its certainly the biggst one I have seen in a while!

Well I am off to bed,is 10 o'clock and I have to up for work tomorrow........................