Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Bday gone

and looking forward to a fresh year. Beautiful Wishes..

This years Bday was quite good,i worked on my own with no one to annoy me,I felt great,it was a lovely day,what more could i ask for..this year I was part of a Bday swap and received the said parcel a day or so,cant remember now,so being a good patient person I am i took it to work and after a boiling the kettle tuning into the news ,ABC of course, I opened it,there was little parcel one after the other and each one carefully wrapped,soo much fun,the gorgeosu Swappee picked the right bits,new needles a wee bit of wool (great as I have enough to start a shop,hehehe) a huge block of choccy and few other bits,including a wonderful eco platisc bag that folds into nothing,a new all weather knitting bag,lol..

The birds arrived to share the event
There 7 butcher birds and four magpies now who visit each day,I talk to them and they talk to me,lol maybe Im becoming the mad Bird lady,cackle cackle
Anyhow My best Friend also sent a beautfil parcel a few days later  and i dont how but she picked the just right things!!! im collecting sheep and there was one in the parcel,he resides on my desk with the ones she found year,I can see a trend happening here,lol and on top of that there was also a Willow Tree in there too,I was given a couple of these a few years back but this one is my fav,"Beautiful Wishes",I havent had the right sunny day and time to photo it or the baa baa,but next time Ill add them,
Editedgot camera out and the flash wasnt too bad!
 One of my beautiful boys also did his usual and Im the proud owner of a gorgeous dress ring,its simplicity is all me,I dont like garish loud jewery and and love the more vintage type.When DH was looking at getting me an Eternity ring ages ago the shop lady gave me one to try,it was an Argyle Pink Diamond,it was gorgeous in the box but on my hand it looked ostentatious and when she told
me the value it went back into its little box quick smart but I am happy I tried it on...Id rather the big back yard shed in which Im to have my studio,she wasnt impressed I didnt like it (on my hand) and bamboozled about my preferance!
The new baa baa to the flock!

Ive moved onto a braid of Churro from Charley though no spinning for the last three days due to work and simply too tired but theres an over flowing plastic shopping bag to show for the spinning achieved in the last 6 weeks,its a lot for me and I havent even gotten to measure them,soon they will bathe and then onto the needles!

One more week of half days before in theory Im supposed to go back to full duties but arm is not as it should be,grab an electric fence and thats what its like....a new boss may help though!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

A different day

After a gorgeous warmish day yesty I woke to an over cast delightfully Sundaish Day with cool showers drifting over creating a perfect knitting /spinning movie day,well if I ignore the mess created by a burnt vacumm cleaner and two broken down computors (boys are banned from mine, especially since that warning about 6000 odd Australians are going to lose their internet this Monday due to the hacking thingy)
A coal or something rolled out of the door of the firebox a few days ago and as the vacuum cleaner was parked over on the wall behind the fireplace,thats where it had to wander unnoticed til flames appeared,boy plastic can light and burnt fast,I doubt the poor thing can be repaired so Im up for another $210 Petlover which Ive found is the best for picking up two bunnies and one dog fur.
I was pretty p... off but had to concede at least the house was still whole and all the damage was confined to a bit of melted plastic on the from porch and a buggered cleaner...
Patrick played with the seniors yesty on the grass field and they won with a 4 to nil if I remember the score right,he was exhausted and had to come home and help at the shop as the Goldfields Giants were playing here in Kambalda and we got an order for 50 yes 50 pizzas to be delivered at 9.45 at the end of game. It was a big night for us and although I just picked up the loose ends today Im shattered,lucky for me short days at work for the holidays will help..
Im speeding away with the rest of the Twinkle Bunny "Teddy Bears Picnik", up to five skeins with at least one and a half left to spin which i should get done today,ill work out the meteridge and although I was aiming for the Honey cowl if theres enough for another top of some kind it may well be the go too!
In the rain this morning Taffy was not sure but knew something was amiss

And when she realisied by gum it was something falling from the sky,she head for the chair...

a bit different to this day earlier this week!
On the shopping list
  1. AKL am ordering this week for Bday,the 20" one!
  2. 5 skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino Yarn  in Smokey for the Imogen pattern already have three(though it was four so should search cupboard)
To do list
  1. finish teddy bear picnic
  2. crochet a flower or two and start the Honey cowl
  3. Finish gigantic cowl
  4. the first sock in Darling and start second
This last week saw the arrival of a destash of Wolleise lace garn from the lovely Catlin which is going to be a quick scarf to see if I like it or not and am adding another ball of the sock weight to stash from an update,bright yellow wow never had that before... also another ball again destash in a multi for this hat.

Friday, July 06, 2012


Thats what it feels like!!! I would love to be packing bags and driving off to some place where we can relax and unwind ..its not to be but I can dream.
I resisted the Wollmeise update today,the" La Gitane" (linked to a lovely pic of this) has me but so do the other wondoerous colours!! I think I may visit next update if Im a awake tonight to see if theres any lace weight but other than that I may wit til next week and indulge for Bday!! Also hope to order the loom too!!! Late at night Im dreaming up ideas for the colours and patterns for the weaving projects and find my self wandering off into an artscape of weird expressive things that I fear only I could love...
Am considering a career change as soon as possible to try to lift the income bracket so we can buy a house someplace else,I like Esperance but dont think employment is very good there,Kalgoorlie has an aweful spate of breakins and smashing of car windows etx and get a place thats safe and secure means a value of over $450,000 something DH would never consider unless we sell here and I really want o keep this place and rent it if we do go. Thought Dubbo would be great and had the nod for a job there tjough I seriously think it was out of my field anyway.Id love to buy a day buiness not one that runs at night,a nursery with a art gallery and cafe would be ideal but the logistics of moving is horrifying.
Australia Post made my day today with a little parcel from a beautiful lady destashing a half skein of Wollmeise,already ahve a pattern picked but the thing is this parcel also contained some extras just as though she found out it was my Bday,it was a real lift of spirits and I shall try to return the gesture for later!!
Now Im thinking this or this  :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Have you noticed the number of sick people around at the moment? The oldest is coughing and was fluey when he came home last week and I truely thought we were in for it...Ive been a bit slack and havent taken zinc or triple horseradish vitamin c etc, only yesterday did I swallow a handful,thought I finally had it but it was just a reflex after being close to a very sick friend,its weird but if my boys get sick I go out in sympathy and a lesser extent if its other people..
maybe Im holding it off..I hope!
Latest fibre transformations
Gotland Scorched ,top from a destash out of Caitlins coffers, its was quite fast to spin though felt very strong, once plied it feels more Gotlandish! Im packing this away until Ive got the loom and will work on the natural grey I was spinning on my favourite spindle until theres enough for the wrap shawl thingy.Im aiming on warping the loom so theres a few of the coloured strands for the length and the remaining as an end piece.No Im not up withe the terms yet..
finished skein
pretty close to the true colours.While spinning I found the undyed sections quiet a bit softer,I think the rest of the natural baby gotland I have will also make it onto the wheel as its much faster! Hope to order that lom by the end of the month as a belated Bday pressie!
And also this is nearly half way done,Twinkle Bunny,"Teddy Bears Picnik"
Its sooo fluffy I could die I shriek!!!!(from Despictable Me)
excuse me as I run off to play!!