Saturday, July 07, 2012

A different day

After a gorgeous warmish day yesty I woke to an over cast delightfully Sundaish Day with cool showers drifting over creating a perfect knitting /spinning movie day,well if I ignore the mess created by a burnt vacumm cleaner and two broken down computors (boys are banned from mine, especially since that warning about 6000 odd Australians are going to lose their internet this Monday due to the hacking thingy)
A coal or something rolled out of the door of the firebox a few days ago and as the vacuum cleaner was parked over on the wall behind the fireplace,thats where it had to wander unnoticed til flames appeared,boy plastic can light and burnt fast,I doubt the poor thing can be repaired so Im up for another $210 Petlover which Ive found is the best for picking up two bunnies and one dog fur.
I was pretty p... off but had to concede at least the house was still whole and all the damage was confined to a bit of melted plastic on the from porch and a buggered cleaner...
Patrick played with the seniors yesty on the grass field and they won with a 4 to nil if I remember the score right,he was exhausted and had to come home and help at the shop as the Goldfields Giants were playing here in Kambalda and we got an order for 50 yes 50 pizzas to be delivered at 9.45 at the end of game. It was a big night for us and although I just picked up the loose ends today Im shattered,lucky for me short days at work for the holidays will help..
Im speeding away with the rest of the Twinkle Bunny "Teddy Bears Picnik", up to five skeins with at least one and a half left to spin which i should get done today,ill work out the meteridge and although I was aiming for the Honey cowl if theres enough for another top of some kind it may well be the go too!
In the rain this morning Taffy was not sure but knew something was amiss

And when she realisied by gum it was something falling from the sky,she head for the chair...

a bit different to this day earlier this week!
On the shopping list
  1. AKL am ordering this week for Bday,the 20" one!
  2. 5 skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino Yarn  in Smokey for the Imogen pattern already have three(though it was four so should search cupboard)
To do list
  1. finish teddy bear picnic
  2. crochet a flower or two and start the Honey cowl
  3. Finish gigantic cowl
  4. the first sock in Darling and start second
This last week saw the arrival of a destash of Wolleise lace garn from the lovely Catlin which is going to be a quick scarf to see if I like it or not and am adding another ball of the sock weight to stash from an update,bright yellow wow never had that before... also another ball again destash in a multi for this hat.

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